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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Well, I was actually a lot more of a paranoiac before this happened to me…


That is one mental problem that has gone down, considerably.


Part of this, according to Spooks Speak {who also speak about it being ‘all in my mind’ when laughably many beings and Beings are in My Mind, as in Brahma, and even speak from there… this may not be that different from normal, there just happened to be all sorts of dangerous things going on, including you made major enemies of certain good beings or bad beings, and this all comes back} is that ‘the root cause of the paranoia directly dealt with this larger arena, and as well being Brahma gives an ancient ‘manhandle it’ ability.

… and many other forms of goddam.

The Strongest Spiritual Being is Supreme Brahma-Helios; and OP ‘Original Being’ Black Dragon. {SB is allegedly bigger and OP is longer and stronger in a bones level regions}. Both of these are also Titanic Form Beings.


The Condensed Nature of a Titanic Form Being does not give of a spiritual evolution, but They can be a more powerful force in a limited way. By nature these Beings lose some intelligence and emotion when condensing to a major level.


The High Priest T3

The Temple T2T2


The Three Titans, 4th Titan{Me} and 5th Titan tried to do an even evolution of Titanic Form Being and Spiritual Being. The 5th Titan and Third Titan were more spiritual in the end and Titanic Two were stronger.


Supreme Brahma is made of an ancient Combo Being of OP, OB, Brahma. ‘The Original One’, and evolved Everything Combo. This Being is still around and part of this Being was robbed of power from Supreme Brahma growing and contesting for Infinity/Brahmahood. Supreme Brahma is ‘The One’, an Evolved All Combo. OP had Original One evolve with weak beings, voids and vacuums, and the disadvantaged. SB evolved with form beings, along with God, and as well help out the weaker beings, and disadvantaged beings.


This Being evolved with both OP and OB, and this is a major part of who The Buddha is, while SB is a major part of who Indra is.


‘Elite Spiritual Perfection and Coned Throned and Perfect Pillar Titanic Tower Power.’







‘I’d rather be a mentally disabled millionaire than a mentally disabled  pauper…’


… so step right up, billionaires and millionaires. $1,000,000 in a bank account and $17,000 a month for 42 years.


{They are trying to ‘Write Me A Reality’. They come out and Write as Me, and are also ‘giving a bubble of stability and protection which prevents me from going off the deep end into full insanity, for some of the states I am forced through for some old clean-up detail and ancient mission and clumsy usurper era style, are off the deep end, and it was an ancient crime done to me{Me} as well, it just isn’t appropriate to a.) use me{Me, do to Original Brahma Larger Size} to go at these larger problems{which defeated Me millions of years ago and it is They that are winning ‘Here’, with The Big Path. As well They are helping with allowing some coherence and ability to temporarily stave away talking out loud, or odd almost automatic hand motions ‘tighten titan’. I am in the Eye of an Extra-Dimensional Hurricane, Dimension Dementia. I stay away from people, I stay peaceful and almost a stasis in one spot standing, but as well doing a busybody movement to specific places abnormally often, but for the most part and this gives an advantage to the invasive and overload and usurper and indoctrination, and it is They who are ‘Floating Me’, and are as well The Driver and The Puppeteer. My actual state is still very interrupted of normal day and night and sleeping patterns, I have a hard time focusing on external things for very long and am clumsy when trying to do something. My actual experience is one of having ‘other people in my human body’ extra/intra dimensionally, from a BoB; and some of this is the sub-dimension organic radiant very similar to this place which makes this a grossed-out perpetual bad hair day, and unnatural grimey state, and one of major privacy rights violation, and as well criminal threats from authority figures using indoctrination chambers and a control earth strategy that went headlong at Me, Brahma, and an Ancient Kiosk, made of Brahma with a ‘don’t fuck with Brahma, The Original Original’ tag on it and people to power it…. Too many conversations and other things are going on to me and I can’t stay asleep or in bed, though dreaming sleep is still some of the best stuff in my life, and I am now quite certain that the people in my dreams are normal, more normal than in other dreams. It is ‘the group of people’ piped into me{My} dreamworld through The Dreamworld, and done by Shiva and Others… They}



‘it’s the only way you can upstage the Illuminati at this point’


… so step right up, billionaires and millionaires. $1,000,000 in a bank account and $17,000 a month for 42 years.


