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Monthly Archives: June 2017

This Is Unfortunately Causing Some Problems.
The Timelines And Issues Don’t Match.
It Was Used With Piping In Different Realms And Conditions To Orchestrate An Event.

Our Decisions Are Compromised By Invasive Usurper Overloads, And Group Overloads
Our Decisions Are Late Life Generosity
Our Decisions Are Compromised By Hostage Situations

There Are Those Who Pipe In These Things (And Around Earth It Is Much More Advanced Into A Normality And Less Effective As Well) And Try To Hold Us Accountable To The Decisions We Made, Or Get Us To Make Them All Over Again. They Will Jump You With Some Tailored Part Of Yourself, (Which Sometimes Comes Complete With Exalted Effects Or Dazzling Insights Or Ability; There Is Less They Can Influence Or Get One To Do In Linear Space Earth, But This Effects The Same Person Just Not In This Dimension) And Change Your Very Nature. “Your A New Person”

In My Case It Was Done With An Invasion Overnight. ‘Bad Hair Day. Bad Constipation Mouth Taste. It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s The BDL Clan And Shit-Filled Frog And Big Boss Uncle Beings’

The Person Wakes Up None The Wiser. The BoBbEd Up And Stuff Moved In Is Also An Old Familiar Part Of Oneself From An Invaded State And Region, And Isn’t Really Detected.

and being an outright jerk to people who don’t achieve much…

Are Not The Same Thing

Taking Back By Usurpation What Was Taken By Usurper.


This sets off tripwires. The evolved style of titanic government detects these things and formulates the data. This is a good thing, but it is not 100% accurate, just mostly so.

On the other hand things got coned to one specific style and type dictating life the to the rest.

Always remember that when you ‘read me’ with subtle signals or truth test me.

‘The Invaded’

Honesty Is The Best Policy Psychologically. Stable Ground. Clear Conscience. This is a major truth but it is not always in our hands. The invaded, the usurped, the deceived, the subjugated, the rebel, the uncaring …

It is easier to write them out.

Actual Person To Person is bringing some sort of suppressive effect, it is part of an old containment by collective, and very related to superstition, which is an evolved behavioral modifier for the collective.

“don’t let that boy get ahead!”

{if you are reading this blog at the time you call there will be an extra-dimensional synchronous hookup on some level}

Linear Space Earth Experience will also ‘Activate Things’. All sorts of things that haunt us or dare us to challenge them in order to overcome them are related to this, as well as bondage sex, perverts, obsessions, insights, etc. Reoccurring Themes of Places and Problems of Lifetimes, and Ages of Life in Realms that goes on indefinitely or very long. Earth and humans were specifically evolved in part as a template to help overcome things. Part of the spirit is as well ‘out there’ among the animals, giving us a buoyancy or drag down on some other level. We are trapped in a place where things must eat things to survive, and we are also those who eat others to survive. This is part of a strange effect psychologically from other Realms and states, but it is buffered away into Self/I/Me, which is a one-sided viewpoint but as well a ‘normal self-viewpoint’ as opposed to ‘an evolved viewpoint’. This is due as well to the Original Nature is closer to normal than esoteric or spiritual or mysterious, which are also all real evolution of different Styles of Beinghood.

You may have walked this earth for lifetimes, but in a realm part of your incarnating spirit self has been trapped for many ages.

Part is free. Attempts to keep separate and re-unite are also present, with a decision to keep separate was safer, for the ‘become whole again’ path was one contaminating the pure parts, and as well had been sold to the trapped parts as some ‘final reuniting wholeness experience’.

Big Effects are capable of effecting organic incarnations right through chemicals produced in body, etc. This was the whole ‘overall imbalance’ concept, but much was done in a bad era of non-factual and extrapolation and quite frankly wishing it were so. But such things really do potentially exist apparently, but as well is a separate circumstance for linear space, it was kept separate on purpose.

If you cone it all into one place and one person, it overloads you, drives you crazy. There is as well the overlapping of others onto you. This is part of the ‘multiplicity problem’ with multiple personalities. There is a way to ‘dance through the different selves, letting each have a time to express out’.

Original Big Self, and Bubbles of Self that come from that larger ocean.

Enhanced Size Self with Attachments.

Elongated Self, From Collapse of Reality, Pulled In By Titanic Forces

Many Separate Combos Of Self With Others

Even Though You Win, You Are Gonna Lose, And She Isn’t Gonna Get A Choice!