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Monthly Archives: July 2018

“ain’t ever been there, they tell me it’s nice”

{“We went to Bellingham, to St Josephs Hospital”}

“when we are angry and come at the problem we are using old ancient war powers, locked in ancient struggles; as well there is a criminal disarming of people through some old bad invasive usurper, and too many years of doctrines and paradigms and rote motions and silent running… not to mention extreme conditions and not caring and too many years of certain beings getting away with things, and maintaining control, and too many years of going at something that looked just the same, but is actually the working process overcoming that problem.”

The Opposite Solution is Applied, but the problem is still in motion and the opposite solution gets targeted, and in this case it is the cutesy human part, the real people part.

“it’s gonna take a lot of queers, to save the way things are… because when you look in my direction, and I want to punch you in the eye, but someone needs to save those people or they gonna die… and it ain’t Me it’s you”

some of the locking codes are things we would never do, nor should we have too ‘code gay’.

This Gets Assaulted Real Quick, and don’t expect Brahma to put up with the solutions that are ‘forcing yourselves on Me, the opposite stabilizer is run by a bunch of angry titan redneck types, thank God, who managed to save My Straightness from and old Goddess Combo Evolution Problem.

They are overcoming things on a macro level, but lot of impossible situations still ensue, and some real stupid solutions as well, using hostage situations to force things on people with a lot at stake of cute little innocent being’s lives at stake, and you picked the wrong guy, Me, to do this to!!!


Attempts to use up old big bad predatory power forms lead to too many people being compromised and overloaded, and too many dangerous weapons and out of control processes, too many years of authority positions being exploited.

The Physical Universe that we temporarily occupy is not really where the major danger is coming from, though asteroids and gamma rays and global warming and toxicity are all very real dangers, this is a very real and present danger that is with us the whole time, effecting some of us, effecting some part of most of us, and sometime that danger is us, coming at each other with old titanic war powerheads and region wars.


Energy = matter times the speed of light


Matter = light colliding with itself plus gravity binding it.

E=MC Hammered

Exo-Universal Induced Effects, effecting inner ball of combined product.

Gravity = 1st dimension
Light = 2nd dimension
wave particle duality
Matter = 3rd dimension

Don’t get confused with directions as dimensions, but there is a dimension below, it is the astral plane, and a dimension above, and it is ethereal plane, and beyond this are others of a more titanic nature. {and another Universe beyond this one, more Normal but more magical than mundane as well, while the greatest amount of magic exists in the planes outside of this matter universe, the ethereal, astral, causal planes, stuff descended from Original Creation and Original Creating, from Ptah Era on.. a real mess getting shut down for safety reasons, whole Beings get used up!}

2+1(titanic) and 6+7[titanic]

Far more important than what this universe was made of and how is what is attacking it, and it is attacking the sentient universe that we come from, which is more important than this non-sentient universe we are fond of and studying

“now give unto Jesus what is Jesus’ and go pick them pennies up off the ground for Me, ya thankless bastards!”

In Reality The Big Path is taking this on from the other end here, the bum/homeless, the loser, the slacker, the debilitated, the kid who don’t want to get a job, the person who is tired of needing to ‘fit in’ with a group that they don’t have enough respect for and see through all too clearly, and the weary soul tired of being a working man overcometh, tired of the rote motion set piece rhetoric we share to ‘stay in with the group’

“conform or be cast out/be cool or be cast out”

The average 60 year old person has seen this world change from a more basic thing to advanced thing very rapidly.

The younger generations do not have this, they will not really know or understand what has happened, they are born into and environment it has already happened in.

Catering to millennials is sleazy

Cornucopia Utopia

Self-Sustaining Systems, Self-Sustaining Food Growth Environment.

Purify The Water.

Convert Work Force Into Save The World Force By Changing Focus.

Maximizing Food Production And Water Purification Allows Us To Make That Final Step.

“complaining about paying for welfare and looking down on people as a form of making hardships and forcing conformity, mr working man overcometh and his landowner buddies, isn’t going to cut it in the long run and is not as good as a real community and an easier life, and people want their land back or more to a point they want the land back, so you and no one else can own it and charge others to live on it, as you chop down more to build more homes, from all the money your hard work and power you monetary system have.”

People want to make communities that take care of the people instead of being bought by the rich and powerful, who never clean up the mess of capitalism and mammon.

You people wreck the place and put up homogenized big business, diversity goes missing as well as nature’s beauty and peacefulness.

You are gong to chop the whole place down eventually, to build more homes and business of the same boring homogenized variety.

“screw you punks, don’t they know it’s rebellion brewing, screw those punks, don’t they see they have it coming”

Waxing Torch And Pitchfork.

Change Means Change, means YOU ACTUALLY CHANGE, not make some clever speech about it and some half-ass attempt!

oh, uh, Normal?

You don’t actually think They would leave Me with that kind of power or memory anymore, do you?

would you!?

Shiva is Made of Brahma, OP, OB, Ptah, Brahma-Ptah, Absolute Brahman, Proto-Ptah.

Shiva and The Titans later ganged up on Brahma, but part of Shiva is stuck with Brahma being the bigger Being, and in Out There Regions. “They Do Right By People, For We Always Use To Do Right By People, Before The War, The Predatory Fall”.

Shiva is One of The Biggest Beings, and Creator of Infinity and The Modern Universe (Randomly Evolving Universe), Inventor of Sex, and probably Spirituality, and a major spearheader of Science

Supreme Brahma is made of Shiva and Brahma and Brahma-Ptah and Ptah. Jesus, though you don’t know it yet, is partly made of Shiva as well and Ptah, though God is not, but God and Shiva do not get along very well. God has the moral high ground, but Shiva is larger and older and created more stuff, including The Universe and Sex.

Shiva was ‘Given the Task of Vacuum Lord by Brahma long ago during Form Creation, at The Dawn of The Problem’.

Shiva is a Major Part of The Prophecies and 2012, a major code maker, card holder, language creator, creative genius.

Part of Form Brahma and Shiva and Brahma-Ptah along with part of Ptah and Baby Ptah and OB Brahma and Baby Absolute Brahman is what Ganesha was Created of.

Part of ‘Spooks Speak’ directly relate to Shiva speaking to Ganesha

“Ganesha got so elite They won’t let Me be Ganesha anymore, and They helped Ganesha get that evolved, but even worse is Ganesha is part Form Brahma merging back with Brahma… ‘and don’t let that Boy get ahead of You!

Mahakala is an Absolute Brahma OB Shiva Combo, and Vajrabhairava is Shiva as a Combo Ganesha and OP Line.

And They definitely don’t let Me be Vajrabhairava!!

Ganesha also got ruined over the ages, and many Being that Ganesha was made of and evolving with stepped in the rule and par of the larger overall Being.

Ganesha is also very good at being Basic and Normal.

{Hint: ever notice how Basic and Normal got ahead of ya, advanced complex elite?}