“you won’t find me{Me} making an organization, or some day being a preacher or guru… and even more importantly you won’t find Me ‘leading a Revival, or setting up a Temple, etc’, and though those are still viable things for others(Others), it is just not Brahma enough overall, too limited being stuck in a coned power success, and Brahma Normal is flowing through these things, being effected by these things, and moving on to something new, and there is a lot of new stuff to do that isn’t spirituality or religious spew.

‘The Other End of Brahma'{a Being that is also Brahma-Ptah and Proto Ptah and Ptah, as well as part OB-AB and Shiva and SB} is the tale of 4 Headed Brahma, and it is even more. Original Brahma mostly unchanged, and the ‘other end’ is a Combo Being that is Brahma but made of The Three Titans, The 5th Titan (God and Shiva lines, along with Goddess and Shakti and Baby Ptah and Om, etc), and The C-K 5AT and The Common Man. The Big Brahma Ocean, and as well Partially Ruled By Others.

The Expression of Form by Intrinsic Beings, and a Natural Macro Containment, and some form of Summoning Them Back done by Titans is a major foundation for Worshipful. There are even real effects. This was done in Brahma, but not really much by Brahma. Due to actual origins nature of things vs the equality routine sold by the gods… well, ‘it is all going on within, and connected, but as well separate and diverse, but the ever neccisity even of not being Brahma.”



And that means I won’t be going for the ‘non-profit’ religious organization, nor the 15 rolls royces.



But what the Big Path has been trying to say, and a little from a lot of you is all it takes, is that ‘This One Needs A Grand Experience’… and what got Railroaded here from ‘Here’ was not a normal process but the tail end of an old bad method that many to most are guilty of or accidentally guilty of. It left me{Me} in a disabled state in a multi-dimensional and multi-person experience, seeing in phase ‘visions, voices’ and being a conduit for things going on directly related to earth and the people here, and dating back to many platforms of reality stretching back to the earliest times, pre universal and back to when the gods themselves were born and starting creating universe and people.



The Normal Process of what I {Me} should be going through is a VIP level, not a Common Man level. My normal experiential level is vast in the effects it can have on the world, a Brahma thing.





Common Man got thrust on under assault Brahma too many times, and The Gray God, part of the problem and the solution, decided at The End{a partially concocted date but something aimed for and worked towards for many ages} that this meant as well that The Collective should not use it’s ‘group rights, similar cases, class action, etc’, but it did. Now we are stuck here and may be for a looong time, but those are ‘real people’s rights’ that got used in The Great Game, so time to ‘sober up, Kings of Reality’. {They tend to chew up the Realities Being Written For Me}


































‘The Center of Original Creation’, or what you would scientifically think of as infinity, is in a Remade State, having used Condensed Form Power and Mergers and Reattachment. This extends out passed Creation.


What is Creation?

It is a Major Zone within Original Brahma, ‘The Original Sentient Eternal Infinite Being’.


Power Got Expressed and Stuff Got Used as Resource, adding Power to those who were using it up.


“there were 3 Major Heads, The Three Titans, and along with this there were Others, Cronus-Kronos and The 5 Ancient Titans, as well as The Gods Line, which came from The Vacuums and Voids attaining Form. Shiva and God are most notable here and with this are Thrones of T2 OP, T2OB, T3SB, but it is as well the line of Shakti and Goddess.


Right there are 5 Competing Powerbases, and Original Brahma-Bunched Brahma-Form Brahma is somewhat of a 6th, but in this case ‘They All Both Side With And War Brahma’, due to Original Nature of Brahma”. Added to this is The Common Lines.’



But most of all is The Usurper, who was made of The Three Titans trying to steal Brahma, and Condensed into a New Form, that had the Others trapped and was feeding on them.  It was stronger than any, made of them, and they had weakened in creating It.



















