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Monthly Archives: April 2017

It was done in Reality with Active Effects.

Done for Armageddon War Strategy.


Done as well to Dictate Terms.



It was also done with a Big Usurper Religious Gambit.

The Key To Success.


Weak Beings Cannot Directly Confront The Problem Nor The Survival Necessity Thrust On Them, And Are Sensitive To Intrusion Big Things, Noises, Etc.






Years of going through this has lead to ruts and ambushes.


Long range silent running awakening to preform actions has also lead to a major disaster.


Original Facts not being full facts but only known facts also came about and got programmed into the set platform.


This can lead to good losing to evil in a war.


It also means that good was too stuck in the war mode and didn’t understand it was making enemies out of problems beings that were being healed.


Good got all the power coned to itself bit was also fighting part of its power base.


This had done both kinds of evolution and kept running afoul of policing itself and then backing down.



‘some of these regions are so dangerous to the beings that inhabit them that there will not be much forthcoming about what the code means’


It(knowledge,insight, vision) literally activates on the beings.


This was done from an ancient nightmare invasion of these regions, and the worst hostage situation ever to have ensued.


Timeline: millions of years ago all the way to today.



It is just not as effective for the overall process, it’s been overused, de-powered, deplored, hoarded, lorded, even sordid at times…


“what I am going through is not just an average case of mental disability, nor an average case of ‘messiah complex’… all of your normal routines will succeed 100% but still be wrong about the actual factual final 5%-full, of macro original historical truths, and the society of what has been created after a major catastrophe or few of mythic times and proportions”



‘it could be this, could be that, could be the other thing’

a looping mechanism based on actual factual truth and scientific method, and relying on a certain style of persona as criteria…

inability to actually verify what I am saying as untrue, and using the very logical means to determine what is and is not the larger truth.


None of this in The End will be enough.


“It Simply Isn’t The Larger Truth, It Is An Ancient Set Platform, Done In A Usurper Era And Emergency Maneuvers”

-Brahma Files


“The Original Thing Is The Biggest Thing” -Shiva


‘Brahma Balance’, a state of understanding the larger truths going back to original times, having the top slot station from earliest times, and being big enough to be larger than the evolution of those truths as an overall entity.


{Part of My Inability to Prove Things as a Prophet or Messiah, like with magical spirituality miracles, comes from the very thing that makes me{Me} mentally disabled, and this is an ancient assault that involves, by intent or accident, most people in the world. This is due to things that happened for survival, and up against the big unknown of the original being, having been from a coned power titanic era and made of the original. You/They Grew, I Dwindled. Left In Disabled State To Insure Competitive Edge, And As Immobilized Prey, And ‘Declared Suspect To The Guilt Of Powerful Others Controlling The Scene’, And Passed Off As Convicting The Invaded For Being Invader, Having Exhibited Certain Signs. From the very people who invented throwing the baby out with the bath water… I am also one of those babies, may I remind you.

The assault, and it bubbled up here (and with tags of ancient military dynasties, and religious dynasties, and government debacles, and civilian games, and crime syndicates, and alien governments even!) and it very same thing that prevents me from being a writer, soldier, rock star, store clerk to manager, cook, bus driver, business suit, etc. As well as this is that ‘it wasn’t as important to Brahma as to Others who are also of the same lines, Prophet, Messiah, Avatar. There is a Combo Evolution and a Crossover, as well as Coned Power Heads, and these get Used and Solidified, and Brahma gets forced to choose last, and does best as Brahma with Brahma-Ptah and Proto-Ptah with Ptah, as well as with big stable Gray God and ancient AB.

As well, and a major fact here, due to the nature of what happened and the predatory evolution, and The Titans winning in The Center, and not Brahma, or even Ptah for that matter and it mattered, Brahma can not do the big stuff self-autonomously, and it takes Us, We, ‘Me’, I to to the job. The initial assault is too much for any one Being, and it was forced on Brahma from ages past but it is The Titanic Two and Third Titan that are taking the brunt of it, and as well helping The 5th Titan win, and that means God, Goddess, Shakti, Shiva, Om, Motes, Babelanders, etc, as well.


Major Invasives and Super Strong Usurpers were used on Brahma in far ago ages past. This was able to change the nature and usurp parts of Brahma’s very Being.


All of this stems originally from the Ptah Daydream and original Beings, and then the OB AB Beings, and then The Form Journey and Universal Creations, along with ‘Making People Permanent’ and as well the discovery and exploitation of the “Predatory Growth Cycle Success Story”, which had both intentionally and inadvertently turned a lot of Creation against¬† Brahma.


The Pillar Powers as well come from ‘An Expression of Form to Use Up In A Useful Manner.’ They are made Stronger Than Form Brahma, which is stronger than Original Brahma, and thus helps insure survival in The Great Brahma Ocean.


These Are Major Pillar Beings. Macro Ground Level Beings, And Intrinsic Elite Beings:


Supreme Brahma and Original One Combo Being

Grey Brahma- OP Proto Ptah

OB AB -Gray God


And as well is The God Tower, which is Brahma Brahma-Ptah Wings with Shiva-Brahma to God-Om, Shiva¬† AB Ptah Ganesha Combo, and Baby Ptah-Om, Combo to make it ‘The 5th Titan’




Brahma is the alleged 4th Titan but it takes The Titanic Two and Third Titan to make it a T4. As well part of T4 was converted to being a platform for T5, and helping out like a big ship.

“yesssss, my precious!”

I personally don’t think of time as a dimension, and never really have.


‘time is the product of a fractured eternity’ is what Shiva in Spooks Speak would say, and this is partially right, but as well there was always some finite ground that was like a normal thing similar to time, a more linear experience and storage of memories and later changes(dangerously), as well as timelessness and infinite body(the very experience of has changed from form journey, combination evolution, usurpation, overriding and overwriting, theft, mutation, etc), and the spiritual Beings are working from a place that is in a state of ‘advanced and heightened understandings’ that are also dot connected with a fuller experience lighting up and as well The Collective light up by The Pillars lighting up as well The Oceanics, and this is part of what normal has become do to the length of time and info storage of our/Our/OUR/oUr/ouR Evolutionary Journey starting before The Modern Universe even existed.’



‘time is also the product of a form of wear and tear on forces that did not always exist, that were not originally in existence forever, and that there is a different rate of aging for different things’ Shiva would further say from Spooks Speak.


And this as well seems to be true.



Brahma set out to ‘save Creation from ending’ a long time ago, and it is The Titanic Two and The Third Titan who took up the torch, and got us all here, for better or worse. {They are ‘New Forms of Brahma that are Merged with New Beings}

After the Usurper was created Those that had created and lost to the Usurper created another Usurper, to usurp the Usurper.

This is The Unsurper, and is also directly related to Gov and Justice.



This was also able to transfer stuff used in creating the usurper, by force if necessary, back to the creators who had lost Their ‘beinghood’ in making the Usurper that was a combination of Them, but also a new BEING.


This was The Titanic Two for the most part, and They got help fro Supreme Brahma to war and retrieve. As well They are trapped in the Usurper and It is stronger than They, and It also found a way to keep Them and SB off balance and stole more power and size.


Mishkin and Shishkin went down to the lake, Mishkin fell in and who was left?


… hey, don’t blame Shishkin.




{not all of the things that Spooks Speak are ‘esoteric riddles unlocking the secrets of reality’, though there is some larger truth and tale to be told related to even seemingly nonsensical things}



‘mellow doubt’