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Monthly Archives: August 2018

You need to fast-track citizenship for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters.

This needs to Bypass Normal Immigration.

This is a War Bargain and Must Be Honored. You do a very shifty rigamarole that ends up in a cold shoulder, a slip between the cracks, a bureaucratic juggernaut unable to handle basic situations, wasting tax dollars on legal wrangling. Money is better spend elsewhere, as in an actual solution.

Your credibility is on the line very much in this and it could effect your security more than accidentally letting in a terrorist as your reputation plunders in arenas you need allies and trust. (‘you forked tongue white men’.)

If you are worried about security just set up a place in Puerto Rico or Guam or Virgin Island for them and their families to live while the immigration procedures ensue. They may decide they like it better there in the end, anyways.

“Those people’s lives are in danger, they are our military allies, they put their lives in danger to help us.”

The Immigration must be Fast-Tracked it is ‘not the same as a usual immigration case’, which means simply send them to a happy little protectorate where it is cheaper to clothe them and feed them, and then you have your leeway. Don’t force them to get jobs right now, you already screwed up this far.

Using people up and then betraying them (from well-defended positions of ultimate power) as their reward when they get angry with you is not within the scope of what you will be getting away with anymore, you sociopathic control freak steeped in governance and the great white doctrine.

That is the part off The Old Doctrine you are getting busted at.

Your Betters

But you will win very few arguments against Me in certain arenas, and even less against Them and The Big Path in just about every arena.

This is part of Destiny Come Knocking.

and there is no sign of change, just the same old thing with the same old bosses and the same old scam of their rhetoric as the only ranking principle with everything else belittled and stymied; or pushed too far the other direction in a rare window of opportunity held onto by left-leaning tyrannical fists, yet the problems weren’t fully fixed, and the area is broken.

“one does not sit idly by as a society and fall prey to the tv debate as getting something done”

one ‘agitate, agitate, agitates’

But not with sticks and stones but instead with facts and plans for Utopia and a legal challenge to the landowner paradigm, real factual plans, very doable, very advanced. Not uprisings to take away people’s property or hard earned things, but maybe to right an old wrong, an old landowner way vs community way wronged, to legally force the economy to fund the buying of lands and technology items to build a self-sustaining Utopia.

And one does it now.

“jobs will always be used to rule over you with, to control you; without ‘job’ there is no going to the store to buy food with, or clothing, nor a house to live in; nor is there a place to live off the land the way we use to, nor avoid getting arrested for just walking out into nature and doing so if their was, due to the landowner paradigm that we live under”

Air, Water, Food.

A whole lot easier and more sane than what man has created.

“not a ‘fringe argument’ as your people have made it out to be, with stymie and rejectionism, but instead one of the most cutting edge legal arguments, and potentially face to face combat or court, extra-dimensionally”

Let us get back to the premise that brought this on: “a discussion on the radio about a coach that beat up his wife and got a suspension for it”

… and then off you go to eat your burger.

So, in this Legal Society gambit you are not scoring high enough and are too human-centric and anything outside that box you call fringe as you use up and destroy the planet and don’t clean up the mess or make reparations to nature and the animals but instead go on occupying positions of power and orchestrating people and stymieing the rightful backlash and righteous indignation.

“a sinister group of beings called humans captured that race of animals and grows them to kill and eat”

The cow did not live out it’s normal full years, it met an early end for the sake of meat eaters.

Humans are no longer animals to be accorded the same forgiveness as a predatory animals. Humans are too advanced and doing too much damage. God’s Judgement. “the leeway of the past of being un-advanced civilizations unable to do more than be hunters is now over”

Utopia is brought to you by The Big Path and God’s Mission.

These are Beings that KNOW that ‘the spirit that evolved into the lamb you eat as mutton is no different inherently than your soul’ it just comes from a different grouping with a different build.

When you are no longer garnering the rights of animals, oh advanced human destroying the planet and mistreating animals, you are no longer heading in the right direction and a big unknown starts to creep up on you at The End.

“The Ancients weren’t lying, they just didn’t have the full tale”

‘their deity is back and your gonna be in trouble, uuu la la, their deity’s back!’

The Animal God is pissed and their is gonna be some trouble.

‘lack pf proper representation for animals’ and ‘what science can detect with telescopes and microscopes as the only truth’

“Minimizing Harm is the best that can be done in a universe where it takes something else to sustain life”

We can all go extinct or we can do that minor sin of eating plants, and far less to none of one for plants that bear fruit and vegetables or wheat, that we replant and insure the life cycle of.

