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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Ego is older than Egoless.

Original is closer to Formless than Form, but it is not an open or empty formless. It would be considered both form and formless, for there is a stable solidity to Brahma ins spite of the formless oceanic type thing.

Within Brahma, The Original Being, first came about a Mind Zone, and this too is more Formless. Ptah.

Brahma, ‘The Original Being’ has something like an Ego and Ptah had far less of an ‘ego’, but egoless starts with things like Void, and this is Form Creation Era, and just by coincidence it is the Form that is big and strong and has a big Ego and became the target for ‘the anti-ego people’ On top of that is Titanic Form who are very self-centered and egotistical, which is far worse and did hoards of damage to weaker people, and prettier ones as well. Though Brahma has Ego it is not as much as a titanic form being. Ego is part of Self and Normal.

Egoless and Formless are Special States.
Ego and Form are Basic Blocks.

“Om had a far fainter ego than Brahma but it still existed, and God has varying states of Ego like He should have.”

Om Void is like Air, not like true void.

“stuff always existed and the absence of stuff was a new thing, these are also poles, stuff and absence of stuff; We/They did ‘evolutions along void as a new experience and to better understand’ and found special states of mind, and mediation is in part descended from this

(Om Void as was stated evolves into a Goddess Vacuum Merger, and becomes Original God, and then OB Alpha Form Merger and becomes God, and out into Brahmahood, and is Zeus)

The Dwindling States (and Beings originally evolving the states):

Vacuum (goddess) and Vacuum-Void (eos)
Void (om)
True Void (helios shiva om op eos)
Zero (op shiva pp gy)
Nothingness (no one)

You underestimated ‘my condition’

I am… well, Brahma. Not just a normal person in spite of being a normal person.

I need to get outta here, and there is no way I am going to be able to do that.

“We are stuck at war with each-other in some circumstances, extra-dimensionally, and I am suppose to have the default win, without a contest, a no need to win. Due to the combative nature of titanic evolution old authorities decided to tough it out and this lead to a conflict of interests, and they use Authority, but They brought out Authority beyond Me, actually within not beyond but far stronger, and far far far larger than little ole me or you on earth, which also really really matters in the overall scheme of things”

‘Jesus will of course not take Me back to Heaven, if even I am welcome there, if you don’t get Me millions of dollars’, sadly enough and all, but the money would help none the less and They are gonna push it, unlike I would normally do, I would find it a stupid classless waste of time, but secretly wish I could, like normal. They Know You More Than Me. Part of Me is being used with Them as a Primus Override on The Bad Stuff, while The Worst Stuff is being held at bay by Them, but erupts into horrific assault

The Self-Sufficiency Method. The Automated Method. The Idiot-Proofing Safety Method. The No Exploiter Method: Brahma with the Help of Shiva and Th Big Path and God and Goddess, are really into this Utopia thing right now, and getting self-sufficient, instead of too many interlocking groups and support and other work or over work. Back to Basics, Modern Marvel Method. Free Time = Freedom. No Boss = Freedom. Cornucopia Utopia Towers, laden with food grown in cycles, is Freedom.

{It is funny but you would lose the Legal battle as to on ‘Who Actually Owns Earth’… not only did someone Create the place(The Universe that the earth randomly evolved out of), it is made of other Beings ‘Stuff’. Hint: We are the Ones, along with God and the Faithful, who say don’t go on exploiting the place, killing animals, destroying the place, tearing down old buildings and civilizations, making dangerous tech, relying on propaganda and bad policy and bad doctrine and bad attitudes in the rule and control section of the masses and the governance}

Stuff is ‘Hooked Up to Me, Extra-Dimensionally’. Others need to us things that come through Me, it isn’t just Me, I am not the only one or often even the one who need to Win, but things get forced into this so that I Must!