These all originally denoted ‘what a god is’ [or titan],  versus others.




Modern Man Middle












In the old traditions in general ‘macro-micro’ was titans, and ‘omega-omicron’ was gods.



These were eventually connected into a line of Gradients for Transference:


Strong Form-Form-Proto Form-Pre Proto Form-Pre Proto Vacuum-Proto Vacuum-Vacuum-Void


That is a more Full Range, evolved by The Gods, and this was an Era of Helping The Weaker and Smaller.

The Titans chose to stay with Form and Power and Strength, and eventually one with these things. They were part of a Usurper Era and ‘Central Tyrant Usurper’ Connected To All And Everything Through An Invasion Of Original Evolution.



“The Titans were very form oriented, and stronger. This is stronger but limited.

The Gods had both form and formless(voids, vacuums, faints), and as well did a lot of furthering of things spiritual and magical and intelligentsia, and love and art and martial arts as well as esoteric.”




Part of ‘magic’ is in movement. These are non-static states, and as well rebuilt along a certain line.


Fire did not always exist, not in original evolution. It comes along as part of an evolution of diverse and combined, and a discovery to be utilized by The Big Beings in Creation.



The Titans, when it comes to ‘invading, usurping, assimilating through gradients, using the abilities of others as a new proxy head, had a huge advantage of The Gods.


Helios, as well as Shiva and even God but more so, evolved as both a god and a titan. He evolved with Goddess as well, and Om, whose Region surrounds where Helios originated, Final Form.


“the modern world is a descendant of this ancient war, and success against The Gods.”





There is also Crossovers, being that are in a state of being a titan-god and a god-titan. Part of this was from a usurped evolution and the wreckage of usurper era combo being wars and new major pillars and towers, but some of it came from original evolution and diverse methods of evolving selves, and the original and evolved major pillars and towers.







OB and OP are both part of The Titans and Throne of The Gods.


The Original Evolution was taken off course in the Era of The Titans, The Titanic Two[OB and OP with ‘ME’ and ‘Me’ and Him), The Third Titan(SB with Me and ‘Me’ and He}, The 5 Ancient Titans (Combo Beings].


God is of the Evolution that comes just before the 5AT.


God is of the Era of Form, after The Brahma Form Journey, with OB and OP and then SB.


God is Void attaining Form, and has His own Creation within Original Creation.


Goddess is Vacuum attaining Form, and this is a tale that goes side by side with God.


As well is an original evolution that becomes God, and this is the Om Void Condensing, and as well thus creating the original Sphere. This ‘condensing’ also does something with the ‘birth of an awareness’. This ‘awareness’ and new form of Om evolves into God, and is as well part of Od.  This is as well Om Oor, who is even more Om but as well has god type form, and is related to dwarves{brahma}, and gnomes(god).


An to further complicate the matter there is the evolution into size and scale that out-grows the original roots too quickly, and as well is too much of a persona change, the original stock of Om and God being too weak, and as well too receptive.



Om Void and Goddess Vacuum, with God and Eos, are the foundation for the archetypal ‘divine family’ and are the holy ones. Hole. Whole. Home. Womb.


They evolved The Gray God and as well with SB and Helios, and with Shiva and Baby Ptah, as well as Vishnu, who evolved with Om Void and Original Goddess Vacuum and God and Eos as well as SB Helios; and from earliest times with Brahma as well (the Region originally between Goddess Vacuum and Om Void), who both had Receded and originally Lost in Creation.







In ‘The Original Evolution’


Goddess Vacuum

-Eos Vacuum-Void Combo Being/Region

-Original God Void-Vacuum Combo Being/Region

Om Void



Between Goddess Vacuum and Om Void is the Region of Form Brahma, and where Love first evolves.


Om Void is Original Baby and love and awareness is a major part of this evolution from early on, Goddess and Babies come along after Brahma and Goddess and ‘Vacuum Weakening Problem and Attracting Back of Form Being’, weaker and smaller than Goddess Vacuum.  Eos, evolving as a small piece of Goddess Vacuum in the style of Om Void, and with a piece of the original added, becomes ‘the girl’.



