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Monthly Archives: December 2018

That is why that much territory is covered, as well as a big fib is told about the same covering that much territory, but Something or Someone does cover that territory.

Part of that Something is The Big Path and The Church, both of which are Extra-Dimensional Platforms of Titanic Reality and Missions.

This is like Realm Beings.

“welcome to the real Mount Olympus, earther”

“The Kingforce summons back to Itself parts of Itself and parts of Itself evolved within Kindred Beings and Things, the Lines of Relative Evolution. Things made of or attached to The Kingforce will automatically be brought allong with the summoning back, often including a like mindedness of the people involved, and internal instinct.

The Kingforce is also Intrinsic, from an earlier evolution and combination of all things at the time, and later from a rescue and healing and addition to eternally light, lighten the burdens of, and enlighten.

The Kings Things are Items that are made of The King and only The King is suppose to wield them, or resonate to them properly or be accepted by them, all of which got overridden in places by an titanic invasive overload and puppet show of the trapped invaded King and Kingforce.

This is of course not linear space organic bodies but astral and ethereal bodies and part of what inhabits the human body. The King must be Strong to wield the Kingforce properly and fully. Thee were originally limitations set in place that the King must be Strong and True and Just to be The True King and Wield The Kingforce Eternally.

This too got invaded and usurped by the stronger titanic”

Though there are other lines of Titan Kings it is the Titan-God Line of Helios and Supreme Brahma that is the most Destined and The Original as well. Supreme Brahma is a major Being that is overcoming Titanic Problems with eh help of The Titanic Two. Helios is a Form of Supreme Brahma even more elite but not as big.

Helios is a Form of Supreme Brahma that predates The Sun but was similar and gave the idea for Stars to The Creator of The Universe called Linear Space or Mundane…. that’s right, humans, here.

The Golden Crown and Golden Halo both denote Helios.

The True Helios is also Thor with Titan Combo

This is another SB-H {Supreme Brahma-Helios} in a Combo with Usurper and Unsurper and OB-Cronus, and White Ptah.

This also is intertwined with Atlantis, an ancient magical civilization in Astral and Ethereal Planes and relative groups of the same here on earth, where magic doesn’t work.

The Titans-Gods are an in between state, The Goldy Lock Zone, with the Gods being too weak but very elite and the Titans being too strong and slow and stupid and in an angry or evil state due to the Collapse of Creation and this being and Invasion of Gods and Titans that is also a Solidification that is like unto a Star Gaining Form. There is a Common Ancestry that the Universe and Stars have with The Titans and Gods, and this is For Creation Era.

The Big Invaded Combo Region, Massively Strong, was being used up by The Original Constituent Parts.

This is all the same Collapse of Creation that really happened.

“God is not the only Game in Town and God built Christianity all over The Greek and it changed it too much and lost some of it’s powerful magic, and The Greeks Gods are displeased.”

These are Real Realms and Power Bases, and Real Beings, separate and sometimes bigger than the actual Being: God

Who started out as a Void attaining Form.

This is not just the story of The Greek Gods and Titans Wars but instead is also part of The Hidden Story of White People that God and Jesus are also a part of.

“God is Intentionally Guiding Random Evolution” scientifically speaking

Though it isn’t just God nor did God invent/create the method used, but God is a Big Wig and a Poster Boy in this Endeavor .

The Divine Planning Dept.

‘Hidden Codes in Languages and such.’

Not just that actually, Their Theory is that The Spirit Effects The Genetics and part of the effect genetics is passed down to others.

What They were seeing was in another Dimension where this happens more directly, and then seeing parts of Themselves incarnated among the races, mistaking this for a passed on gene change instead of a spirit occupying the body. But there may be an actual effect and even specialist groups related to things and processes capable of ‘brightening the genes’ or even mutation. Stuff like this is shut down so too many advancements don’t happen, due to past problems with too many advancements.

Like a Time of Mutation and no doubt part of the hidden story behind Mutation and Diversity and Effectiveness that led to the advanced and complex creatures of earth.

By Intent. Over Long Periods of Time. With Limitations. ‘The Specialized Spirits Effect The Bodies Incarnated In.’

Things like Instincts were co-evolved by a larger Sentience who is also part of the Spirit Incarnating (humans are one person and more than one person at the same time), and there may be a Gaia that it is all encoded into to make it automatic. This is usually dealing with the same form Creation and Collapse of Creation and Survival Methods, of which The Predatory was too strong and not declared illegal enough time and has caused massive amounts of destruction to the weaker beings of whom God is in charge.

and God doeth dispassionately dislike vines and snakes for what they do unto others in these and other Dimensions or Realms”

{Realms are smaller and more magical than Dimensions but not as strong, technically speaking using filtration code language. Just because they are not as strong as linear space or The Universe does not mean they are not real places with real beings.}

When I was born Pearl Harbor and WW2 were ‘an event that happened 20 years or so ago, and shaped the future of the world’.