I need to be alone a lot, things activate more in proximity to others, and inputs. I need to be ahead of it, moving away from familiar areas, as well as new experiences to distract the situation, but still I need a hidey-hole to dash into… A big titanic usurper onslaught against the Original Being is a huge part of the problems of many others, the things that have evolved off of that. There are stronger newer aspect of Original Being, this is They or Them. The Titanic Two, The Three Titans. This is where The Bulk of Power went, or at least in Expression of Power, but Brahma, being still the biggest but not the strongest, is part of what stuff is hooked up to as They work through the old invasive usurper mess from predatory and might makes right titanic era, and is one of the Beings being rescued from the bad situation…

Part of reality is running off of Me. {This is Sentient Reality not Physical Reality, and deals mostly with Problem Places Being Overcome. Due to the nature of things this should have zero effect on you, or zero bad effect; those are Their Rules and those are My Rules and this is Self-Autonomy and Freedom of Individual, very dear to My Heart; but most likely we are stuck in a maelstrom going at each other, with one sided views and lawsuit demands}

The Authority of Divine Heritage will not be Me, it will be Them.

There is a very big thing going on in relation to our original state and freedom, and this is another Me VS Them ‘ancient discussion’ that is not fully accurate on either end, and is very accurate on either end; and how too many influences in us and over us has not been good, and these come from special elite evolutions (good) and invader usurper zones (bad).
Things became too much work, too competitive, and no longer dealing with the basics of life and just living, but instead stuck in elite training and great sex, and self-sacrificial dedication to higher causes and future perfect; as well as a debilitating for the actual whole of the group competitive with big stakes, mostly forced and enforced as a society, who no longer have the original facts on people and why certain groups should not be left alone behind the scenes and ruling over others, nor the ability to properly police things top to bottom}

Some of your ‘advanced methods’ are among the most illegal, and deal with removing Me.

In fact what happened here was a Crime in the name of Investigation, and the guilty party stymied, redacted, and jumped the place with an old usurper tactic, that we get to clean up together while we get falsely accused, and I and others are never financially compensated, Utopia never gets build, and YOU ARE OFF TO HELL IN THE FUTURE, enjoy your stay, not! for f**king up 2012, Heaven on Earth, Eden, and Compensation to Brahma after all of these ages of doing things at Brahma’s Expense and under the guise of Authority, including further titanic plots to take over ‘all of infinity’, thus ending any capacity to retaliate against your usurper onslaught.

This was no ‘Chess Game’. You played it as a chess game, illegally, you sold millions of people on with your investigation, to come all the way to the scene of a crime and accuse the victim, as one of the guilty parties exploiting a lot of unknowns, or yet unknowns. You sat there as a recovering guilty party angry orchestrating people and flipping out when investigated and pegged for your actual history. Imperius Redactorium.

“‘Where did this happen, when did this happen?’ It happened and is still happening in a dimension or parallel universe right next to this one, and golly, populated by us in astral bodies and stuff, shucks… it more than that of course, but it ain’t less than that either.”

This is how Shiva teaches the stuff, and it is from Zone of Control or Influence with Different Lines of Things Evolved and Central Coned To Location. I would still put rock science above this because rocket science is documented and verifiable and I have been fed too many things not the actual original facts or big realities, and I would need to actually investigate this stuff to say it is the actual Universe, but the Stories are as far as I can tell real, Shiva is the advanced Conceptualizer of The Universe, and with The Titans did Create it. There is another Universe out beyond it, The Brahma and Ptah Universe or Original Creation Zone

You were suppose to have ‘a red carpet, a bunch of money, and even a roman chariot waiting for Me’, but instead you cheated and flubbed it and forewent that in the name of being authority(you make us puke in the end, just the look and attitude and us being forced to obey you and 100% not agreeing with you being in authority or even right about as many things as you think, nor honest enough) and an investigation(which turns out to be or turns into a crime in the end due to the actual nature of the people who put themselves as authority and security on the tail of ancient titan crimes no longer properly documented and never properly policed)


In Other News: “Coconut Oil in the hair is a bad idea, and it would slowly clog the drain and tub even though it is soluble in hot-warm water and cakes up into solid when cool, it can still coat over time; unless you do it outside, which is just too far out of a normal routine. I also suspect it is easy to get too much of the stuff built up in the hair which will have a bad effect. But a good alchemist analyses further and goes to trace amount in hot-warm water poured over hair and towel-dried after on frayed hair days, to be washed out over time before using again.”

