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Monthly Archives: September 2017

*insert recipe here*

“out here it’s Chili No Carne, but cheese and dairy is deemed acceptable”

(and we decided it ain’t ok to eat fish because they actually have feelings…

and though so do plants, it is both not as much and (the other choice is to die without food cause breatharian isn’t going to work) and as well many plants produce things that are edible and even drop, as opposed to eating the whole thing. Your modern methods are probably not as symbiotic caring about life or non-destructive as they could be… ‘the path of least suffering’

You Are Also Your Own Power Throne.

‘The Symbols Are Related To The Deity And Ancient Evolution And Pillars And Power Points And Decisions. It Is Pillar Power, Other Dimensional Hierarchy, Angels, Etc. Expression Of Perfect Form And Perfect Formless.

The Symbol Calls Up Something. Conduit Of Real Things. Given To The Faithful With Us, Through Us, And Common Power Throne

The Old Interpretations Can Get Cumbersome

Some of the actual interpretations may be Hooked Up, which gives the Divination some extra punch, but as well ‘we are interpreting a random event into a higher meaning, and it may actually work to some degree due to unknown circumstances of our origins (and this is why ‘read the person you are diving for’ is important, you are tuning in to an actual reality), as well as potentially writing our own destiny by using divination'(by getting bound both in thought pattern and as well other worldly tracks)

{Astrology is not quite the same thing, it has a working mechanism similar to a machine, but relates to and actually effects sentience and is related to macro Beings and ancient evolution. They knew of the rotational wobble from ages of studying the sky, and procession of equinox, and there are two types of determining charts, one by sky chart and the other by daily, monthly equinox. The effects are are tied to life on earth, a place where we incarnate and We Incarnate and WE INCARNATE, and therefore got spiced up. The Universe may be a randomly evolving masterpiece, but it didn’t have a random beginning. It was Created, and not by God, but by Shiva. There are Other Universe out There, including one Created by God and which Predates Modern Universe, and even older others from Being such as Ptah and Brahma. God and Helios and Goddess are ‘The Center of Creation’, and this deals as well with Babeland, and Child States and Family. The Omega. The OmEgga}

This other thing has always been there though, ‘the feeling the cards call up in you, and a symbolism of higher things not of this world but like unto things of this world’

Telesmatic Quick Step

And that is The Big Path.

And that means, oddly enough, a Geocentric System, and Other Worldly Communication or Seeing In Phase to Other Dimensions, and discovering yourself already there, with an entire history and The Deity.

And with this is also The Machine, something far larger than VGer, but not actually in this Dimension.

You can speak to any normal human on some level.

With pictures and video you can do better.

In this image there is not enough going on of spelling out how to use it. It is some form of brilliant symbolism without enough basic instruction. {Many of your instruction booklets for how to use things are also needlessly burdened and not idiot proof enough.}

If you put Stavinksi on it you may end up staring a war with the listeners.

Satie on the other hand sends a nice EQ feeling out.

All that you know of God and Spirituality and Mystery and High Powers are within Brahma, or within Those within Brahma, and connected to Brahma.

Infinity Itself exists within Brahma.

Brahma is a lot closer to normal than to infinity.

So if ‘one goes far enough out, it stabilizes into something more boring and basic and human’.

When one tries to heal or Heal ‘The Brahma Problem’ one is soon confronted with things too big and dangerous to take on. All bad also exists with Brahma; it got contained here and there, and lied about here and there. It did not originate with Brahma, it originated with Titans trying to Usurp Brahma, and Stealing A Huge Swath, and then Running Around As Brahma doing all sorts of horrible things to ‘change the very nature of’. What color is The Devil? Red, and this one such episode of the Stolen Brahma with The Usurper Titans with Shiva (where the trident comes from, Who was also stealing Brahma was more noble and also getting framed), and part of aa long range frame job on Brahma. And to confront these huge problems and a trapped Creation, They had to steal more Brahma, who was too divided up, beset upon, and weakened.

There are Divisions of Places that are beyond separating the sheep from the goats, (both of whom are related to God and Om, and Clear Goddess Ocean, and a being named Om Oor and little beings named Motes, and Cherubs, some of whom are made in part out of Baby Brahma, ‘babin’ up that biggest being’)

And do to this nature of ‘Ancient Family’ it cannot be all separated, and major dangers exists from one region to another. This causes a need to ‘confront the Brahma Problem, which lead back to that major problem of confronting things too big.

Outside and between here and Brahma are also Big Beings who are more Basic for the most part than Spiritual, such as Absolute Brahman, but there is an ancient Continuous Line from Dawn of Time until now of Who You Are Made Of, within you, as well as special evolutions that have special effects on that more basic Being, effects like angels and buddhas.

