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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Sounds like Cornucopia Utopia is a Global Warming Alarmist’s wet dream come true.

What will you do with your free time? Well, ‘Save The Whales’ of course!

and the Rain Forests.

and the Old Growth Lands

and the Old Buildings

and the Dolphins

and the Lions and Tigers and Bears

… and your soul (and/or sanity)

We only speak American out here, it’s a form of English spoken by Americans and Canadians that is not necessarily conversationally interactive with English spoken in the UK.

Though Original Reality is Normal there is an actual Specific Evolution of Form and Sentient Ocean and Sentient Light and Intrinsic Nature and Divine Assistance that actually Exists.

“spirituality is a form of magic and form of superior philosophy and regime of training and code of conduct that stems from ancient discoveries of ancient evolution in other realms, and things are geared towards this within sentience and the human experience”

Just as there are stars and nebula and void and black holes as different forms of reality there are also Different State of Being.

The Universe is, well, as you say, Modern. There is a whole bunch of Normal that Predates this Modern Universe, and something that strongly resembles and is the direct thing that Human Sentience comes from. The Animals of Earth just like The Universe are actually younger (but stronger) than Original Sentient Being which is mostly Normal.

Smaller Stronger Regions were more Warlike and Predatory and They kpt Winning, and it was a Spread Of Effect Taking Over Older Being And Therefore Reality.

Humans are like Ancient Guides of The Process as far as Mission and Sentience Style, just like one would think of in Religion and Spirituality.

Some Humans are actually more intelligent than Original Being, and this is because of Mind Evolution.

Titans and Gods are also Real, this is stuff from Older evolution in Older Regios not part of Linear Space.

Humans are more than just the mortal man they are made out to be, bits and pieces of all those ancient beings all the way back to Original Being are part of the mix of what humans are made of, and there are differing states and levels of height and brilliance (or lows and amorality as well.. the strong wrong that won and survived, and this is also their tale and you planet-destroying warlike meat-eating fools are also Their descendants).

A Big Divine Intelligence really does exist. The Ancient Evolution of All and Everything has Regions of Big Divine Intelligence.

There is a slight catch though.

The Big Divine Intelligence is not The Original Eternal Infinite Being.

All Knowing All Powerful is not the actual statistics.

Vastly Knowing and Intrinsic and in part a Collective within an Oceanic Being is part of Big Divine Intelligence.

“All Powerful and All Knowing and Everywhere has not really existed since The Dawn of Creation, which starts as a separation into different states of being. The Original Being retained the ‘all powerful’ (done as the single strongest) part for quite some time but later lost to other newer forms of Original Being that had evolved into Strong.

The automatic ‘all knowing’ part vanished at the onset as the different States of Being evolved Individually and the less strong mind/daydream being rapidly out-evolved the stronger original being. Early on there was a limited amount of things to know or beings to know and this allowed for a learned all knowing but that disappeared as too much went on too quickly, and Too Much Merger was a Usurpation of Someone Else’s Self.

Mergers allowed one Being to scan and know what the other one did (or it was automatic, and this depended on the amounts involved and the style of beings involved and how much original self one lost to becoming a new being), which is the other way that was being done to learn everything.

Brahma and Ptah are Events that Predate the Big Divine Intelligence and The Universe as well. Ptah has a lot more mystery than Brahma but is not the actual Original Being. Ptah is more creative than Brahma as well but some of it is not as strong of a reality and could not exist in a Brahma Original Reality, for Ptah is A Mind Being (larger at the outreaches and older than Big Divine Intelligence, and a Precursor though not as Bright).

Brahma Original Reality is very similar to Material Plane and Mundane, but there is a bit more of a magic to it than that, and with Co-Evolution there is a lot more magic in it than that.

“Big Divine Intelligence does not exist in The Beginning, does not exist in Ptah Daydream, does not exist in Brahma Form Journey. This is where God’s Birth is and the next stage is Combo Beings (5AT), and this is where Big Divine Intelligence (as you know it and have contacted) starts out as, with the likes of God, Goddess, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Etc”

Part of what Armageddon is deals with finally changing this institution.

{a lot of what I experience in my disability is a fight between these old forces, and They won’t let Me back down, and are Puppeteer while Me is Howdy Doody. It is more than just puppeteer it is also propped up, in a deeply debilitated state but propped up and amplified by Others}

This is written in response to your ‘request’ that I ‘get a life!’, which sadly I will not be able to do, no matter how good the advice. {I can also technically tell you that is a tactic by titans, and I have undergone this for ages and the attitude covers an ancient crime against Me as well and this was how the guilty party dealt with the situation that they wrongfully control… but I have found that the meek path is surviving things better than the rebel path and it is no wonder they were projected to inherit the earth}

Dimension Dementia

I never was hoaxing this, not faking the disability either, and this is a Showdown and I am (sometimes unwillingly) Proxy for this, and the reason is deals with Who I Was or Am(Ancient Macro), and this deals with The Story of Brahma and Ptah. This is a Me thing, not a He thing, but is also a She thing. There were two overlapping Stories going on and one was Older and The Original but not The Prophecy.

What I am undergoing is an Extra-Dimensional Assault, it is both psychologically and physically debilitating, but a lucid person undergoing phase-vision and extra-dimensional actions influencing human body. There is an intentional buoyancy provided by Them to help endure through bad experiences that are undergone most of the day and on most days, terrible things happened from a Collapse of Reality and an Inability To Protect The Weak In Smaller Regions as a Coned Power Effect Went Rogue In Predatory Era.

“a Being that is like a Realm going on inside that is other sentient beings”

The government is still far too out of touch with the rest of reality of the normal person to be a viable body for needed change. So far out of touch that some part of you knows this, and this is due to the stuff you think about and do behind closed doors that is so out of touch with the average person that no one would logically or legally support it as government.

All you ever get in the end is the same system with a similar set of leaders, that is what replaces the impeached president.

There is not real hope, no real change, no rainbow at the end of the yellow brick road.

The change you are seeking is something different and even overthrowing corrupt governments does not insure it. It is once again just going to put another variation of the same problem back into power, perhaps with a grace period.

The basic life you live that brings dissatisfaction causes you to lash out at the government and rely on conspiracy theories that most likely wont pan out as fully factual (but are backed by a torch and pitchfork brigade).

“Channel Your Time, Energy, And Mind Into The Positive Change That Alleviates The Actual Dissatisfaction Instead Of Venting It At The Leaders Who Enforce The System That You Are Actually Dissatisfied With (But Have Psychologically Projected It Onto Other Areas)”

It isn’t the answer to the riddle of life but it is the major answer to the riddle of happiness, and hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad… (and certainly better than losing two out of four games to the Texas Rangers at a score of 14-1 and 15-1)

… oh, sorry, just listening to baseball on the radio

… and btw “it’s a swing and a miss”