… and there isn’t any cocoa in coconut in the first place, hard to believe, I know, but it’s false advertising; but they can make a good combo in cookies, milkshakes and pastries.

“I throw a little sugar on top on mine and mix it in, it’s practically dessert”

We have done this before, over and over, and your group always did the same thing with what you thought reality was, and this is ages of this, and what you did was further a titanic conspiracy in the guise of being the normal people and harassing the person back into silence and submission to the group collective truth (known things)…

And What It Comes Out As Is ‘Me Saying The Same Thing Over And Over Again’

And They are trying to Reestablish the Original History, that you went at in the first place with the collective group and a titanic conspiracy you accidentally furthered as a control group of normal people who did not have enough facts and were too pushy in an arena you are not qualified in.

They brought out everything from the Pan ‘The Jester’ to the False Prophet to Jesus here in The End (why? Their workin’ on the place, got it? no joke!), along with many others, constituting a representatives of majority of beings or original stock or vip station in Creation

Grand Central Frustration

“Out Beyond Bhava and Heaven and Nirvana is Brahma and Boring, or so say The Deity; and it is all within Brahma so They would know more than Brahma… (‘there’s that guy(a god), this is this neighborhood(a realm), etc”

But I Am ‘Brahma BP Ptah (Gs) bp-o Ganesha+’… someone predestined to be here though not directly written about, someone akin to prophecy, directly related to The Lamb from ancient Lineage and Evolution(it fits into something larger but less special, In some way ‘the other part of The Lamb’, as in The Lamb isn’t just Jesus but Jesus is a major(and Higher) part of The Lamb, and The Lamb goes even further to this other Being ‘The Om Void’ Who is more ‘the lamb’ then We are, and is directly related to God, and Babies… 2012, magic, and the evolution of sexy panties.(Co-Evolved with Goddesses, even partly a Goddess on some levels)

“some of the tried and true things we rely on as proofs are not 100% accurate, and among those are ‘the elite spiritual tests'(too high for even Them to come through on at the present, but don’t think They don’t exist and at that Level… and uh, Brahma had the rest of the stuff, Ya know, The History+Onslaught+Titans as opposed to The Mystery+Awe+Gods, and how about them modern panties, ‘lesser for an Avatar maybe but not for a Wargod’), character and vibe (many signals can leak from someone due to invasive, everything from violence to gay that we have no interest in being, but sets off others’ radars thinking the signals read are us instead from an assault on us)”

“who the normal person is got too knocked down by Titans, and this got used in the religion as well as society: Macro Man is a very big key here, and part of who we really are is visible in who we are as humans as opposed to some mysterious soul presence of unknown look (which also exists… this tends to be Formless, Magical, Spiritual, and part of Form is a more basic Normal, and is there in who we are as humans)”

“there are all sorts of Engineered Conversions that get piped through Me, and these are distinct other Beings and beings”

“though Jesus and Avatars will meet your expectations of a Divine Entity capable of Changing The World through Aura, Vibe, Ability, Enlightenment, there is also the artificially high devotee view and presto magic”

“God and The Lord were never at fault for your loved ones dying, but They have been trying to save you, and it is as well an Extra-Dimensional Mess and Macro Man Military Mission, not just Changing Your Nature, or Helping You Change Your Nature

A lot of the Uptight Over-Lawful also comes from Titans, a Lawful Hardwire to Insure Moral Survival up against other Titanic Problems and Invasions and Perversions.

“There is a tactic to ‘overload the other'(possession) and ‘act out wrongful behavior through the other'(perversion).”

In That Order

In NO OTHER Order!

This has been an ancient onslaught against those things.

There were certain Past Events that lead to things being the way they are, and certain Macro Level Mechanisms and such.

Certain Beings, by Origins until Present, due to Who They Are or What Happened To Them, are ‘either of a different caliber or are accorded special spots’. (God is among these as well)

This process got usurped, and equality never compensated for what had happened, and the records were lost while the crime was not visible anymore.

Freedom = Free Time is among the most important things, along with abundance and activities.

