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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Earth and Humans

“This is where things kind of stand with the systems you have been using. People are not even aware of the potential for a better life, and by better life I don’t mean better job. You have railroaded it all into that paradigm.

Better Job = Better Life. Can’t argue with that logic, but It Isn’t The Full Truth.

For some people little to no job is a better life. Little to no paperwork. Little to no rent payments. Little to no payments for utilities. Freer work society as far as hours. Less boss powers.

‘The Science Marvel Agrarian Cornucopia World’.

There is a society called Utopia that has come calling and as well is calling into question some of your present system, with it’s ‘better job = better life’ doctrine quagmire dictating terms to human life on earth, and maybe making too much damage from all of the extra work and resource depletion and original land wreckage and economic development. Buying and selling all the land we have no choice but to live on, with your money made from all of your hard work and better job”

… 27 Teen?

‘Brahma, Bahamas, come on Rama Mama’

Though it is of prime importance to ask them, and take this as truth, this is not the full picture.

Sometimes those who are asking are somehow felt as an offense or threat. Using propaganda(right) or politically correct (left), and relying on the group question session, is one of the major forgotten dishonesty. It got made into a norm, with legions of socialized people waiting to parrot the doctrine for an approval. And a few stupids like me trying to explain a deeper truth, and getting jumped by the socialized/superstitious collective.

Ruling By This Method Is Flawed.


People are socialized into specific things.

There is a very good and logical defensive posture. There is not a full truth going on with it though, and this causes it to misfire when taken as a 100% truth instead of a defensive posture. When she or he does not obey your standards but their own desires, it is you that is off course for the most part. And there were some bad methods that came with it as well.


People are not universally evolved at the same level of ethics


People are not of the same personality type. Varying natures norm, not universal oneness. Part of us is made of a very special region of interconnectedness and the collective and the deity, and this is ‘oneness’, and evolved weaker region that is ‘within us all’, just not to the 100% all of. It is in us all up to a certain point, and then there is the ‘bastion of self’, the right of I, me, mine.

{Vacuums and Void and Faints are a major part of this Spirituality and Oneness. Form is more selfish, but as well can be a danger to beings that go too far within it. Selfish also has a place, one that was ignored by the weaker oneness people, who tried to merge with Form after Form said no, and take back in attempt to Equalize Things.}


People have varying mixtures of yin and yang or male and female in them.


People are coming out of ‘the bad thing’ in these Other Realms or Dimensions. This has all sorts of not only psychological scars, there are actual continual crimes in progress in regions not fully contained yet.


But beyond all of this People’s Responses Have Been Engineered. It is very similar to intuition/instinct internal signal, as well as superstition, and politically correct/propaganda.

Feeding Feeling. Tailored People. They Engineer Responses by Feeding A Specific Being with a Specific Thought/Feeling through your spirit. This is some sort of override, or beacon. It has with it more than just an impulse in some cases, there is another Being or Beings there, that are more powerful and older and bigger and wiser than you. Or just some wrongful super-strong usurper tyrant.

This is done by the good as well as the bad.

She can go as a Woman for Halloween. ‘How about one of those women, who wears that stuff mom never shows us…’. ‘why do they dress like this?’. ‘what is being a woman, the way mom acts sometimes but we are suppose to see’. ‘It’s like crushes on boys’

You cannot Decode or Debunk ‘The Big Path’ without the rest of the truth.

You cannot use the rest of the truth.


You cannot do things in any way but a Defined Reality that Rejects these things, these other truths, or even older or original or needed programmed reality truths.

It is set going Head To Head.

But I do know how to teach you, the things you already know, but still haven’t learned…

Go Foundation! Back To Basics. Start with 1+1 = 2. There is something even more basic than this, ‘just be you’. You are stepping out of you and into math and science.

If I were you I would check the Actual Measurable Factual vs Sacred Cows of The Elders as to ‘does it actually exist or was it just an advanced concept?’

The average person does not know if you know, and they may have a prejudiced against certain types of snooty thinkers steeped in thinking that the average person cannot understand, but it gets wielded over their heads as the ultimate credible.

and this is due to Reality and The Big Path

and Reality is that Macro Man outweighs Spiritual Spirit as the Ranking Truth of Sentience by Type and Volume.

1 Macro Man
2 Spiritual Spirit
3 Non-Sentient Universe ‘you are here, and made of the above two’

Macro Man is part of a Original Being and Form Evolution. Spiritual Spirit is the Vacuum and Void that exists because of Form Creation. Spiritual Spirit as well is attached to Original Being. Spiritual Spirit feels bigger, but it is weaker. The Form was a Condensing, so form was smaller than vacuum. But the Form had more Original Being by measure, so in a contest the smaller stronger form would usually win, unless too weak or cut off from Original Being.

