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Monthly Archives: January 2018

“can’t live with ’em, can keep my eyes off of ’em”

(never before has there been someone more important to me, that I feel closest to and trust most… that I end up just hating and trust the least and want to get away from)

{There is an Entire History that deals with Women, and Too Many Men and Changed Nature from Titanic Bonding and Overloading Nature… but, there was this One Being where Love First Started, and boy did that One Being get His Heart Broken by… Goddess. This too is the Tale of Brahma, a place you ‘stepped into’ in an old Merger Zone (theft oriented; “are We ‘Becoming One'”… get the f**k away from Me!) to get the same girl, Goddess. And there is going to be a lot more bawdy jokes than You had ever expected, Goddess, Here at The End}

is that the new robot ‘Jan 31’

or your latest girl novel ‘Jan 31’

It’s About This: Proxy. Puppeteer. Pillar Power.

I Am The Fourth One Of These Beings, But Actually The Original “The Older Less Old Looking Eternal Being”. The Other Three Are Stronger In A Point(and through Them so are You, and it ain’t working out, You being aimed at Me, stronger in a point).

{Brother WallAce The BraVe: Brahma-Val{SB} They Made A 5th, BV Who Is All Four Combo New Brahma, And A 6th, From Naughty Nine, Brahma-Gray Yang{OP}.

Original Eternal Being {Brahma}
– SB -> Jesus ‘king’
– OP -> Muhammad ‘senior’
– OB -> Moses ‘alpha’

Three Newer Brahma are The Root of Your Messiahs. There is a ‘Strong Bright Deep Dark Power Expression, From Titanic Sentient Form Condensation’. This ‘exists within Brahma, but it produced by Them. This means it takes Them to make 4 Headed Brahma, or Original Brahma Put Back Together, of Whose Power Went Into The Three Titans, and Others, as well as Form Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, aka Me. A bit of Milarepa(with OP Enthroned) and a bit of Chaitanya(with SB Enthroned) – Shiva

This is also part of Creation Rulership.

They Have ‘Original Brahma Form Brahma Four-Headed Brahma Merger Combo’ Step In To Stabilize, But There Are Titan Lines Even Stronger In A Point, And We Are Most Displeased!!!!}

This may strain your brain, the ‘uck all tay shun’ strikes again, but there is another and another of these as well, and one is none other than Allah, a Massive Single Being All Combo Being. This is a T2 5AT Usurper Unsurper Stable Region/Being.

“When They set things in Scripture, it didn’t need to be accurate, it was Written With Power, and this means Realms, and Filtration, and Connectivity.

They were setting Power Down In Stone. Real Powers experienced by real people who follow The Spiritual Path and Ancient Methods that were bestowed upon us by Them

Special Evolution with Intrinsic Nature allows for the Spiritual Effect.

Ali, an Alpha, is part Allah and is T2 OB, along with part of Ptah BP Brahma ‘Peter’ Line, who is related to Heimdall(OB SB) and Pan(OP PP). Ali is also part Moses, from OB Territory with God. Sheep

Muhammad, a Senior, is part of The Messiah Being and a Saul(OP PP P GY), is T2 OP GY, and part Sultanic, which is a Contemporary of Allah, but is Secular. Holy Allah(OB Alpha) and Secular Sultan(OP Senior). Muhammad is also part Aaron, from OB Territory with God. Goat

Seen as Infinity, there is an Outer Infinity and a Mid Infinity. Mid is where Allah and The Titanic Two and The Three Titans are. This effectively cuts off Brahma.

Original Brahma
-Titanic Beings Region
-Form Brahma

We Are Brahma-Class Beings. The Biggest Of The Oldest Beings

I Am The One Who Is Least Titanic

“not the King or the Merlin or the Lancelot, but the Percival”

I Am The One Who Is Most Original Still, Which Means Biggest And Oldest, But Not Strongest Or Most Elite

Creation Is Gonna Get Ruled From The Medical Bay If You Keep This Up. And that is where things are at just about now


What You Were Waiting For Was Prophecy

While You Were Waiting Many Conspiracies Unfolded Against Me

“these Conspiracies are directly related to God’s Enemies and Why Prophecy Has Not Come To Fruition… go figure!”

All Along There Was This Bigger More Normal Thing Going On, And Part Of It Deals With A Cessation Of Hostilities Against Brahma, As Well Ending All Usurpation Attempts.

“Their/Your End Gambit: ‘take out the biggest one and become it, then come down with the extra-stuff to fight them others’.”

They are Policing The Situation.

The Only Thing Strong Enough And Evolved Enough In The Right Zones to Take On The Problem


“When They set things in Scripture, it didn’t need to be accurate, it was Written With Power, and this means Realms, and Filtration, and Connectivity.

They were setting Power Down In Stone, very similar to creating a computer, but we are the components, and there are pathways”

Blame Gamers

Frame Flamers

Pull The Rug Out From Under Our Feet…

… and there was Your uncomfortable smiling faces staring back at Us, thinking that We had it coming, that We somehow approve of Your Misactions, which are aimed at Us.