Retro Jimi Hendrix Poster Buddha Hippie 60’s

The Lore of Earth is also part of a Major Experiment To Take Over All Of Existence. It does not have the rest of the Brahma Story on purpose.

The No Sex and No Money is an Ancient Tradition that is also an Ancient Style of Being. ‘The No Sex Zones and Spirituality’. It is a very important place. Aligning with this and staying true to the code of ethic has a booster effect, enhanced by a special evolution of deity and an ancient mission, part of which was against greed, lust, and materialism.

Brahma, without Others, is not a No Sex Zone Being, but also Predated Love and Sex and All Others, which gets effectively used by the No Sex Zone People, because, well sex is a bit of a very distracting addictive mess, and needs to stay that way for maximum passion and overcoming, and the Sex Zone Regions, complete with all the naughty little games. And the Origins of Spirituality are with The Gods, who are weaker Beings than The Titans. This is also related to Goddess and Shakti and Ma, the Weaker but more Special Beings.

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

oh that sounds so much more pleasant than this Messiah thing that I am partly made of. Don’t take it away and all, and don’t bring more out.

SheMaya is the way things were suppose to have headed.

You back to Church, and Me into Her Bed.

They sometimes run out of Ideas, or They are engaged in other important things, or evolved into strong titanic form that isn’t as creative, and is indeed a necessary stop-gate to creating gone on too long and too deep, due to the fact that creating uses up something else to create with. {I was indeed the victim of this type of process, the miraculous substance that no one owned and came from nowhere…}

What do many readers dream about? Being able to step into a favorite book and live it out there, or spend time there.

Universal Creators have sub-realms that indeed create popular works, and can be visited, just not from earth. Due to massive dangers of collapsing smaller realities these things are confined.


“He would write a book, and then fall asleep and enter that book. His name was Peter Ptah, and unbeknownst to him there were Others who were actually creating realms out of and then peopling his books. This ran into a major problem for it was also in his Being that this was happening, and he thought that the people there were created by him, and ganging up on him, but they were actual others who had entered the realm and the book” {that was me, and many of us, Peter Ptah. And this is with Om (original god, soft white clear), Original Goddess, and Shiva with Ptah. They late had to police the joint, I never fully recovered. Baby Ptah, baby ptah-om} (Some beings were made of Baby Ptah-Om, and they were using up the stuff, cute little beings of the Om Line related to God, some of which was an original Gift of Transference. There were also others who were part of a conspiracy against Peter Ptah, a Theft of Transference, and were invading his realms and using it up, as well as ‘becoming peter ptah’ and overloading, changing the very nature of. Peter Ptah realm goes out through Baby Ptah and into Ptah, a formerly vast Universe, that has magical capacities that cannot exist in mundane or the older original Being, Brahma.)

Driving Reality

Our minds are not fully original. We are picking up signals from elsewhere. Our likes and dislikes have been enhanced in one direction or another, or altered.

Part of our self and belief system has been souped-out. Part of our self and belief system has been shored-up.

Beings will use mind invasive overloads, pain, and hostage situations as well to Drive Reality.

This will force actions in these Other Realms.

There is a massive and ancient complex conspiracy.

There is a massive and ancient and complex evolution as well that is bigger than that.

The former has compromised the latter.


There are hierarchical structures that we are apart of. (Praise) Totem Pole

There are pecking order structures we are entrapped in. (Predatory) Totem Pole

These can be a major problem.


“in The Beginning there was only Brahma…” well, that stuff ain’t Brahma, that is Your Evolution! The Titans and The Gods and The People.

… well, it was worth a try.

Puppets don’t have the power to stop the Puppeteers

– TetRaHyDronics

{There is a way to Stabilize things, a window of opportunity to grab it an lock it down. This is just fine with me and Me (this is still disability, one long continuous horrendous assault that keeps getting more added to it as some alleged way to clean up the whole mess as quick as possible, while Other Beings shore Me up and dust Me off). It has too many participants and too many adversaries to be done easily, and things were cheated and it risks doing harm to the stabilizer trying to use it before things are made safe.}

You are going against The Big Path trying to get Me to do so instead. When I said ‘don’t try to bring me back’ it was backed up by They Said. They know more than Me about these things, like Deity should. They have things that need to get done that got set in motion long ago. You are almost always committing a crime trying to play doctor, and doing the things you invented for ages, which lead to an Invasion of Me, and partial usurpation, which caused the disability, and is getting taken on by The Big Path.

When someone {Someone} asks people not to do something, a wrong they are doing, but they repeatedly do it, and think that they have an equal right in these matters, but they are repeatedly doing that thing as part of a group/gang/mob/masses tactic, part of an ancient assault from long ago eras past of titanic wars of godlike proportions… when those people no longer remember, and spent their time covering up… 2012 is going to be going on a lot longer than you think!

Box of Ages