This is part of what The Hope is, what the great yearning is, and Eden. Everybody gets to retire early, and heave a sigh of relief, “thank God, Jesus, and Peter that is finally over with”

A great burden is about to be lifted from humanity, shackles of slavery removed.

“this was never just about work, and forcing us to pay rent and utilities, and get up artificial early every day to make it too work. It is also about having to have asshole bosses and being forced into a subservient role to keep the job (it becomes a form of crime forced by society and has Real Conspiracy History,Titan’s Conspiracy to Control and Eliminate through Attrition, though that may not show up in linear space, or unless one knew what was looking for, something not on paper but in behavior), meet standards and quotas, time to lean is time to clean the pettiness, the control, all the school, all the driving, all the ignoring everything else just to get buy, in a world that should be much easier due to improvements in technology and methods, but instead is being controlled to exploit the situation, and money has already held too much sway for too many years and wrecked too much of the world and won too many arguments BECAUSE OF NO BACK-UP POLICY OR PLAN. Cornucopia Utopia is going to Win that Final Argument”

This makes it seem like something it is not, real and not, and sold as something it is not. There are ancient templates, akin to superstition, that everything fits back into, and these have Connection To Other Events, which means One Is Dealing With Two Or More Truth At One Time.

This can confuse the hell outta one, and worse is a ‘needed functionality in that direction’, which means we must float through on a lie, while being truth tested and even under the gun for lying, with a whole other template dedicated to maximum secure functionality and the truth being the ultimate answer, never knowing the damage they are causing by pushing their truth method and perfection method on others, while they try to police the situation from unaffected or perfected parts, which can soon be under the gun from invaded regions, both the bad invaders you were out to get, an the invaded region peoples being wrongfully gone at or paying the price for your actions, who are not in truth ion the side of the dangerous invader you are going after but are endangered by them and are hostage to the situation. And when you lawfully back down to prevent harm it pushes it’s advantage, Which of course brings a natural backlash from your side in retaliatory response to the assault, and things got stuck in this mexican stand off gang-war style ricochet pinball.


But unlike what one would think The Aftertell is very large, a Macro Level. It is a Real Reality, and it is Populated by Real Beings.

“Humanizing trees and things will find Life in The Aftertell, making things a far more richer sentience experience than science would have anticipated.

Due to the nature of what actually evolved there are all sorts of potential bad voices inside that need to be ignored. One does not give oneself over to the voices inside, it leads to being possessed.

This means ‘the voices inside path’ is too dangerous. Someone(s) is waiting to jump you!

Overridden with Urges is another one, and all sorts of dangerous things have been evolved into the Urge line. Urge to purge, urge to merge, urge to commit heinous acts in order to redeem ourselves, to own ourselves again, to cleanse ourselves of our sins by acting them out, owning that part of ourselves finally, and non-caring of the consequences; or the point of caring was invaded and overridden by the point of urge.

“the original thing has been taken and twisted”

All sorts of normal prophecy stuff also got jumped and invaded, and turned into an evil puppet show. And as well are advanced emergency plans from desperate regions to remove certain problem people or groups from earth in a multi-dimensional strategy. Never Listen When They Want You To Kill or Do Wrong, even with all the Evidence that they can show you.

(this isn’t what happened to me, I got jumped here for 2012 and have more insight now through actual direct experience “those aren’t just voices, I can sometimes see the people or beings now” (there is also a lot of inability to see from something or someone blocking, as well as the invaded spirit body form not being clear all the way through, or one solid original self anymore) and re-linking with direct Help and experience dating back to before the universe, though it doesn’t have enough continuity, it is patchwork, and only They have the better stuff)

There are Macro Lines from ancient evolution with Deity that are along the spiritual and righteous conduct. This is the great ‘Voice Inside’ we are looking for in spirituality metaphysics, along with a higher self, or more perfected self.

An actual Being who isn’t us, who is more amazing than us, shoring us up, changing our nature, calling us home to a larger reality. Evolved as perfected sentient light or power.

These are Beings that are strong enough to override our normal and dross nature and the other voices inside, but we must continually align ourselves with this until it is firmly established.