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Monthly Archives: October 2018

First of all: “when you over-fish a population you dwindle what is breeding”

So when your status quo society is also guilty of destruction to the salmon spawning grounds this does not work out in your favor either, it just shows it wasn’t just the fishermen, who without the spawning grounds thing would have also devastated the population of fish.

1 Human Impact
2 Human Impact
3 Human Impact
4 Global Warming.

Sold as Global Warming and Human Impact on News

You need to move away from Jobs and Economy and into Scientific Plans for Utopian Agrarian Civilization and Mobilization of Masses.

To Protect this must be a Military, so there is one stumbling block less to waste time trying to remove by egalitarian means… the world is simply not evolved enough for true liberalism and peace and love and such.

The Gathering and Movement of Resources is the other Key Log Area. This is the major power base of Working Man and the Vital Area that they fulfill.

Robotic/Automated can do the vast majority of work. Really.

“Statistics show that many people will need to stay working/active/productive even when the work load is no longer there” … NEVER LET THIS GET IN THE WAY OF THE TRUTH OR THE FUTURE OR THE HERE AND NOW.

Wheat and Chaff.

Your Instinct Goes Wrong, Grabs The Whole And Forces The Work. Unneeded Work. Self-Slavery Work. Slave Master Boss. Ancient Mass Conspiracy No Longer Detected. “Control The People With Groups Of Brutes/Bitches”

The Free Place: “A self-sustain haven must be set up for those who can’t work, don’t wish to work, or quite frankly suck at working”

“don’t be a hope-dasher conservative-lite pushing jobs as the answer due to the un-evolved voter base one step away from ‘just a bunch of superstitious dolts with a vote’.”

When you work in their system with their paradigms and up against their hard work ethic you can never really be our leaders and lose all of this credibility in contests. You are in the wrong arena, the jobs and economics arena, an arena that needs to be ‘put in it’s place once and for all!” and this can only happen by Nuclear Armed Cornucopia Utopia.

Air, Water, Food, Clothing, Dwelling Space, Heating/Cooling, Toilet, Bathing… so that when you walk out on your jobs this time you don’t starve, and even easily thrive.

Sustainable Abundance.
Self-Sufficient Systems.
Full Automation.

Maximized Product Longevity.
Logical Legal Right To Non-Owed Living Lands Without Purchase.


Working within the system is doing things your way, and your way doesn’t listen to me, and doesn’t work for Me and is both bogged down and rigged in the first place.

By several Unknown Religious Laws “As of 2012 You Obey Me, oh fearless leaders!”

Instead, Your Organization, part of an Old Titanic Empire, is caught red-handed as an assault on Me extra-dimensionally “clumsily but unstoppably trying to remove My Messiahood by Titanic Invasive Burrowing and Removal of Zone at a Spirit-Self Level of Sentient Form, in an ‘attempt to remove My Ancient Authority’ akin to both divine and titanic but even older.”

My Authority is mostly Brahma and Brahma-Ptah, and it is Real and Ancient, and Messiah is like 4th or 5th at best in Me… I’m more Normal Magical Mundane than Them other Cats(Avatars), but They are Here as well, and Me feels it when You try to Steal My Messiahood, and They are There explaining Why, and They are even closer to Messiah than Me as far as Divine Authority and Titanic Authority.

The Big Path is opposed to the absolute backlash.

It calls much of this the wrongful removing of people’s property.

The solution is not in this backlash against the actual land owner.

The solution is in, and legally forced if necessary, the providing of the land and resources to make a sustainable community. Renewable energy community. All metal will be 100% recycled into other products for as long as it lasts, and we require metal for advanced computer machines, free utilities, and car parts.

All the years people paid rent for someone else’s property get added to the final Utopian land deal, financed by the government. Forcing us to go to schools and jobs and listen to your owned media and their paradigms brainwashing job-enslaved unhappy voter public around us, a large lawsuit that gets thrown into the Utopia land buy, and the government, who enforced this the whole time, gets to foot the bill.

Restitution To Those You Force Your System On, With A Deaf Ear And Blind Eye, And Collective Vote of Stupidity!


The Realism Man was pushing a real conspiracy, a mass conspiracy.

Underpaid and Unhappy and Overpaid and Arrogant is the best you will ever do in your trapezoid system.


Orchestration Of Work And Resources. “WE THE PEOPLE”, not the government, (the rule of the secretly influenced few over the diverse many).

Access To Advanced Production Line Methods. “WE THE PEOPLE”, not the corporations, (the benefit of the few at the expense of the many)

Schematics For Robots, Built By Us Not By Some Scary Greedy Corporation.

We are not going to secede from the country nor give up our vote, but we are not going to play your stupid work game control method either, nor turn a blind eye to those who go on destroying the planet and ignoring the global warming signals for economic reasons.


You Shall Be Treated As Suspects!


but damn you, sir!, They did try!

That this is potentially a dangerous problem and IT IS VISIBLE IN OUR LIFETIMES!!!

The Weather Has Changed So Drastically It Is Visible In Our Life Times!

Man Made Global Warming Contribution Is Also Very Real.


And that “you have your lying heads shoved so far up your asses that it is intolerable to have to go on living under your wrongful leadership, the stench is that high now!!!


Science Is NOT On Your Side.
The FACTS Are NOT On Your Side.

