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Monthly Archives: November 2018

“half-russian pollack bastards?!”

Well, that’s what you look and act like, or sort of a regions extrapolation non-adherent to the actual historical facts… we don’t have time to check the facts with an extra-dimensional armageddon and exodus going on at the same time, even at the touch of a finger tips, divine orders is divine orders and we are flying short-sighted and winging it, but we really do have some good wings out here *ahem*

In this environment that stuff brings backlash after backlash, and this just by thinking along those lines, which is also hooked up at different levels to different things and beings and people, and actually engages in actions along those lines, so it is an active engagement, and not always the people you think you are dealing with, it can be just about anyone playing the role at certain levels.

“The Big Path will have every one of you CIA bastards out playing Russian Revolution and loving it, as if America didn’t even exist, and due to powers and crossovers it doesn’t exist or exist yet, but most importantly things must be played out separately without the stoppage of loyalty tests, we become the quire and sing the tune feeling the moment completely. One day the song is Russian Revolution, and another day it is Ancient Christian Revival, or American Patriot, etc. ‘Do you hear the drums, Fernando?’.”

In order to cope with this The Big Path uses some other method macro, and it is a big simple change, a big place for military titans who feel discomfort in His Holy Presence, and a real Place that is Evolved by and for ‘The Titans’ who are part of The Church but as well have a Duty to Normality and Mundane.

“for didst thou not know that normality predates elite and normality as well predates high spiritual, e-light, and these things are the evolution of form and sentience and energy, but all along there was another line that was even stronger but not as intelligent or handsome or dazzling nor as quick…”

A lot of what My Success is is actually Your Success, and I am but a Spigot at the time for Us, but at the same time They are doing things so it coincides with Me.

Co-Insides with Me.

Co-Insides of Me is more accurate. They coincide with Me though, are separate Being from Me, have a common heritage that I am more of the original than they but it still doesn’t pan out, and They are more of ‘The Parents of Creation than Me is’

The Titanic Two
The Three Titans
The 5 Ancient Titans
Just about every tom, dick, and harry that comes along these days, for part of Me is not only destiny it is also a large weak oceanic Being with others made out of, or at the least their divine thrones or titans thrones are made out of or within Me, the largest and formerly 2nd largest Beings ever to have existed, but not the strongest.

“for only Titans can take on Titan Problems, and therefore I am ‘The winner and still chump instead of the Winner and still Champ’, it takes Them to achieve the stuff non-flashy and advanced theoretical… with a bit of extra-massive, ancient eternal young man, astral magi past evolution, and touch of messiah aura hidden in the folds, and from guess Whose Throne within Me *ahem*”

United Soviet Socialist Republic


Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Russia

Learn what I learned from Tienanmen Square: “tyrants of this magnitude will be avoided when it comes to the stiff solutions we all secretly prefer, aka “I’m gonna kick your ass, I’m gonna kick your ass with our military, we’re gonna kick your ass”

When it comes to the final solution America is not ready to start a full scale nuclear war with Russia, no matter how much we would love to militarily engage them thieving tyrant bastards. Had it not been for the bomb then perhaps America and the UN would be going to war with Russia just for the Ukraine, not over the Ukraine but for the Ukraine… there is a significant difference there despite our our nuclear tyrant similarities. Don’t bait the bull on a global stage, it isn’t us with our tails tucked between our legs it is us making a very rational global decision not to engage a massively multi nuclear armed cornered rat despite our shrewish demeanor.

This is “of the line of God”

“though there are of course other voids and black is indeed the color… well, while not all black voids are evil but most are still dangerous so it is almost the same thing, though don’t get that confused with Great Om who evolved with OP Patah and is of the cute as well, and a bit more tough guy, like Snuffy Smith.”

“That thing out there, beyond the atmosphere of earth, well some would call that a sin, not a void. Just you remember that, ya hear?!”

Finite. “the foundation of/for The Material Plane”

Finite. “a conspiracy against Brahma to use up ‘the body of existence’ and to grow in size as new beings made of the same, with a predatory advantage and a super strong advantage, and a transference of power forced. Infinity challenges Original Eternal Being. The Proto-Universes as well are being used for this endeavor”

But if you went back thousands of years ago you would find that the water and air are at purity levels that smash your modern records.

This is the planet that you people contaminated with sprawling civilization and governing body ignorance of and then bad management of; and as well by capitalism and big business who ignored and stymied the direct complaints about the pollution in the air and the pollution in the water.

“so, while it is good to be positive and get a well deserved congratulations for cleaning up the place as well as you have the job is not only not finished we cannot turn our back on you for a second due to the previously stated facts of our actual history you want to revision for political purposes.”

The Advancement of Evolution of Styles saw “Void and Non-existences and Recessed and Faintly Present and Pushed Away and Numb to the point of “no longer there”

This is what The Modern Universe is made of.

So, on some deep deep deep deep level the sun is sentient but not the way we think of it.

Is the universe dreaming?

In some ways this is similar to the sate of things this universe is made of, but it is sub sub sub sub sentient, so it isn’t really there the way you want it to be.

Things are set in a specific style and trapped that way. This is part of a ‘Stable Realm’.

Lets take you back quite a few ages to before The Big Bang to The Dawn of Creation.

First of all Brahma has always exited, has always been sentient, and is very similar to human norm as sentient, you have come back to norm by evolution and elasticity as well as divine planning to get us back to some advanced states and and out of advanced messes within Creation. Normal evolves into Mind Being and Magic, and Spirituality happens Between by Evolution of Vacuums and Voids and Intrinsic Natures, and Evolution of Oceanic(Formless) and Pillars[Form].

The Daydream:

Brahma Original Eternal Infinite Being
Brahma-Ptah Contemplative Stage
Proto-Ptah Trance-like Stage
Ptah Daydream

The Awaking:

Brahma Original Eternal Infinite Being
Original Being Alpha Gray God
Absolute Brahman
Dwindled Ptah

“What works in the universe of Ptah does not always work in Linear Space, and therefore the Ptah promise was a bit of the Pied Piper routine, but at the same time the workaholic titans and control scheme had gone so far off course it wasn’t realism but forced work routine and self-slavery instead of the few basic easy things needed to be set in motion to sustain food and water and shelter and clothing and such.

This is from Original History of Creation:

Original Being Brahma
-Stages of Brahma into Ptah (and parts of Brahma slipping into change)
—Ptah Daydream Mind Being

Original Being Brahma –> Original Universe
–> Ptah Stabilizers –> Proto-Universes –> Linear Space
Ptah Daydream Being –> Sacred Geometry Magic Universe

The Universe is similar to the chaff of something used to create something else, but the chaff was a state searched for by Deity who had come from ‘only sentient infinity exists’

The Universe is an experiment of such things, and there are older universe where the sun is more sentient than the stars here in linear space and the universe is dreaming, and these are as well in Proto Universes that are between the Original Universe and The Modern Universe, of which evolved before, evolved concurrently, evolved after, the modern universe aka linear space universe.

These can be part of the original Big Path experience and have a big influence on us assuming the sun here is sentient as well.

Form Creation is the Predecessor to Stars.
The Beings were Condensing Down Upon Themselves gaining Form, and Remaking Themselves In Other Forms.

With Forms come Vacuums and Voids, from the stuff that got used up.

“The Dreaming God is larger on the outskirts and older than Linear Space Universe… so, gotta pay tribute to them Renaissance Fair types after all, mr hard-nosed science fact realist.”

This is part of how you ‘tag’ things for the big riling up the base without full facts.

“Those people needed to get weeded out, they have taken things off course from the original intent too often.”