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Monthly Archives: July 2017


!You’re Grim

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

Titanic Two

The Third Titan. SB Arch Angelic

Black Chaos and White Law

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

4 Headed Brahma. The Three Titans As Original Brahma-Form Brahma BP, The 4th Titan. It May Have Started Out Opposite, Brahma As The Three Titans, But They Usurped It, And It Became ‘The Three Titans As Brahma’.

Original Brahma (Predates Law, Chaos, Titans, Gods, Everything. Very Sentient.)
Supreme Brahma -> Elite Combo Supreme Being {Tong}
Black Brahma -> Chaos Lord and Formless Lord and Vortex Lord {Long}
Gray Brahma -> Law Lord and Form Lord {Strong}

T1, Final Form Brahma SB Merger OP Merger OB Merger Brahma Merger.

The King

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

To say differently is a propaganda lie, sold by Titans and Titan-Wives, the Invaders in question.

There is as well the ‘presto magic’ version of what intuition can do, and beyond that is a real metaphysical truth that nearly matches this presto magic version, and deals with the ability to detect minute things and receive signals from deity, the universe, spirits, etc.

The Invader is part of a Shut-Down, and Usurpation and ‘Titanic Possession is 9/10th of the Lawful Recovering Titanic Era Usurper’

Part of this Shut-Down is a Titanic Lockdown and Invader and You.
Part of this Shut-Down go misinterpreted and treated as the same thing as Invader and Usurper. It brought a huge bad backlash going at it…