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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Little Sugar Coffee Stir Spoon later discontinued due to, well, coke-heads

When one does not Own Up, The Conduit is Broken.

The Power is Transferred Elsewhere.

The Stave Is Compromised and The Criminal Elements Erupts

Part of The Stave is like a Prison, but it is Beings that are The Walls and Bars.

Override. You become part of an Override, as you Intentionally Inact, it forces Inaction. A Shutdown.

The Criminal Prisoner is as well related to these Beings, in fact They are a Containment and Overcoming and Healing Process, from old Usurper-Invader Era Collision

“And if all that ain’t bad enough, You People took to ‘framing others who are bad’, and from there, hey, framing your rival, for wasn’t he a ‘bad person’ as well, for stealing your girlfriend; and why stop there, frame your business rival for being a ‘bad person’ and going into competition with you. There was as well a Making A Macro Monster Scapegoat. And when Your Crimes get blamed on Macro Monster Scapegoat, the Truth Test Kicks In, Transfers Your Power to Scapegoat that was partially Framed.”

When You Abuse Infinite Powers, When You Have All Sorts Of One Sided Views, When You Have Overly High Expectation Levels For Credibility… (To Be Continued)

{Major Note to Owning Up: “The Authority became counterproductive in being the big dictatorial control and administering justice as such. Keeping People In Line! People could no longer ‘own up’ due to the angry responses, punishments, abuse even. To Maintain The Process!’, but it isn’t Original Nature, this ‘Process’. Even worse was a false justice, that has a death sentence on nearly every case, and get used with ‘owning up’, and often a sneak attack}


A lot of what Actual Success is is in Prevention

Action Causes Collateral Effects On Others.

Actions Cause Reactions

The Actions in a Stave are a Bulwark, a Clampdown. {Tighten, Titan. Bunch Your Fingers In A Tight Fist And Hold It There. Tighten The Muscles Of The Body And Hold It There. Don’t Use Too Much Strength, We Are Entering An Arena Where There Is An Extra Power Present And This Can Cause Real Damage To Your Physical Body.}This creates a Lockdown of things, and prevents things from going forward and back into extreme danger.

When the Stave is Compromised it cannot Act In Clampdown.

‘Inaction Is Superior To Action’

There is also a Basic Strong State that helps Stabilize. This has been Evolved at Ground Level.

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

‘We like Birds around Here, therefore we don’t eat birds around here’

Form is a One Step back into Original. It somehow produces a smaller size Being, that is stronger. {This was done in a Forced Evolution, with Runaway Effect, War, Trapping and Predation}

The Vacuum can only go so far, it isn’t strong enough to fully enter Original.

The Onset of Form Evolution and Vacuum Evolution left Major Form and Major Vacuum regions in Original.

Lord Shiva is the Proto Vacuum, The Vacuum Lord.

Shiva was probably part of the original Evolution Into Form, as one of the Combined Beings that Brahma was Assisting, but as well Came Down Afterwards.

Shiva got the jump on being The Big Vacuum Boy, and as Form Evolved, Shiva Grew.

And as Shiva evolved ways of Taking Form Power With Strong Vacuum Point there was as well the Evolution of Strength, and then Predation.

Original Brahma
-Brahma-BP-Shiva-Ptah Conduit
Supreme Brahma Conduit Lord
-Siva-PP-Brahma-Ptah Conduit
–Lord Shiva
—Siva Strong Vacuum
—-Shakti Vacuum
—–Goddess Weak Vacuum
Form Brahma
——-Om Void
Final Form

There are other things going on as well.

OP Evolved Vacuums, Voids, Vortexes

Brahma-Ptah Evolved ‘Brahma to Vacuum to Void’ early on.

Ptah Evolved Vacuums, Voids as well.

These Beings As Well Were Part Of Combination Evolution With The New Beings, The Vacuums And Void. They Early On Assisted By Given Some Of Their Greater Size, But This Later Turned Bad.

The Form Era Became The Era of Might Makes Right.
Railroaded Transference.
And The Usurper(s)

Junior is Joyous

‘to no longer doubt without need to convert to anything; ya know, kinda normal’ and ‘to let it change you by letting it channel through you with depth and strength and affinity; ya know, kinda revival’

And got themselves strung out all over the place being the wise people who don’t actually know what you are talking about to the extent of what you are doing. {Smells Like Liberal. Smells Like ‘We Are All One}

When They ‘Awaken The Sleeping God, Brahma, It Isn’t The Same’ There Is An Older Process Still Going On. It Is Their Biggest Relative. Goddess Is Of Great Importance. Beautiful women miniskirts are of great importance. {Just Like Your Normal Reaction, Before You Repress It!}

And They {The Others, The Deity} are Within Brahma to some degree, and Made of Brahma. And It Is A Bit Of A Combo Process, With Them As The Big Act, And Me As The Major Secondary.

The Smaller Became Stronger And More Extreme