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Monthly Archives: February 2018

it’s 73 Government Spy Cams and Talking Out Loud.

73 Internet Inventions, 73 Armageddon Conventions

You take one down and call Me a clown, it’s…

Nice To Meet You

In my Condition I forget what that was like, ‘devotee’, ‘seeker’. For a brief moment things got juxtaposed with part of the old me and this experience, lit up by Shiva.

{Samadhi or Enlightenment and Nirvana are a Going Up Into It type of experience, and though it is something Brahma-Ptah sook for ages, with some degree of success, it is not something Brahma is very good at, due to the fact that ‘Brahma came down, towards this direction, while God was going up towards that direction, and beyond all that Awe is a Normal. Awe is Within, and Normal is Original.}

‘all my friends are heated take it slow, doin’ too much crack or too much blow’

‘please don’t make any sudden moves, drunk and angry is their uptight groove’.

“that’s one of our people, we want our people out of there now!”
but sadly that is not how things work, we evolved into this, from extremism, and we are not only stuck behind enemy lines, we are stuck as the enemy lines, evolved into this in harsh conditions and extremism of the undefeatable underdog overcoming the tyrant, while stuck as the shock-troop of the tyrant, elite warrior turned elite killer within, from a solidified invader-usurper tactic, and reverse-usurpation.

This is The Bottom Line

The whole Economy could collapse and you would barely notice, if you put this system into play.

“while We can’t make no lion and lamb claims those animals and ecosystem would certainly love it if we healed the planet of the poisonous ravages we have left, moving away from carnivora sapiens, and assisted the planet for the likely coming global warming issues”

The other side was going too far, trying to disarm everyone, and enforced peace.

“The Big Path says that Nuclear Weapons and Police are going to be around a long time, it is part of the Sad realism of Where Things Are in The Now, like the actual Now, not some Tao or Christian Future Perfect, though We are Still Upon That Path. That means using the Economy to procure and secure all the resources for advanced Military that We cannot produce with our Sovereign Nation”

As well the other side went too far, vacillating, and went for the ‘no land-owners’ and ‘end to monetary system’. This is not only Not In The Now, it is Not The Best Of Both Worlds aka The Better Solution.

Economy and Landowners can do just fine next to Cornucopia Utopia and The Free Land. Many people will slowly build themselves into actually buying land if available, and having lots of products they buy with the money from their job.. which they could leave at any time and do just fine for free, mind you, but don’t need to.

That other thing you been pushing, Job and Rent and Utilities, is not actually fully legal and is a forced system, it is a holdover from an older era, one that could have ‘maximized food production’ but ‘stole that maximized food production of others’ as an easier way to do things, conquest is what they called it.

The meat eating thing will face the same legal issues, it is murder, and as well ‘thou shalt not kill’.

“The Beings you will be up against are capable of fielding lawyers, at The Eternal Scale, in Defense of Animal Kingdom… but as well all sorts of zainy solutions ensue ‘hope you like road kill, fertilizer’ and ‘don’t forget them gain-meat robotic freezer deer and elk you can hunt, legally’.”

“… it’d be a real Rush!”

Yep, and don’t forget ‘the rubber trees of the garden’ for condoms.

Well, clad in hemp fiber cloth and hemp fiber felt yurts in colder climates… why tough it out in a teepee in fig leafs?

“and there were many fields of grapes and hops and barley in the garden, which the simple folk ate, but were also used for a more divine means of consumption, with no job to worry about losing, and plenty of time for getting back in good with the lord for excesses through prayer and austerity”

“well, They are and Me can’t because of this, but Me would have been, and still sorta is when They come around”

Well, first of all let Me be the one to explain it won’t actually be a billion year sentence to hell, that is just a vehement expression of “you finally gonna know what it meant to f**k with Brahma!”

But the routine goes something like this, and take it personally.