Having De-Evolved into a Response Supplier and Liar who does Preemptive Invasive Usurpation, and then Runs Around As The Invaded Being, who was used as a Resource.

You confused yourselves in a titanic collapse arena that could not be properly contained, policed, eradicated.

You Confused Yourselves Trying To Punish Your Victims, Trying To Turn Everything Back On Them. Stuck As A Strong Wrong Predatory Collective, Slowly Being Healed Of Your Sins, But Committing More Crimes Along The Way

Walking Around In The Lewd.

for: I Am The Stone Being Cast At The Glass House.

I Am The Stone Being Cast At The Clay Feet.

{hey, don’t blame Me, man, or mankind for that matter, for this being just a wee bit more true than an average person with a wacky or even wise website, due to Them, meaning just a slight step further into the biblical as it were.

And with the Spooks Speak, some of which are Deity and some of which are beings, just like you, maybe even some bigger part of You; and it is This, what I am going through, phase vision and reality input from other dimensions}.

But most of all “you know how They are, my dis-comfort or credibility means almost nothing to Them“.

I don’t drink alcohol very often anymore, my disability doesn’t allow for that small organic space of enjoyment, it goes into physical case of fighting off toxicity, and headache.

But ‘Alcohol is the Drug of Choice for Norse Gods’, so They do a lot of talking about it around Here

But you are up against something different now, hard-working landowner half-wit.

It is a Hand Back


You also hogtied us to this workforce system, so it is a deeper problem with a relatively easy fix, and this will help alleviate welfare. Modern tech and methods applied to an old agrarian system can produce a consistent cornucopia of food.

There is both a ‘make money from food and water’ and a doctrine about keeping population down by limiting food. This should not be overly demonized, it is a good method and a big potential problem, but things got too strict and need to be reexamined.

“I was born here, I don’t need to own land to live on. I’m smarter and more honest than you, I deserve my, We deserve Our, very easy cornucopia utopia, right next to your hard-working economy, but 100% self-sustaining independent of it.” – End Of Line!

Now, when they come back with “well, that’s not the law in this country” they need to be shut down! Shut down shut down shut down, until the law is changed. This is one of the most half-wit stupid rules on the books, forcing people born on this land, in this country, to have to pay someone for a place to live on.

You could in the end strike a bargain, other than old family property, it is possible to buy a nice size piece of land, and the land one gets to live on for free is a small piece. But other than this ‘the landowners need to get shut down and legally forced to lose every argument pertaining to right for land to live on from being born here’.

Air, Food, Water, Clothing, Toilet, Bathing, Heating/Cooling, Etc. “This IS Life, The Bottom Line”

All Of Which Is A Hell Of A Lot Easier Than ‘Get A Job For 8 Hours A Day, 10 If You Really Want To Succeed Or Impress Us, For 40 Years, If You Do It Right You Can Buy Land.”

That May Work For You.

It Don’t Work For Me

Me is gonna be SOMEONE YOU DIDN’T WANT TO FUCK WITH OR DISOBEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Did Both!!!


“Now Stand In The Place Where You Will Be Sentenced To Hell Irrevocably, Now Think About How You Should Have Been PAYING FOR YOUR CRIMES NOT PUSHING PARADIGMS!”



You, as Usurpers and Reality Programmers tried to Declare Ownership Of Everything In Creation, Right From Landowner Earth.


Jesus is NOT ‘The Owner’

God is NOT ‘The Owner’

Now, the Actual Truth is that It Is Self-Contained Separate Autonomous. Pieces of Original Being(s), and Zones. Beings Predate Zones. Oceanic Predates Form.

BUT, when Push Comes To Shove it is: “Brahma and Them that are The Owner of Creation along with God and Goddess and Shiva,, Absolute Brahman/Ma, Ptah, etc, and this means The Universe as well of course, but Not All Within It”


You, going 90 mph the wrong way, and Me the brick wall you are now hitting.

and ‘Me’ the steel spikes coming out of the brick wall that you are hitting even quicker.

… and You, well, it’s a ‘Their Who?!’… Titans, still trying to control things, and this is 2012 Armageddon.

as in ‘Their Who!?’, as in WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ‘Leaders’!!!

“He who hath pushed his way to the top being cast down to the bottom”. That is what They have in store for the likes of You.

{Miles of Files of Evidence that You tried to Redact from Your Authority. You have, Titanic Usurpers, Overstepped Your Authority For Millions Of Years. People Are Use To Your Authority Now. You Unfortunately Stepped All Over Me On The Way To Your Authority… but it’s only quicksand you are stuck in, with a very large snake coming down out of the trees for some lunch… extra-dimensionally speaking of course}

Landowner was your idea, I would have stated that a free place needs to be kept, where there are no landowners, just squatters in work done self-built shelters