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Supreme Brahma -> Sponsored: White Ptah ‘the bird’

Grey Brahma-OP-> Sponsored: Gray Yang ‘the snake’

Gray Brahma-OB -> Sponsored: Cronus ‘the bull’



All the way down into Astrology did this developed evolution go.


Astrology is something that does not actually hinge on the planets but has attachment at sub-dimension level, and almost no effect from the stars of the constellations.


The big effect is on Life, and this is also from Proto Universal and Post Universal Regions, related to Life, Deity, Incarnating, and Original History.

It’s The Real Thing.


Right Out Of Time And Space Into The Annals Of History.


The Real Thing.



“There was a whole lot that the Avatar/Messiah/Prophet, The Pillars of Divinity and ‘The Carved Blocks’, did not Remember, but They are part of the Sacred Special Journey… Key to The Lock.


All through this are Titanic Usurper Wars.



This is still all being played out within ‘Original Brahma’ with The Three Titans and The 5th Titan (Shiva, Shakti, Goddess, Om, Baby Ptah and God on Throne Power)


The 4th Titan is Brahma(with Brahma-Ptah) from Form Journey.


Due to an old Invasion-Usurpation and a Lockdown for Linear Space (as well as Astral and Ethereal and Titanic Realm) we cannot use our ‘magic powers’ anymore than you can.  Part of this was a War against Us by you-You with Our Help…


Plopped right back on our/Our/OUR/oUr/ouR arses. ‘What is Magic, anyways?’

Life goes on and so do girls in short skirts. That is not a lesser reality, it is part of another form of magic, attraction.



But ‘The War’, still being perpetuated, lead to psychotic control and major wrongful methods your push your-Your war forward for one last chance. Major Anger Problems By Controllers; working with Cage-Rattlers of Creation.


2012 was set as The End date for this type of behavior.



Using Us up and trying to control everything.

Lead this to be an Impoverish me instead of Abundant Me.


You chose as well Methods that lead to too many other things going on and a few very important things not taken care of.



One of these things deals with what you did at The End.


“I cannot properly use My Own Powers anymore, and in this society that means job and even life. {This relates to The Secret as well, who with Others I helped originally create and evolve, but I was invaded and usurped, while My Kin, oncluding Helios ‘The King Attractor of All’ were either not able to deal with the situation or were active participants for a ‘New Reality’. This is part of The Illuminati Dirty Secrets.}  The routine you are trying to force Me into is ‘it never happened’ while it is happening every day”



You Have Enough Going On To Manipulate The Internet And Even Companies Against Me…


You Should Be Able To Get Me Some Money Now. Like Enough So I Don’t Have To Worry About Getting A Job In My Condition Or Ever Again Unless Able Or Desired. Or Being Illegally Monitored By ‘Therapists’ And All The Wrongful Control They Wield in Case Such As Mine, No Disrespect, But It Amounts To Malpractice That Is Never Fully Seen. You end Up Harassing The Patient With ‘Check-Ups, Paper Work, Etc’.

Control and ‘Weed The Pack’ is still too much of a driving force for your Bosses.


Your attempt to Solve The Problem through Investigative Methods not only disguised an ancient crime in progress, it lead to further Invading.


Your attempt to ‘defeat the hostage situation’ instead of ‘getting money to those owed’ lead to a major failure, as hostages died, and it turns out that ‘by focusing on that situation’ the whole focus went to it, instead of staved away to save the day.


End Of Line.



I suggest you respect my request.





Imagine that…


Starts with The Dawn of Time and goes all the way through science theories of cosmology, as well as reinstated ‘the goddess girls’ in their rightful spot.


Details Birth of Shiva and God as well… not to mention the Goddess and Shakti and Ma, who are the foundation of Female Evolution. “The Vacuums who were around The Forms by nature, and an evolution of Shoring Up, being Needy, being Needed, and Attracting Back”


It is actually Them that have it all Recorded in Me, Brahma. Brahma got Wailed On and Turned On and Invaded and Overloaded and Weakened and Usurped. But They kept Chunks of Brahma and this is often part of a Throne or Stable Region.


