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Monthly Archives: December 2017

U Betcha!

A C A Arch


B – C – B Base




B – C – B

Me Sigh Ah


B A C can all be seen as Infinity, but it is Large Chunks with Smaller Distance Between. The Original Scale is not what we see in Linear Space universe, with it’s space between planets and stars and galaxies. The Solar System, as the size (point of view) of the medium to large planets, and maybe the smaller planets for the smaller beings relative to Original Eternal Infinite Being, this is closer to the size of things. Perhaps even more accurate is a neighborhood with different houses and each a self contained environment. There was an ancient evolution of combination and connectivity that was done by intent, and the original evolution was during a time when more natural oneness and less defined form or strength, which became a grave danger to the void beings and vacuum beings, and smaller and weak beings(This is part of the Tale and Mission of God and of Goddess and Women.

Macro Man. The person to planet size ratio is way off base. The Universe is an ancient new direction that things had headed from larger and more basic original reality and original Beings. It went down into The Small(from The Large) and The Many(from The Few) and The Advanced(evolving normally from Basic Original Learning and Inventing), and The Non-Sentient(from Sentience, which is the Original State of Stuff that Predates The Universe. Sentience. Manlike. Directly Related To Us, Here, In The Universe, That Was Indeed Created, Just Not The Way The Creation Stories Tell It (Guessed It? Epiphany of The Incarnate Elder Beings).

If you went all the way above The Highest Being you would find the Biggest Being, but It Would Not Have The Same Effect As High.

Part of a Special Evolution.

The Highest Being is a smaller part of The Biggest Being, and in Order To Compensate New Forms this was Evolved, by Gift and then by Force.

Part of The Overachiever Special Duty is To Insure The Overall Being Is Not Falling Into Wrongful Conduct.

The Strongest Being is as well a smaller aspect of The Biggest Being, and it is a similar thing going on, but is is Titanic as opposed to Divine.

This was used in Attempt To Stabilize Creation, but it leads to one of the biggest destabilization of Creation that exists. That is Me, buster, that You are going at and trying to lock down and use up. And I am The Biggest Being and The Original Being more than You! (So They jumped in and played the role of Me, as Brahmas… and this is where We are and Who I Am as it were, and They retained the business end of things, and combined with Me and tried to trick Me, and I am just more honest than They and have a very vast evolution, with parts of Myself left here and there and not utilized, for someday We Will See Who Is Stronger, Me VS Them.

The High Arch Angelic Stuff they can Keep, along with Their Machine Form and Dragon Forms or Strongest In A Point, part of it was made of Me… (Strongest As All Three Did Not Work Out. It Was Against Me, Got It? Against Me, Against My Will. Against)

“The Original Jist Of This Post Was ‘if you want all of that Seeker stuff, than it is well worth waiting. The Spiritual Path, Conversation with Deity, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Samadhi”

That is an They specialty, and relates to The Big Path and Divine Family and Ancient Mission.

This is just The Spoiler Alert of What Is Beyond, and it Is Not Better, Just Bigger and More Relaxed.



B – C – B

Just Bigger And More Relaxed. So you can get back to your life, not back to work, back to building utopia, than you can have even more of your life to live instead of it being squandered on work and stress over job and home. (these are good thing too, these challenges and attainments, but must not be the paradigm to rule us all with, as it has been used. It simply cannot be for all of us, an it must be chosen by us not foisted on us. You left no escape hatch, other than looked down upon desperate homeless and welfare poor. Thou Shalt Not!)

“Brahma is a Wounded Being and a tired guy… and Ya’ll and Them have helped tire Me even more, like tired and tire treads all over me”

Just like Pipe-Works and Computers.

And What Was Evolved, What The Other Truth Is: “The Workings of The Material Plane Exactly Matches This Other Truth Not Told In Spirituality Eternal Imperishable Speak” {Me, the now ‘Very Perishable Brahma’ has Spoken; as opposed to Them the ‘Imperishable Brahman’. This is one of the oldest and most deadly tricks used, and thinking we are infinite and invincible we step up to the plate voluntarily, and lose to The Trap, and We Lose Our Very Eternal Spirit or Stuff of Self and Stuff of Life.}

Original Eternal Infinite Being {Brahma}
Vacuum missing stuff -> danger danger danger for Merger with Original Being
Form condensed stuff -> danger danger danger for Original Being

“Spirituality Was An Attempt To Change Us All To Good. It Was A Bad Idea. It Comes From An Emergency Situation. It Made The Good Bad In The End, By Pushing Yourselves On Us, By Trying To Control Us, Or Dictate Terms, And All Allegedly To Insure Your Safety(Which Is How It Was Pushed, With A Real Crises For Defenseless Innocent Beings Needing To Be Rescued), But Is Was Part Of A Long Range Very Large Conspiracy “To Never Have To Pay For What You Had Done, Because You Were Forgiven”

“In The Era of The Usurper”

We Are Still In That Era, And This Is Still 2012, and very well may be all the way to 2112

– The Mutton

Well, Ares is just fine for Me.

… it’s A Res

Are Hitting A Brick Wall, Not At 90 MPH, but with a 90 Car Train, which means…

It keeps coming and coming and coming, crash crash crash.

Stabilizing The Process.

Due To The Inertia Of Ancient Wrongful Methods Developed In Might Makes Right Clever Forver Usurper Era, there are also a lot of Crimes that come along with your success.

They will make mincemeat out of just one petty detail.

This has become a War of Overloading Responses, some of it good, some of it bad, most of it not the best thing to do, for you ended up as little more than a parasite overloading someone elses responses.

Talking Me Down?

It’s A Mistake.

Threatening Me With Your Authority?

It’ A Mistake!

Not Listening About Changing The World Into Utopia, And Cleaning Up The Mess?

It’s A Mistake

Threatening To Have My Crazy Pay Canceled?

It’s A Mistake!

But They did not have the rest of the truth on their side nor in their religion.

They didn’t even recognize it was The Lamb they were fighting, thinking that going to church covered that base…

You Are Winning By Indoctrination

Wrongfully In Government Jobs

(It Isn’t About You. It Isn’t About God. It Isn’t About Jesus. It Is About A Million Years Of Failed Strategies And Fucked Up People AND CHOICES MADE FOR US BY A COLLECTIVE THAT ARE WRONG AND FORCED ON US… Right From Their Scriptures They Are Lost In, And Their Government Jobs They Don’t Belong In)

That Last Post Is As Accurate As Anything Written In Any Scripture Ever

– Brahma