Love is evolved from as well Goddess and Babes, and it is what Brahma feels as well in these interactions with Goddess.  She is naturally lit up by a ‘Special Little Universe’ in Om Mote Ocean, as well ‘this is where Her Attention needs to be, insuring the love and safety and survival of these special little beings; as opposed to out partying with oversized Beings and no longer aware of the special realities going on within, and now in danger and endangered‘.

Goddess’ very nature began to change as well in the era of form and comb evolution, in an Invaded and Remade with Others, and part of a Plot to Overload Her and Remake Her, using original stuff larger than Goddess, as well as a rogue Construct Goddess ‘The Great Goddess’ that was created as a resource and throne for Shakti, and one as well for Goddess, ‘The Big Goddess’.

As well is an evolution of coming out of small strong states and regions in extreme evolution and using up larger parts of ourselves as an advanced emergency maneuver; and as well from invaded and usurped regions where things crashed together in super strong condensing of form, no longer looking pretty, being trapped in working with the enemy, etc. This causes a mental breakdown in Goddess and many Others. As well as being ‘Pitted Against Small Beings, The Wick’d Ones {part of Babelanders}, and Michemel-Zel, Animals, Insects, etc. {Other Forms of Life} Goddess got stuck with the Too Pure, Too Pretty, Too Vain, Too Much Denial And Titanic Might Makes Right Win And Absolute Control Takeover “Eew gross, pervert”, or “Eew gross, squash it” or “Eew gross, I think only white people should be allowed to exist” Prefab Perfect Phony Person.


Proto Form Gray God Region ‘The Alpha’

Goddess Ocean Region

Form Brahma Region

Om Ocean Region ‘The Omega’



Original Goddess

—Mother Goddess Form and God

–Clear Goddess Ocean and Motes





Goddess Vacuum

-Eos into void-vacuum evolved (gaining weakness)

Form Brahma

-Original God into vacuum-void evolved (gaining strength)

Om Void


Form Brahma as well as OB-Brahma Proto Form, on the other side of Goddess Vacuum, is ‘The Region of God’s Origins, Birth, and Home’.


“Part of Original Origins is also an Original Divine Family and a Hierarchy and Higher Power and Rank, like a monarchy or government, and yet like a castle and a battleship, as well as a magic throne and titanic guardians. Part of The Divine Family extends out into the invaded and usurped evolution, The White Trash Divine Family lines, and 3rd World Divine Family lines and pagan god divine family lines, along with animals, magic and monsters…”



Form Brahma and OB-Brahma Proto Form ‘The Gray God’ are part of an Evolution of God.


Form Brahma gave power to God in the old era before the 5AT and the horrid discovery of ‘finite’.


The Gray God had as well given power to God.


The Gray God is close to God and was able to help more, and was as well ‘a new Being’, and had a similar mission to God.


The Gray God is ‘God’s Dad’.



Form Brahma and Original Brahma were also part of God becoming, well, God.


That is by ‘Attaining Brahmahood’ for real and not just in a state.


‘Growing Out Into Brahma’, and it is something Now Forbidden. Going out into Brahma to attain size is also a bit sketchy and sometimes forbidden, or for some people always forbidden.



“God got lucky, once again, and was around at the right time and in the right place, at the tail end of an era, and at the dawn of finite realism and evolved methods.”





All the way through are The Usurpers, The 5AT and T2.