It is something that someone must earn to help someone who cannot. Those people complain, logically, about having to pay extra to support others, yet they go on rote motion supporting the status quo that creates this in the first place… so it unravels as more is examined.

Cornucopia Utopia does not require that for it has the basics covered at ‘we grow in automated abundance, you gather just what is needed, we produce with automated production line’.

Cornucopia Utopia Is Not A System That Can Be Debunked, Landowner Paradigm Pusher. It Is Scientifically Factual. Your System Is Getting Debunked. Unfair, Unnecessary Hardships, Unrealistic Over The Long Haul Without Wrongful Control!

We The People have been far too stymied away from having any real voice in the system that rules over our lives, and governs the way we live.

“If businesses were set up to cover these welfare and disability costs it could be different, and they would need to be in stable important areas, but this is a system that still requires someone to work jobs and work is no longer actually needed when the present technology is properly examined and applied.

You like to work? Good for you, but don’t force a system on us that requires us to work when it is not actually needed, and all just because you like to work and are too stupid, too superstitious, or not creative enough to find the better automated self-sustaining key solutions… or you may end up with a welfare society like the one you are presently complaining about your taxes in”

You Exasperate The Situation By Siting There As Next To Useless Leaders, Being Very Useful In Your Rigged System.

You stole our f**kin g Heritage, and force us to work jobs to survive while things are gong wrong on a larger scale and economics is partly at fault, as well is the rich exploiter who used this time of us being forced to work jobs to survive to push through more environmentally bad jobs and methods.

If we don’t do it your way the jobs dry up and we have no way to survive.

Cornucopia Utopia can, should, and legally must “take that stick out of your corrupt hands real quick”.

One Very Important Wrongful Control Mechanism Removed!

The Advent of Armageddon and The Machine and The Great Awakening to The Extra-Dimensions that We Occupy and can See Within as a Without dating back to Pre-Universal Times and Titanic Dynasties both great and rife with problems…

… now, where was I.

The advent of all this can lead us to being Pushy with Power in an Arena that things have slid off course, have collateral damage, are aimed wrong, and people are uncaring of the consequences to others, or even them selves in many cases.

Astral Bodies do not seem as real in some cases but it is also part of your eternal spirit as opposed to your temporary human body and should not be sacrificed to a larger cause, and as well this can have direct impacts to you and others on earth through the movement of larger things

The Laws of This Universe are mostly paralleled in Other Realms/Dimensions. Creation and Destruction.

Same and Change, and always danger of wrongful change.

Change was stronger than Same, but Same was bigger than Change.

Part of Our Reality is Stabilized as Similar.

Imperishable Soul is only what can be hidden and run away, not something put up against the ravages of evil and strong gone wrong.

These ‘spiritual eternality’ philosophies/concepts are the Forlorn Fantasy of The Weak, The Good, The Spiritual. They were trying to evolve/create this but it was all in Their Heads

Confronting Evil can be a deadly affair.

There is another process that is overcoming the problem without direct confrontation but with macro titanic help.

When we try to take evil on we go out of our safety zone and up against too much too quick and almost always as too small or too weak.

Instead of Defeating Evil you need to defeat It’s Lair…

…but this is in the pragmatic here on earth, as opposed to defeating evil ‘out there’ extra-dimensionally… this larger taking on the problem ran into a drastic situation and is being Halted.

So, pragmatically, taking evil out of the picture and defeating the problem:

Who Controls Our Lives?
Who Makes The Rules?
Who Enforces Those Rules?

Rebellion Is Not The Answer.
Status Quo Is Not The Answer.

“defeating evil’s lair” pragmatically speaking is to simply not allow the type of control, orchestration, and enforcement of corrupted government systems.

Not everyone in the government is bad, but as an institution it ‘socializes’ them away from being human enough for the job in the first place. When you left being ‘the average joe’ you left behind something very important that is secretly more credible than ‘you, the government, and the silenced/stymied truth you break the law ruling over while spewing shill(conservative) or shrill (liberal) rhetoric’

If the people in the governance are too compromised and afraid to actually change the corrupted system back to a human institution then they simply have no right to be there anymore. Your time ran out and you did not come through on the promised change, you tried, failed, and back-talked your way back into the hierarchy of the corrupted system where change never really comes and propaganda still does.

Defeating evil’s lair is simply removing your right to rule over us.

We The People and You The Rulers are just simply no longer logically feasible in an awaking modern world.

Hand open palm speaking bubble talk logo icon. Outline illustration of hand with speaking bubble talk vector illustration for print or web design.

“the evil you do to maintain control over people, and all for a power you do not have a right to, and suck at wielding in the first place when it comes to actually being a hero to be revered in history as opposed to a redacted revisionist history… what a dangerous pathetic sham you are, and it is all interlocked by the corrupted system that prevents you or anyone from wielding that power as a true hero doing true things that are for We The People and not You The Doctrine Pusher”

… an ancient titanic tyrant pseudo-criminal type that entrenched and puts the victim down with strength and authority (and in the past eventual out-lashes of brutality) as a way of dealing with being the wrongful win that maintained power with wrongful might, a tyrant criminal, and not legally being removed from power due to a compromised tyrant majority of in the power area as opposed to the actual voter numbers, of which they can call upon a huge vote as well, and also influence our will, mind, and vote in both subtle and overt ways

When you hate the people you rule over you must be removed from power, that is absolute.