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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Using ones might and prestige to try to achieve good by forcing a potentially dangerous nation to disarm nuclear capacity is a bold move. Hubris. Modern world hubris. A nation backed by China and Russia has a couple of semi-tyrants to fall back on.

So let us get to the heart of the next problem: ‘Normalizing relations with dictatorships or human rights abusers enables them and loses leverage’.

Though sanctions are a very good idea you are also in an arena where too much power has been consolidated and backed by military and or civilian we are on bad terms with.

You are losing a ‘friendly’ status at the same time though, ears are now more closed to you.

When you do not allow the rat an avenue of escape you are relying on a mass protests or rebellion in many cases.

Reforming the dictator is a very hard task but needs to be put back on the table, instead of trying to be the world police.

“for even in the 11th hour”

Where did The Gods get Their Power from? Form is the Power, it is a Condensed Ball of Original that is Stronger.

“The Original Being is Evolving Within and Does Not Want To Change Too Much Original Being for Creation. This is one of the Limitations and one of the reasons for Armageddon (as a forced transference was invented and evolved by Titanic Powerheads of Titanic Form Pillar Power attached to Original Being and capable of using up and thus growing in size and strength to do even more damage with forced transference)”

Stuff started out larger and is evolving smaller. Form Condensing Era. ‘The smaller the ball the stronger it got’. There is also a vacuum or void around the form ball, so stuff into the smaller is also evolution into weaker as well as stronger. Soft and Hard.

As well many Beings that come from the older Eras have a larger size by the nature of the region they are from, though this does not automatically play out to size in human reincarnation cycle set up for linear space, nor are the ‘normals/mortals’ in most/many/all cases made of things any different from the Gods and Titans were (though they are smaller and built differently and as well out of stuff that had been mixed differently, was the chaff, replicant, or aberration), and part of what they are created of is Original Being or Old Ones aka Original Creation.

“This is The Foundation of The Gods and The Titans”

The Tales of The Gods are also Tall Tales and things do not pan out the way They Stated, but there is a major Truth going on here despite what science and equality would assume; and there are limitations to Their Powers and ability to influence Linear Space.

There are actual Laws that Prohibit extensions of or incursions into Linear Space and other Realms. There are Entities that help police This. There are also Titanic Universal Laws that are a form of Universal Build, a ‘Super Strong Form’, that helps prohibit this as well by the very nature of the stuff.

There are also Specialized Builds and Different Realities, such as Ptah Daydream and Shiva Strong Vacuum and Brahma Original and Form Brahma and Titanic Strong Them with Gray Brahma

“The Power of The Gods was gotten in a similar way to Star Formation. This is a kindred force but is in a Non-Sentient Universe. It is a more extreme place than The Gods and has different things going on in it than the older sentient stuff from a bigger lesser Universe, that is of a different build and more magical and extends farther back in time and space. On what one would call a spirit level we, the being who incarnates and is us, co-habitate in Regions and Realms overlapping some of this Older Era stuff, lending the myth more credence for though it does not exist on earth it is part of the foundation of older reality not seen from earth.”

The Universe comes about after an Era of Creating and Non-Sentience or Sub-Sentience is sought for as a Foundation for Realms, to allow privacy and sanity for both the dweller and the Realm Being, now former Realm Being. “the Realm Being had too much of an ability to effect the dwellers of the realm, too much a potential danger or too much of a potential to be exploited, and all along was the possibility of the Realm Being being Invaded by Evil… so all along They were moving away from Realm Beings and therefor ‘the gods and titans’ as well, Who had also set up shop in Realms as both savior-guest and usurper, the New Deal after Realm Beings. They sometimes may have been partly made of the Realm Being in a New Combination as was going on in this Era of Growth and Change, a Latter Days Era, but as well were often times at odds with the former Realm Beings, and this is the original of The Old Powers or The Old Gods thing. {Brahma is a precursor to even that of such a thing and sometimes worked with The Old Powers and often times with The Realm Beings, for Brahma is The Original Realm Being and Outer Creation is part of Brahma’s Realm just as Inner Creation is part of God’s Realm}

The Void and Vacuum around Form is a natural place with space to move about in. When this is all used up, aka Zero or Space, there is no Realm Being, but It is still part of the Ground and it could also possible speak all the way through the Realm of emptiness from ancient massive size and power still existent beyond the Realm.

The Non-Living Realm is what They worked with next, and this was as well the sub sub sub sentient worked until it was non-sentient. Void and Space may have been part of the endeavor as well using some kind of combo merger initially to change the basic nature.

Distance Away From and Titanic Strong and Numbness are all part of the Mundane Mountain.

“as if part of Infinite pushed itself towards Finite with an Intent or Urge to Become Mundane for Realm Building”

Non-Sentient Universal Foundation.

There are two reasons people are staging a coup against you, and first for all lets state that this was closer to a Sit-In than a Coup, protest clashes aside, though I am not privy to the full extent of USA involvement in undisclosed activities, you can throw this in the privvy in the first place when we get to point #2.