“that is a billion year bullet you are aiming at Me, you better think it over, better to put it through your own head, or even better the person’s head who put a hit out on Me”

Akashic Records to the left of you, CIA Spy Cams to the right…

OB Gray God-Brahma got even stronger than Original Brahma-Form Brahma

This is The Engine Block of The Machine.

With Them there is both A Piston Effect (One of Pantheon Pillars) and An Engine Effect (Derived Benefit of The Whole for The Individual)

OP-Brahma, in a smaller section, got even stronger than OB-Brahma.

OP-Brahma Bones is also part of The Machine, and there is The YinYang Machine, which is OP Machine

OB and OP are The Titanic Two, and stuck in a Titanic War that They cannot stop, and is now Forbidden.

OB and OP are Two of The Top Creation Rulers. Though not as Special as God both silently outrank Him, as well as being Older and Larger.

{Hint: it is the Same for The Buddha and OP Black Dragon Senior as for God and OB Gray God Alpha}

OB is The Man In The Wall, and also Ghost, a ‘Strong Being that worked with Diffuse Forces and Beings and could Maintain Integrity after Dispersal.

The People are Assisted by The Three Titans and Titanic Two, and are also Connected to Them. This is part of Divine Heritage and Throne Power. Part of Them is a Base for you to be You.

Brahma also gets Benefits from The Machine, and is The Car that The Engine is In, but Not always The Driver.

The Pistons are more Them, but are also made of Brahma, so They are Prime Person in Pillar and Piston.

“Imagine an earl Nebula before stuff gets too used up and still has some form of connectedness, but in regions stuff is starting to collect into proto-stars, and there is a new power in these gathered regions. This is like unto Brahma Ocean and The Pantheons.”

{We are going to leave the typo missing ‘y’. Why?. Because it is part f a teaching program, and this is as much of an Earl Nebula as an Early Nebula, meaning it is not a Nebula at all, but something older, and is Grand Sentient Forces Expressions Solidified Into Form, and are like in some places a Hierarchy or Political Structure, but It is DEITY Or TITANIC Based, and deals with ‘Who The Being Is By Actual Build And Nature’ more than ‘The Role Played for Politics’.}

BP and OB were the Two Widest Beings, both Forms of Original Brahma.

OB was Stronger and BP was Bigger.

OB, OP, SB took Brahma-BP on a Wild Ride with Invader-Usurper Tactics. This too is My Story.

“Hades can be seen as a Condition, an Invaded Realm Being, both Under Assault and Changed by Mergers, and attempts to keep the Problem at bay, in a baying Hound. It didn’t work”


{There are Different Amounts and Different Power-Up as well as Different Nature, as to ‘Power Difference of Pantheons’.

There is also Pure and Invaded/Usurped. These are Regions of Ourselves, and this Separate Selves. Bad Regions of Invader-Usurper Mutation and Invaded Ancient Rightful Authority Extremism can produce bad Deity real quick

God and Jesus are Spear-heading Purer Regions, but it always runs unto disaster at the end, and was not using the full truth and too many New Reality Programmers with Faith, but it is The Mission and Babeland and The Good People are n Jeopardy, and thus We Will Help.}

Ravana is also related to this Tale of BP. OP PP ended up Invading Brahma-Ptah as far up as possible, and part of OP Proto Ptah Invader as BP is ‘Ravana’ as we know of him.

The outer reaches of Ravana is different, it is a Ancient BP-OP Merger. This is ‘One Of The Hottest Dudes and Most Elite Beings of all. BP Form Brahma is where Goddess and Brahma ‘Love’ first happened. BP is also part of Cupid.

Rama is also part BP, with OB Brahma

{OB was Born of Brahma within Brahma-Ptah. SB was Born as Brahma within Brahma-Ptah. For a while Brahma-Ptah was the most elite Being, and OP Invaded and OB Usurped and SB Became.}

SB became The Wide Ride, The Wild Ride, and The Charioteer and The Chariot.