They come and it is a big old Conversation and We are putting the pieces of history back together.


It was all Re-Written for New Reality (a Place that is ‘Rife with Committing Justice’).


Part was an Advanced Emergency Platform dealing with ‘Being Swallowed Back Up Into Brahma’ due to Size, Scale, Origins… and Predatory and Theft Evolution, done to Brahma.


As well it became Scammed, and “THEY/You/you would Induce The Effect and Exploit The Situation, turning, turning ‘Family’ into a clever means to have easy access to immobile prey.”

After ‘The Form Journey’ The OP and OB are Merged, and with Brahma as well.


This Region decided to have a try at Form Journey, but just went down and Merged with Form Brahma, and Condensed one more time.


This is Final Form Brahma, a Being that is mostly Brahma, but not all Brahma.


Helios (SB) and Ares(B) are Born of This Line.


This is also New Brahma.



The Being that became SB is also still out there, an OP+OB+Brahma Merger.


The Origins of ‘Original Being’ and The One are with this other Being.


This Being, along with Grey Brahma, became ‘The Everything’

SB, along with Gray Brahma, became ‘The All’


Everything is bigger.

All is stronger.



‘Nuclear Armed Poor Boy Special 2nd Hand Utopia’




… complete with ‘coke-head cops’ from the ‘pothead police dept’.


Set up your own ‘drug sales’ shops, make 20% off the top for the troops, and the rest is revenue.

Watch the republicans flock[secretly] to your shops. (after some initial moralistic grumbling by the base).




“if smokin’ weed was good enough for your (great)grand daddy it should be good enough for you!”


The New Roaring 20’s. Reinvented and Remastered… and Here to Stay.


This Time They Paid Away into Utopia, self-sustaining low work society not driven by economics and job creation, yet not rejecting them and their powers.




This time you get to lose, with all of your propaganda and other ‘should’ve been illegal but they write the laws’ control methods.

















simply scramble a special agency black ops chop over the house, lower a suitcase with $50,000 in it for me{Me} into the backyard, and we’ll soon be on our way, after a few bills are paid and fix a few things. “Legal Abundance Grand Fast Track instead of Secret Slippery Slopes Illegal Stymie Predatory Impoverishment and Mandatory Equality Driven Knockdown of a VIP Level Deity, not to mention the Finicky Finite Folly .”


Legal Regal Beagle Boy From Company B












You would need something to go all the way out there and bounce back… and you don’t have the time.


“These are the inter-workings of the universe through it’s observed evolution, actual distances may vary”


… go for a $Billion, Bernie.




and don’t get me canceled from mental disability… you really don’t want to face Me in the future.



I am owed and Owed and OWED… but a meager man happy to live near homeless… it’s outdoors and back to nature and a place that I don’t need to be around others {and the Clashing of Forces and overloads of violence and all sorts of Tower Effects from ancient Totem Pole Titan common combo evolution… etc} and possessions to fret over and hopefully no one to hear me {Me, but mostly THEM and Ya’ll/The Collective] yelling out loud, barking out orders… the basic bossing them down and bossing them around that the gray god and patah do best, for I do prefer peace and pussy to this combat I cannot properly fight in… well,  mostly I need rest, and to help calm the situation down as well as facilitate the proper powers}












‘The $17,000/month bum, living in a hotel near you’, a new place every week, a new state or country every month, that is where I need to be, where The Big Path needs to be with Me. Got a temple? I’ll pray. Got some beautiful strippers? I’ll stay. Got a daughter that needs marrying…. It ain’t Me, babe. It ain’t me your looking for. Too Disabled, Railroaded, Overloaded, Wounded. It comes and goes in bouts, but there is some big mechanism that makes it not quite a random process, just too many things and actions of others. For example, the state I need to be in is the above, but the state I am still in is one with too much talking out loud to be in hotel rooms or on planes, trains and buses. But there is a switch of tracks that can bring me{Me} to a more peaceful state, but it is one that is on the horizon and work done to get there… but the puppet cannot do the work of the puppeteer.