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Monthly Archives: August 2017

… so, we gonna tackle this again. First of all, No, that was You that said you want a revolution. Second, ‘you’d all like to see the plan?’. I have for ages and ages been spelling out the plan, and you people have for ages and ages fallen in a collective shutdown, opting for the tried and true hard working methods now enslaved to job and economy, not the utopian automated-farming systems, free utilities, low cost items, long lasting products, less work hours, flexible work hours, less paperwork, carhouse free range living option methods. And that surely wasn’t me{Me} trying to take away the space-age I have been trying to help along, it was the vacillators; nor the economy that needs a rethink, I said keep it in the city in The End, space age oasis, archaic in the country

so, my step dad passed away 9 months after my dad, who passed away 6 months after my sorta foster mother/godmother, who had dated my uncle on my dad’s side for around 7 years, and who I lived with(she had a new boyfriend at this point, her and my uncle having split up) for my junior and senior year of high school while my real mother was out being wild with my step dad.

We(other than mom, step dad, and brother) had all moved to Grants Pass Oregon area at some point around 1980, from Ukiah California area.

My step dad had a brother who dated my mom’s brother, and this ties into the original tale how we ended up in San Francisco, and my mom later met my step dad from this. (My mom’s brother worked in something close to freight, delivering packages to business, and working for some Jews out of New York. He would sometimes take us with him on runs, that would go to Bay Area places like San Rafael and Walnut Creek, and high profile businesses like Dean Witter. As well he delivered packages, boxes, to some businesses in some tall buildings in San Francisco, like Bank of America, and we got to go up a few times and look down through the window, or a time or two down a ventilation shaft. These were the easier old days still, the mid 70’s to mid 80’s.)

My uncle had discovered being gay while in the army apparently. He was stationed in Alaska or someplace like that, and he was also among those scheduled to be shipped to Vietnam, but the war was ending so it never happened. Another thing that never happened was them telling us that he was gay…

(I actually had three uncles on both father and mother’s side, this just deals with two of them. All three on mothers side moved to California from Michigan. They had actually lived their briefly back in the 1940’s or something, with my grandmother.)

My other uncle, who had dated my sorta foster mother/godmother, had also been in the service, but had gone awol right before being deployed. My father drove him across the border from Michigan to Canada, where he stayed for a few years, until a pardon came from President Ford for the Awols.

(I had one grandmother and one great grandmother(she immigrated from Lebanon around the turn of the century, a Christian), from my mom’s side(Brice). I had no living grandfathers, nor a living grandmother on my father’s side(Reynolds). Of the other two uncles on my mother’s side who had moved to San Francisco, one became a Graphic Artist for ABC and the other became a Manager at PIP Printing. As a kid visiting from Ukiah for the holidays and going to ABC a few times with my uncle also gave me a psychological advantage. This is an institution that is Hollywood level technology and sophistication and influence, and ABC, NBC, CBS back in the 1970’s were a very big deal)

I think about crazy things like taking ocean water with solar pumps and purifying it and feeding Africa with it. Back around 1982 was the first time I envisioned that, off watching a school movie about a solar well pump in Africa. The Hydra descended from that 2 decades later. Or collecting water in raining seasons to use in drought season. Or heavy misting dry climate beleaguered forests daily, and keeping enough captured rainwater for two emergency watering of entire forests. As well is it possible to keep enough local moister that evaporates into small precipitations? Someone may have answers, and sometimes you gotta try anyways.

Retro Jimi Hendrix Poster Buddha Hippie 60’s

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

Age of Consent

Retro Jimi Hendrix Poster Buddha Hippie 60’s

Along With This Is An Ancient Crime That Activates At The Same Time.

‘Avoiding Confrontation Is Among The Greatest Wisdom Available. These Are Arena’s No Longer Within The Scope Of Our Ability, And There Is A Process That It Gets In The Way Of That Is Of The Scope Of Our Ability, Assisted By Those Whose Scope Of Ability Is More On The Level Of Dealing With The Before Mentioned Arena’

Power Transfers To.
Protection Transfers To.

Destabilization Can Happen.

It Is A Coned Power Smaller Arena But Powerful Arena. Without Things Done Right We Are Left As Defenseless Small Beings Up Against Macro Problems.

When Done Right It Is All Stabilized Into Mundane Ancient Divine Family Tao.