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Monthly Archives: September 2018


Did Atlantis exist in Linear Space?


“Atlantis is a very rich evolution in the Astral Plane that has gone on for well over 100,000 years, and evolved with The Gods, and has Roots in Alien Civilization, but these aliens are not the mean nasty type, they are closest to humans, and if there were such a thing as humans being genetically altered by aliens in the past these are the one’s who would have done so, and through incarnating also brought Proto-Atlantis, and as well helped create Grey Aliens.”

Did those aliens exist in Linear Space?


But they do exist, they really do exist.

Humans can actually talk to the astral plane ‘within’ or in the mind. They can see visions, and live a dual reality living with phase visions and phase sight, ‘an experience happening at the same time but in another Realm, yet our spirit is there, and incarnating here’.

Grey Brahma is the Largest and Strongest Being.

My Tale Ends Here.

“it was the Tale of Form Brahma, oh Whom was actually a Combo Being done by Original Brahma.”

‘Me'{Original Brahma Grey Brahma SB OB OP pp Ptah}is the stronger better Me{Original Brahma Form Brahma Brahma-Ptah SB OB OP bp Ptah}, just not as nice nor emotional, but maintaining a Balance I don’t have so less fluctuation, and a survivor so less, righteous indignation and unrepentant anger lurking.

This is The Brahma that I would have needed to be to Succeed in Life and Armageddon.

Grey Brahma is also directly related to Black Brahma and Grey Yang and Grey Ptah

“you may have never heard of these Beings but many of you/us are made of them”

Things pan out as a Family Tree before they pan out as Universal Forces and Evolving Animals.

“In The Beginning was only Brahma, and Brahma went into a Daydream for the first time ever, and this Daydream lead to the Creation of Others and through Others to All Things Great And Small; and that Daydream was/is Ptah”

These are the things that are soooooooooooo Ancient and no longer remembered they not only predate The Universe they actually predated God and Spirituality and Messiah and Avatar.

Due to the nature of Actual History Untold it was given to Me to tell this part of The Tale, but it is through Them that I am being Retold/Reawakened/Renewed.

Yet it is also through Them that I will remain Slumbered.

-I Brahma and wee Ptah, as told through Shiva, in part to Ganesha, and Baby Ptah.

Twice I was The Ruler of All, In The Beginning and for a time as Baby Ptah-Om, at The Dawn of The Fall

This too is My Tale

Baby Ptah-Om was Inherited by Om and therefore God as well, and is part of ‘for ye must be as children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven’, as well to us in our child years as more aware beings of a nicer nature, which is also part of God’s Mission.

Between Ptah and Brahma is where All Others have Stemmed from.

Part is an Evolution of Brahma becoming a Ptah-like New Being (OP), and part stems from Brahma Awakenings from Ptah Daydream, a Slipping into New State and a Strong Backlash[OB] and stronger backlash{GB} against that, and everything becomes endangered; due to the actual size and scale and evolved history and Reality, as opposed to Stories, whith are Hooked-Up in Extra-Dimension and to Deity and Gods and and Titans and Realms, and we as people are also a power unto our own, helping drive reality and able to shift the saw in a vote like way to assist this power or that, which has been in part usurped as well as invaded, degraded, or just plain off course or not made of foundations strong enough and up against realities too strong, which is very akin to ‘Path VS Brahma and Void VS Form., ‘the more aware and evolved and elite Being is just not going to win, it is just up against too much of a stronger reality or larger normality’

“there is a Grave Danger due to the size and scale and history of all things which makes this rather unpleasant and Normality as opposed to ELEVATED VALUE a great boon and sigh of relief, and this too is related to what a Mad Prophet is going through, as opposed to the stronger Messiah and whitey tidy Avatar, a relatively untouched by the ravages and kept out of it Leader Extraordinaire”

“in The End it was/is discovered that the avatar/messiah that we dislike the most, is not seen as spiritual as much as the others, is looked down on, is deemed a fake, turns out to be the only one that can hold His own up against evil, for none were stronger nor jailer enough for the final task.”

of Muhammad, and The Prophet,

an Aspect of Senior Born of Strong Bones of Form Creation, related to Pashupati {Grey Brahma-OP and Grey Yang Titanic and part Proto-Ptah and Shiva from Early Combo}, secretly the strongest of all Hindu Gods.

Absolute Brahman is one of the oldest Beings in existence, stemming from the Era of Brahma in the Ptah Daydream.

Absolute Brahman is a part of Brahma that had slipped into a more Ptah-like state. {This is through Brahma-Ptah and into Proto-Ptah and Ptah, and Absolute Brahman seems like a combination of these and may very well be the earliest of these Combo Being but one that happened as more of a ‘self-created state along the way’ gathering this and that and maintaining bossiness, and a predecessor to Shiva within Brahma}

Absolute Brahman is larger and older than The Universe.
Ma is the Vacuum around Absolute Brahman Form and Absolute Brahman and Ma are related to many many Beings.

How many beings?

Think of the word Ma and the letters and AB.

Mahakala is an Aspect of Absolute Brahman with the stronger OB and more elite ‘younger’ Shiva along with a bit of OB+OP Senior Big Base.

AB may have been the predecessor to OB.

Neither of these Beings liked Brahma Awakening and set out to insure Their own survival, and this didn’t merely set Creation Reeling it is the other half of the Story of Creation… and where them damn Republicans got all that power from.


Maybe the solution to the opioid crises is in Opium as opposed to the more concentrated or replicated heroine and such.

Needles are a bad thing in the first place and this should be removed as a solution with just opium as the alternative. Opium plus hashish. Brown Bowl.

Move things away from high powered into low potency. Lower and lower potency.

Weened off addiction or weened down to a lesser addicted state.