The ‘Took By Force, and Locked It All Down’, and Continued To Grow By Forced Predatory Methods. OB, OP, SB, All Three had taken some part in it, ‘For Advanced Emergency’ as well as ‘The New Evolution of War’, and ‘The Growth Into Maximum Size of The New Beings VS Original Brahma, loyal Brahma-Ptah, and most of Ptah as well. {These, as well as part of Original Brahma, Bunched Brahma and Form Brahma had been Invaded, Usurped, Resourced Out.}



“as Brahma Dwindled as Prey, They Grew into THEY as Predators”



Infinity was Invented by Shiva, and is partly a Predator on Brahma, as well as being a ‘treadmill’ and ‘advancement factory’ it is also made of Original Brahma and Form Brahma, and this is where the ‘infinite properties’ come from.  Brahma is also finite just as everything else is (and this means as well ‘able to be used up, or converted into something else), but Shiva built Infinity and with the Help of The Titanic Two and The Third Titan ‘New Brahma and New Infinity’ to keep on running and using up Original Brahma and Form Brahma as a Resource, thus looping it all into an eventual titanic victory, which was the goal.





Original Being/Stuff “and ‘Original Brahma’ Combo with OB-AB and OP-Ptah, with BP.

-Pre Proto Vacuum ‘Shiva Region’

-Pre Proto Form OP Black Dragon

–Proto Vacuum ‘Shakti Region’

–Proto Form OB Gray God

—Vacuum ‘Goddess Region’

—Form ‘Form Brahma BP final resting spot after OP Merger and OB Merger’

—- Void ‘Om Region’

—- Final Form ‘Origins of Ares{Form Brahma Piece, resurrected} and Origins of Helios[(SB Elite King, ‘Strong Form-Void‘, and Original Being Combo Being Piece; Brahma Merger, SB Root’)]’



The Combo of All Three Creates ‘The Original One, who comes down into Form Brahma and Condenses one more time, creating Void and Final Form.

SB or ‘Supreme Brahma’ comes from this, as well as The One and Jesus and Archangels. As well is a high evolution, and SB Vishnu is ‘Elfs’, while the more powerful and serious SB Helios is ‘Elves’. God is part of both as well as White Ptah, but there is as well connection to Atlantis, and Norse and White People, as evolved by nature. Goddess is also part of this tale, ‘the beautiful people within Goddess’ Realm/Domain, and this is also the Tale of The Pretty People, and The High People, The Elite Nobility.


There is a natural evolution of Original and Pillars, and these Pillars are Stronger By Nature in The Center of Original, and capable of Lighting Up  or even Warring the Original. These Pillar Powers and Towers and Evolution, a Strong Expression of Form and Intrinsic To Many/Most, are what make things like Archangels and Elves.


The Original One with OP-Ptah evolves a certain state, Eastern Style, and The One with SB evolves another state, Western Style.


SB as well used up some of The Original One when SB ‘Merged with Original Brahma and Bunched Brahma{Form Brahma+Original Brahma}, and was too big and too strong too quick, and grew to big and was as well an Intrinsic, which means connected to Others, and thus both as danger to them as well as a boon.


Pillar Power. {Form, Assisted; halted due to overbalance of strong vs weak}

Oceanic Original.{Weakened Regions, Assisted; increased but usurped by strong}


This is an Era of Helping Out The Weak as well as Making Equalizers. {This got Invaded and Usurped, Overloaded, Forced Open, Railroaded}


OB-Gray God, a Strength Specialist and Independence Specialist, is as well Helping out Original Being, weakened by Birth of SB.


God is related to the Original Being and as well to OB Gray God. God Evolves with this. As well through Final Form there is another Evolution, and this is with Supreme Brahma NB, and this evolution is with Archangels, as well as with Goddess and Eos; and Golden King Helios.


This is the Tale of OB and NB, and OB is a Traditionalist and a Conservative/Conservationist, as well as a Strong Hard Work Get Ahead, and Foundation of Realism.


OB [Original Being and Original Brahma]

NB (New Being and New Brahma)


OB T2 and OP T2




This is part of the spiritual ocean.


Void and Vacuum combined to create The Clear Goddess Mote Ocean.



God evolved into a Form Being, and a Light Being. ‘not being as strong as archangels, God’s path is one of a more gentle and toned down evolution.


Motes and God are Kin.


This is also part of the OB and Om tale, which has God and Goddess in it.

“more ‘get Peter some money’, regally – not more ‘Stipulations’, illegally.”

Further Proof, Kings of Reality:


“Drunk Norse Gods Should Not Drive Reality”