I retrospect it is a bit awe inspiring, and we certainly grew up on war movies, at the relatives at least.

When I was born the Vietnam War and ‘the hippie movement’ were events that was happening right then.

And The Communist Father’s Bust?

Well, not only does Cornucopia Utopia share several important letters with Communism it’s not My fault that I had to come along and fix their mistakes, the things they had gotten wrong as a prime focus.

Just like with the revolutions and later the spread of communism all of those years ago, like dominoes one by one their systems toppled but their leaders and governments did not, and all done in a revolution without war in a universal realization by the rich and the poor.

“now that kid knows how to write reality!”

What you are calling ‘Corruption’ is not what we would call ‘corruption’ it would need a stronger terminology.

Corruption is not murder squads, it’s stealing tax money , cheating the vote, and corporate rule and stuff.

… you poor bastards.

“God Bless America”

“I still win the argument, Lefty, beyond the hit squad stuff, for you can de-feul part of the problem with Cornucopia Utopia with food abundance and ease of life as well as distract the situation with it and maybe even gain support among your adversaries as the country switches paradigm track to something both a bit futuristic and back to a happier earlier time that went missing with the onslaught of jobs creation and economics competition and and the acquiring of goods. The more people who are not preoccupied with these things the more people you have that have time to support your causes, including policing the situation with the populace or with mass support and determination as a nation of people. “

That is God’s Perspective

“Pagan Gods are ‘some rat bastards made of Me and Titans in some form of advanced Combination trying to use Me up or become Me”

That is the Brahma Perspective

“The True Gods are not God and are larger than Him and part of an accidental assault on God and New Reality from a larger Titanic Platform”

The True Gods are suppose to be 100% supporting God in His Divine Endeavor.

One of The True Gods is of course Jesus, of The Line of Supreme Brahma and OP BP SB Ptah and The One.

The The Lord God is also one of The True Gods but relative to this Reality Template Writing right now ‘The True Gods are of The Supreme Brahma and Helios Line’, and Lugh is more likely one of those in question. Godly Kin of Jesus and part of The Church Support in extra-dimensions and on earth.

OB Proto Form -> The Alpha -> God’s Throne
Vacuum -> (Goddess) -> God
Form -> (Me, Form Brahma) -> Eden Hole, Gods Throne
Void -> Original God
Final Form -> Helios -> Golden Halo

That is Regional Evolution into New Being. God is Evolving Up in Size and Form from Om Void. Eden Hole is created for Om Void to Merge with Goddess. Original God is Void Condensing On Itself, it is where The Sphere was first born. This predates the modern Universe as well.

That is part of a Reality Platform that was Stabilized.

The Writing Needs to Be Isolated. This is part of Defensive Posture against Overload of Too Much and Too Many and Collision of Selves.

“One Being Originally Existed and They Fought Me with as many new Beings and Things that Existed. that They could, but it ws never the full amount just a comprised grouping of the whole in different regions… They also Played The Role of Me during these endeavors, but some are Other Forms of Brahma playing the role of Me, Brahma, and They were smaller and stronger and Me got used up quite a bit, but part of me was evolving down into the smaller and baby states through mergers with Om Void and Baby Ptah-Om and as well Baby Brahma, and as well Me is actually a Combo of Brahma and Brahma-Ptah and Others forced to play put the role of Brahma as Brahma is in danger and me more expendable. Me was quicker and smarte but never The Whole of Brahma, a lot of which got Used Up In Brahma-Heads that are stronger than Me.”

This directly relates to both God’s Tale and My Mental Disability

Sentience Predates Non-Sentience

“though The Church may not have had all the actual answers it Does have a Connection to An Older Universe, The Original Universe.

The Mission has been in part doing New Reality, which is a Remake of Creation or in actuality it is ‘Creation’ (as a trademarked Word with Filtration relative to The West). Creation relative to God is made of The Original Universe but as well is part of New Reality).

The Universe was Created, I mean Invented, by Shiva in a Combo State, and has also bee doing new reality history as well though that Word “New Reality” is a trademarked Word for God and Supreme Brahma and The Church Titans.

These are Colors that were Selected and added to our Forms.

The One Color that may not have been selected is Clear and may have been the natural evolution of Voids.

Brahma is Red
Shiva is Blue
God is White, Vishnu is White and Yellow
Helios is Gold.

If you went out into part of Creation you would see these Beings with these Coloration.

This is not the original colors though and was done after this Universe, The Modern Universe was Created… We shall say ‘Invented’ instead to not tax out our scientist friends.

Part of New Reality is a Reinvention of Ourselves, and with this comes a History Concocted of “why the sky is blue, the blood is red, the clouds are white’.

“At this point it is forbidden to find out the actual original colors due to an assault on realities from the older larger Platform as it expands out beyond them. The Conversation is Hoked Up to Active effects and The Actual Realities Spoken of…. pretty cool huh? NOT!!!”