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Monthly Archives: February 2019

And I don’t need to flee anymore, because… “I can read your mind listening to you, I can read your mind looking at you, I can read your mind fully knowing you”.

Epiphany Hour Sunday would tell you “that’s why there is a King-FM, to help bring things back to peace”

Classical Music Therapy and all. Thank White Law Ptah and Kronos it still works, and thank God as well.

{listener supported means they need our help to stay on the airwaves instead of the gov payroll(the good old days) or advertising(the usual suspects)}

“and since I’m on the gov doldrums right now you pick up the tab and help a worthy cause, eh?”

It ain’t just Me and ME and ‘Me’ and He and Himself.

We is Goddesses with Shiva oriented and Us is OB Usurper Titanic Secular ‘Grand Stand’.

Group Oriented, and apparently Established in a Larger Oceanic with Us having also a more Groundic Oceanic build.

Me is more of a Grand Central Creation Area filled by Others. (add phone operators, librarians, and train station to get a better imagery, though it is all extra-dimensional and conduits and such, the like-untoness, intentionally done, is just too much to ignore

And One of The Best That’s Ever Been!

B BP P bp (!o!) perfect jiva ganesha (with a jr he crown and a senior emperor root)

True Investigation is done, by We The Person from point-source of problem to all the way up and down the information chain, and historical stuff leading up to, including the responses of both sides to the problem and the accusations.

When You Are Running The World, and are secretly very unpopular in just about every nation across the globe, the Onus(own us) is ALWAYS going to be upon you. And the Trust is seldom actually there, it is a forced smile routine, or a propaganda threat routine whipping them along the path to happily obedient

Knowing already, like a premeditated crime, that people have no way to actually properly investigate.

{from point-source of problem to all the way up and down the information chain, and historical stuff leading up to}

And a cleverly prepared statement for if you get busted.

(What you have been calling Realism is just You Forcing Your Society On Everyone and Ignoring The Truth with A Group Rejection Done By The Powerful Entrenched In Coned Power Institutions and Ye Working Man (who was forced to sell their souls, figuratively speaking, to get a job and pay rent, effectively silencing the rest of the truth. ‘Been There, Done That, ain’t looking for retribution, just looking for a workable solution not skewed toward the liberal estimate of the conservative side, aka no safety net’)}

“How The Titans set out to discredit a 2012 Messiah, thinking Me, like He, would be relying on prophecy, morality, purity, spirituality, accuracy, and several other big sounding words”

mr shill news dude

“how the right, who were the major polluters and very weak legally when it comes to global warming, used global warming that they denied they were major contributors to, as front to cover as many of there other crimes done to the environment and species of the world… “


“and all you have to do is be the shareholders and media outlet owner, and you can cleverly orchestrate the whole thing, and if you keep the rhetoric left they will never know it is a trap set by the right”

You are the ones who are going to be held responsible.

You people are running the world wrong.

“and you will be held accountable for it”

SOOOO, Enjoy Your 30 pieces of Silver being an unwitting Shill for the Devil!

The Earth Abhors You! Titans!

You are not telling “over-fishing for decades including illegally breaking the maximum quota allowed”.

Would an abundance of fish, now gone missing, need to spread out more to prevent crowding and competing for food, thus naturally souping out into other waters?

You are also not going to do anything to save the whales.

“by the laws of the lands of North America the endangered species protections makes it a requirement to save the whales; by the laws of reason you people have had fair warning and did not initiate a workable solution and cannot be allowed to go on orchestration things”

You are not turning out to be news you are turning out to be falsified history so your friends don’t have to pay for what they done, and it can go on being business as usual.

“I’m beginning to very much mistrust your facts! They seem to be economic driven which means you are even less likely to be the truth that the liberals who overstate things”.

You are also devoid of facts by portraying Global Warming as not something that humans have caused as well.

“for years people have complained about your pollution but instead of doing something about it you populated the politics and airwaves with shill as well as developing your own scientists and professionals to muddy the waters of truth on the information highway; and now you are collecting, collectively using your lie to stave off the financial disaster you earned by not listening to the people who complained about pollution and got stymied and shut down by big gov economics”

Conservatives with liberal estimates and Liberals with conservative estimates.

An arena that wasn’t 1+1 = 2, and estimates were little more than a guessing game.

Human Impact

Human Impact

Human Impact

Global Warming is at best “a Global Trend, made noticeably worse by Human Impact”

The bottom line seems to be that you think that Global Warming is the reason for the problems and therefore we don’t have to do anything, or beyond a failed token gesture, to help Save The Whales. And that we should all shut up, obey the compromised by corporations government, and go back to work, instead of finally holding those responsible for these major problems responsible, and that means you as well at this late stage, shills.

“when you stymie the solution on a major problem it prolongs or worsens the problem, and you are breaking the law!”