There is more Original Being locked within Form, so in a way that is closer to what Original Being is. There is as well Original Being in Vacuum, but it is less and has to be assisted. The Original Being is neither and both of these things, but not in a mysterious way. All things came from Original Being, but in actuality ‘Things evolved from One Original Being into a Few Major Beings(with the Original still around, and assisting) into Diversity(with the Original still around and eventually under assault) and all things came from this’

It is suppose to be part of Macro Man’s Duty to help Spiritual Spirit, due to the fact that You Got More, They Got Less, You Got Stronger, They Got Weaker.

God is one of the Major Players in this, and indeed starts out as Void attaining Form. God is one of the professionals who lived and knows this evolution. God’s Mission is directly related to this stuff.

Things got coned into an unstable pinnacle of powers. Coned Thrown Power Towers.

Assistance fell heavily to Vacuums and Voids, but there was a forced ultimate contest and the titanic form Beings easily invaded and won. They Usurped the very Assistance.


Original One
Spiritual Spirit
Macro Man

Original Being {Infinity and Eternity for all realistic conceptual purposes}
Vacuum Region (Dugout Region)
Form Region [Condensed Region]


2 Original Brahma -> Got Weakened
1 The Three Titans Forms -> Usurped Control. Got Very Strong. A Authority
3 Form Brahma -> Originally Very Strong, Got Attacked, Got Cut Off From Original Brahma, Used As Resource In Forced Transference.

That Left/Leaves Brahma {Me} In A Split Position.


Here is a classic New Reality database philosophy classification, dangerous but programmed:

Formless: original being, vacuums, voids, faints. {all the power got coned to this}
Form: form beings {were actually more original being all along and easily won}


The Male and Female evolution is directly descendant of Form and Vacuum evolution. Form Male and Vacuum Female.

The female(vacuum) and babies(void) is as well.

The Soft Realm
The Nice People
The Emotional

The female(vacuum) and babies(void)

Where did them poor bunnies come from, so cute and nice out here in this predatory world?

The cuteness of baby beings is also related to this.

The female(vacuum) and babies(void)

Proto Form -> OB The Alpha, The Guardian ‘Heaven Home for God’
Goddess Vacuum -> Mother Goddess and God
Form {Me} -> Eos Den in Form Region. Eden and God
Om Void -> God (Void to Form)
Final Form ->Helios ‘Heaven’s High Light’ (Form to Void)

Add this to here and that to here and one can come up with Zeus and Athena up there at the top (God and OB as Zeus and Mother Goddess as Athena).

Chalk it up to ‘them bastards earned all the hardships they brought upon them/us’


‘It was My Turn but you cheated it again’.


‘Utopia can wait, where’s my gorgeous young date?’


She would rather just keep things the way they are and milk all of those lucky/unlucky bastards for all of that shopping money; and hopefully have some good sex along the way.


This wasn’t fair to do to Me here at The End, and it did bring Me down in My Hour{Our My} and it did bring disability upon me, and it can’t really be alleviated, but it can still be compensated, and milked by some beautiful females, a few friends and some hard-luck cases. I can’t be around people for very long, that is part of the actual disability, too much agitation and interference and talking to Them and/or others acting through Me. But if I’m rich, who cares. Some eccentric millionaire/billionaire. ‘use Me up before I go go.’

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

Mall Dives

“maychance you wanna lose me?
just throw your gentle wisdom aside,
you are angry and that’s ok.

I am not afraid of your anger.
What do you need more than you want?
Love, then, well, why don’t you give it up, (to me)”

“there is a way to match with her,
make the hope and feel me gone. (loving lovely lolita is ‘the hope’; ‘feel me gone’ is the pov singer is interested in someone else, and you are kind of breaking up, an she is encouraging you along, for better or worse.)


no nufties, (no sex, just making out, rolling around, and felt-up)
no ‘love, why?!’s, (no heartbreaks or breakups)
no fantasies, (no pretenses of dating or marriage, just foolin’ around)
loosey. (and foolin’ around and around and around; no final ownership)


“how they know the kind of fishnets, (boys to girls about fishing boat nets; girls to older girls about fishnet stockings)
you amaze me”

well-kissed, felt-up, and fancy free.

“you are another kind of freshness, and you amaze me”

no nufties,
no ‘love why?!’s,
no fantasies,

“there is a way to make/get with her,
make the hope and feel me gone”

These are Goddess Lyrics

“and I take back my power,
my body is my own,
my body is my home,
and my self-addiction,
and I can create it for you”