(read the work on ‘self-sustaining solutions’ and agriculture and then go take a look in the mirror at how much of your stuff is jobs productivity oriented and realize you don’t belong as the solution, the government, or the therapy, mr punitive costly one trick pony and your pta friends)

Shiva is an Effect that happens in Brahma around two new Beings, forms of Brahma and later doing Form stronger than Brahma.

Shiva is like a Vacuum, and there were most likely Two Regions that later joined into One.

This is the OB[The Alpha] and OP(Black Dragon) Regions.

Shiva is Born in relation to Ptah as well, for a lot of Ptah is around in Brahma during that Era.


Shiva can see inside of Brahma better than Brahma, and after some form of Merger there comes about a New Being that is a Combo Being of Brahma, OP, OB, Shiva, and Ptah and this is Supreme Brahma. Supreme Brahma later creates Helios, is the King of Archangels and as well a major part of Jesus.

There is another major Combo Being that is weaker than Supreme Brahma and is related to OP and Shiva and Ptah and this is One and with Supreme Brahma The One, and this is another part of Who Jesus Is


“on The Big Path at The End (a designated and aimed for worked towards (cheated in even!) date that is suppose to be a new beginning as well) it becomes inevitable that Who Is Who be discovered and sorry your Guy doesn’t turn out to be the actual original Original Eternal Being but one descended from or made of… but all gets Told like a Divine Family Tree and Truth must prevail and The History predates The Mystery.”

After Brahma goes into The Ptah Daydream and comes back to being Brahma a whole new evolution ensues of Regions Betwixt that leads to Brahma and Ptah to nearly being done in.

Part of Brahma wanted to be Ptah and these were regions closer to being Ptah to start out with, (and had gained further power when Proto-Ptah awoke before Brahma-Ptah and Brahma and it is also Proto-Ptah within Brahma-Ptah using up Brahma-Ptah and establishing a power region… according to that storyline which is not verified within this one), and part of Brahma was becoming Ptah but part of Brahma also rejected this as too much change began to happen to Original Being. Part of that Original Being that Resisted was later overtaken by the OP Change and got trapped in this during a Brahma Awakening which were happening off an on now.

This Region became ‘Where Proto-Form was First Born’ but later lost to OP as OP did a Form Evolution in Predatory Era and the Era of Grey Brahma which is an OP Line, Original Brahma as OP.

OB, which stands for Original Being as well as Original Brahma (due to the fact of Being a Brahma and Region Of Original Being Resisting Change with Strength) LATER GIVES UP ON THE ORIGINAL BRAHMA AND GOES FOR BEING A NEW BRAHMA,which is GRAY Brahma, not as strong as Grey Brahma, but a lot louder and looks bigger.

This became a Huge Draw on Brahma’s Power as well.

The OB Evolves with God an is The West and White West.

The OP Evolves with Ptah and is The East and Middle-East with The 5 Ancient Titans including Cronus-Kronus, as well as Africa along with Absolute Brahman.

Earth Tales don’t have where Cronus actual comes from a a Line or Family Tree.

Brahma gets Info from Them, but it is as well not always the accurate original, but according to Them is is OP and OB who first Created Cronus and later Wronged Cronus who They had Created by Combining Power into Another, which is later done even larger and related to another Wronged Being, The Usurper (The Titanic Two are ‘attempting to consolidate all Their Powers from Regions They used it up in at the time, during a Titanic Two war and Era of Panic and Extremism relating to The Collapse of Creation and Change of Sentience.

This is The Titanic Two Tales, OP and OB.

There are a few other miscreants about as well, such as Shiva, Helios(Holy, Halo, Hero, Healer… and Sun God and a Form of Brahma, ‘Final Form Brahma’ as well as a Form of Void, Helios Void Lord, and Kin of God ‘The Gold of White and Gold’ with God being The White) and as well Supreme Brahma, your ‘King of Archangels’ and part of your Son of God… and those are just The Good Guys, there are also mean ass bastards and evil that comes along in great size and strength and numbers, including one Mean Ass Bastard named Gray Yang of The OP Senior Line, and perhaps Proto-Ptah as well, and The Stories relate this Being to the one Crated after Cronus and before White Ptah as a Combination, and later The Usurer is Created beyond White Ptah far up into Brahma and as a OB, and OB has much Power that is Trapped in Tyrant MUST STAY HERE TILL THE END {and thus is The Godfather as well as God’s Father, The Alpha, which is kept Separate but in some regions overlaps Tyrant; Absolute Brahma was evolving with OB the whole way through.

… and through it all is another Destiny, Helios Titan-Godking, The Most Elite that Fell Short but Must Succeed, yet up against too much too succeed as, needs help but made enemies of that Help, and stuck on another bad course with Titans of Puritanical Judgement an Elite Paradigms and Past Success.. along with ‘be cool or be an ostracized fool’ group behavioral control, along with the most beautiful of Goddesses and many Mothers of The White Lines and Her Champion and Chosen One.

“there is an Evolution of Separate Forms and Oceanic Whole and these two are not the same but connected”

“due to the nature of what actually evolved there will be a discrepancy in religions about what the ‘ultimate truth or ultimate whole’ is, so don’t get lost in logic trying to figure it out, it doesn’t need to be the actual absolute truth to work, and the actual original truth is Normal, not spiritual or magical or chaos and law, but normal like humans and animals complete with sentience to start out with… there are many special evolutions and We are on a long journey”

“it is important to not try to unify all religions into a workable whole to find the ultimate deity and dedicate it all to that; the deity of the whole is an oceanic evolution that is not a form power evolution as well as being combinations of others including form power beings, but each individual is not the same as the combination and therefor it ultimately doesn’t work.. but never think such a Being doesn’t exist, it just isn’t everything but a specific region”