Reason #1 is that they are capitalist expansionists trying to install a puppet government and plunder your countries resources or get cheap labor as well as a future ‘protectorate’ colony. Sadly not just propaganda of the left but an actual real thing to be avidly fought, and you even have allies in this struggle right here in America, not all are of the left even.

So let us get to Reason # 2, which is your leadership style, what you are and are not actually achieving as the leader, being viewed as a dictator in a way that Chavez was not, and he was already straight up blowing it, in spite of the big popularity. Your list of ‘supportive nations’ looks more like a ‘usual suspects’ list who use the same well practiced propaganda lie that in the end is just a dictatorial shut down and reactionary wrongful/violent clampdown of the people to get them to stop in their pursuit of truth and justice.

Reason # 2: Suspicion of trying to consolidate powers into a dictatorship and theft of money meant for your nation’s people. “This is the f**kin’ modern world, buddy!” That is not only outdated it is soon seen through by the modern man, and then you are just another right wing fascist with a leftist label who stymies and controls the same as the Republicans you accuse in America, but they are more reigned in than you, they have more legal limitation and are being constantly fought in spite of the greater expansionist ability of being the Modern Roman Empire and far more of a major threat than you to the global environment of nature as well as freedom.

The very first piece of legislation you should enact is an End To Government Shutdown’s Effect On The Basic Government Employee.

“this has slightly brought a potential of danger to us and needs to be declared illegal”

The Politician is the ‘non-essential part of government’ and THEY can work for free or stay home, during the shutdown showdown.

“The Wall is a slight deterrent and big message deterrent to illegal immigration: No Vacancy! This ain’t our forefather’s world anymore, wish it was and all, but let us grow up and be real for a change, the population level and personality is too different from the forefather’s and their era”

{I’m not personally hooked up on the wall, but I do understand their point, and they are hard working people that hugely help pay the taxes that help feed the poor and if this is their Folly, well, it is one worth a try… nothing is getting done about that problem, it is keeping them up at night, and the wall is a good basic start.}

Self-Sufficiency and thus Individualism is all but gone, and Self-Enslaved is what Working Man Overcometh is now at, as they sit in seat after seat after seat of Governmental Powers that THEY DO NOT BELONG IN, Had NO Rights To Be There As The Very Clever But Less Intelligent Less Truthful Being Who Are Being Pushy And Stymieing, Unable To Fully Listen Anymore Due To Their Titanic Tyrant Authority Problem.

(And Attempts to Privatize The Government And Thus Making Mammon’s Mammoth Monetary Monarchy Real)

… you are definitely still on the socio-path with that stuff

{advice socio: grow tons of food for your people, make it easy for them to grow for themselves, which means more greenhouses and seeds and starts, and water collection. Set out to purify as much water as you can. Invest in and try to manufacture renewable energy technology which will help with grow lights and water pumps as well as cooling and heating and tv/radio, help the people help themselves with an aim at maximum sustained off-the-grid instead of paid utilities to fund it.


They will build it and maintain it for themselves, they just need the starter-kit and the knowledge. Grow bamboo as a building resource. Start a volunteer people’s army that isn’t paid but is sponsored. Keep a few key factories around for the normal monetary thing, but for the most part say goodbye to a need for jobs. Freedom!

“Your ancestors didn’t have jobs, nor need jobs, they just needed the food and water and medicine and clothing. They got shystered by the wise wicked of the white west, and there you are out here blindly selling the shyster you inherited under the guise of ‘normal and progress’, and it actually amounts to self-slavery, loss of cultural integrity, and the poisoning and destruction of the beautiful more oxygen-rich environment we once lived in, that existed here for millions of years in a stable state.”}

You are the reason for a lot of suicide . You have caused a hopelessness that isn’t properly defined or discussed.

You are a reason for the ‘imbalance of rich and poor’ in a system of working man and alleged equality. Working man is your thing in the first place, not to be used as the non-negotiable definitive. Thinking Man Overcometh is The Code You Usurped, and did not come through on, you just made more work with.

Utopia is His Society that You are Illegally In Contempt of, while you are screwing up the planet for money and jobs, and not fixing it properly, but instead shutting it aside, stymieing the discussion, browbeating the voice of reason.

“the animals don’t work jobs, and neither did we for the vast majority of human evolution, for the vast majority of evolution itself!”

You are the reason for a lot of dissent and rebellion, due to the fact you took away our freedom, and forced us to live your system and work your jobs.

Big Responsibility is your other trademark, and though you are good at the utilitarian level of this you suck at it over all and the rest of pay the price and are stymied and browbeaten into silence.

“addicted to the physical and emotional high over overcoming through hard work or combat, and addicted to the tyranny of dictating the terms”

{addicted to the responsibility, and their group of like minded people looking up to them, praising them, while others want to throw rotten tomatoes at them as a more truthful expression of what they really are, behind the propaganda they spew on their owned media outlets, and through their societal structure of schools, pta, and chamber of commerce.}

There! They, Working Man Overcometh, Have Browbeat The Truth Into Silence.

Mammon’s Mammoth Monetary Monarchy may not be the technical facts, but it is the apparent effect.