“the cow would not view things the same way, it is too advanced, it feels too much, it is too human; this is too much like cannibalism”

so new methods had to be developed to deal with the issues.

“Run Away”

“Stay Out Of It”

“Know Your Place”

“Shut Up”

So as much as we don’t like these Viable Teachings they are indeed among the most important teachings available.

Goons come from The Titanic Realm or Region

Goons are part of a Long Range Big Path Strategy.

You thought Goons were going extinct bit it was You that was going extinct, and They even told you so, and you thought it was their fault and are coming at them and It, but it was the fault of something far worse as well as being your fault and their fault, stuck in conflict both philosophical and war

“if you held your Joint Sessions of Congress in, say, Washington or Colorado, though California(rip) is catching up, you would find that you are a more cerebral and creative government able to come at the problem with new insights, enthusiasm, and ability to both ponder alone and (then) communicate within the group; and would probably be being ‘closer to what The Forefathers actually did’ than the present puritan method”

But don’t operate any machinery or enact any laws for at lest an hour and/or a nap.

And simply write me up some special funding, say like $2k/m for 42yrs.

“hold an emergency joint session of congress and declare it so, it will be on the radar in a way you don’t yet know, publicity still a no go, but don’t be an illumianti no show”

That’s Howdy Doody Time for Me

Now there are also some Old other Creation Level Authorities that are part of this but it isn’t the same, it is Titanic Authority related to Government and God and Deity. It isn’t always on the same side but in general it is on the same side but coming from diferent origins and circumstances.

This is Loudy Duty Time for Me

but we will keep it toned down

{while you either to: a) get me some money, b) start building Utopia, or c) both}

This is an old Creation Level Authority that You are coming at.

This is an assault on Me, and part of what the Disability is.

This disability is not megalomania or beliefs the person is a such and such, In This Case It Actually Is! And this was no ordinary website.


‘but it’s 2018!’

No, it’s 2012

“Cornucopia Utopia is the Basic Core of Civilization that must/should exist that any Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism exits outside of as an extension into abstracts and elevated values and long range challenges”

The Birds and The Bees do not have jobs but those who do have jobs are destroying their natural habitat, their/our Garden of Eden

Once you examine Cornucopia Utopia and understand Actual Basics of Living (air, water, food, clothing, heating/cooling, toilet paper and tampons, etc) and Stepping Off The Grid aka ‘Dropping Out’ as opposed to Economy and Jobs, Landowner and Renter, Manufacture and Consumer and all the hard work and even potential risk as well as fluctuating prices and values, you will begin to see this is a very sustainable society and an older society, an old community of people, governed by the laws of the land and the free man, not the laws of a society of man coned to the power of the few, but instead producing it’s own food locally in abundance, and manufacturing it’s own clothing and computers. One that may be using a lot of robots for work, but what is left is yours and it is mostly gathering and trade to manufacture things with.

“not afraid of robot workers competing, and able to feed the world locally”

There will eventually be a direction towards non-meat and non-dairy due to the impact things has on the animals as well as type of work. There will still be animals for grazing and producing natural fertilizer and no animals will be slaughtered they just won’t be bred anymore and allowed to live out their old age happily and in freedom without predation but perhaps contained groups for prevention of breeding.

Animals will live in happy more natural environments not filthy ones, rotating migration to new lands while we gather fertilized soil and replant food for them when they return. There will be food grown for pigs to plunder as well.

Utopia, though vegan in concept, does not leave you with a salad, it Replicates All Meat Items, with good protein and nutrients, and an aim for a full belly effect and tradition meat-style meals.

Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Coconut Milk process with oils for fat replication or with ‘plant fats’ to make Real Milk and Real Ice Cream replication as opposed to present on the way their varieties.

“you’re kids will think eating meat is gross but all your favorite meat-style dishes will still be cooked on the barbecue and in the oven with the same colors and textures and flavors but without dead animals or dairy.”

This is theoretically for one cannot gauge the effects of so large a change as civilization going off of meat, but you really are getting Complaints From On High about the meat eater society, the conditions of animals in general, and chopping down and using the place up for human consumption.

Time to stop and clean up the mess as a masses instead of passing the buck to the next generation

“quit dragging your feet on this”