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Monthly Archives: May 2019

When you try to police the situation with that stuff you are using the laws you wrote to break the actual law that is the truth.

Morality has a blind spot and a hard time out-evolving it’s angry unreasoning authority.

This is why there is specific mention of ‘you do not belong in those government authority positions’, persecutor.

And because of this They are taking you on a bit.

I kind of knew more somehow already. You don’t really deal with issues you cover them up, but there is a clear history and trail to be fallowed.

Things have gotten so tangled in an overachiever morality mess that you can’t even have an honest discussion about this anymore, and though this was similar back in the 70’s and such it wasn’t nearly so uptight… but as well there is the memory of being younger locked within everyone, and it isn’t used to edit out where your parents were actually wrong as you fall into acting just like them for your role as parent.

If you ask yourself ‘if you can have that’ the answer is no.

It is no for two very important reasons.

First of all are you handsome enough, gentlemen enough, engaging enough, does she relish in your company?

No, you’re old, fat, balding, your breath stinks like garlic and you come across a bit creepy. So ‘No!’ is the positive answer.

Second of all it is still against the law and you could go to jail or worse if you get caught, even consensual I mean.


Now, do you have a right to desire that?

And the answer is Yes.

This is where Morality is getting it wrong.

Some parts of your/our society does this and moves on but it is a lingering issue.

There is an ‘older normal’ that is not steeped in your artificial concepts of morality and age.

It is more natural.

Some of the Disability is from truly awful things that deal with life and death in other dimensions but to real beings not just one’s in your imagination.

They have developed a way to keep Me in a state of buoyancy with ‘good things and humor’.

The Writing has further Added Effects that make Editing It on the way to Me a vital concern and much applied effort.

So you get a lot of Reality Input that is part of a Stabilizer but the actual state I am going through is worse, but buoyancied by this happier thing.

There is as well a Conversation going on the whole time of my waking hours, and there somewhat as I sleep, or it is continually there hovering near the awaking.

For Spooks Speak ‘Their workday has begun’ but it screws My life up along the way, and it is stuck here.

It is a bit like being hounded with no where to run to, and it interrupts my sleeping habits as well as ability to accomplish things due to a continual input and action that effects my physical body that prevents me from focusing well enough or for long enough.

The Common Person is not nearly as disconnected from this Scene as you would assume, and this is part of how things got Railroaded here. This is due to ancient evolutions and issues of survival that happened along the way, with the Original Being having been heavily targeted in ages past, and a for or against us attitude that had developed.

The smaller stronger Titanic has been on a might-makes-right and usurper win, while parts of Original Being are on the run and a few parts are Titanic and taking on the Rogue Titans.

A look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

“isn’t that telling a woman what to do with her own body?”

For her own good is what you are attempting to do but it is once again not relying on the full truth, and you make societal and legal hoopla about it, but are actually wrong.

Do you need to be persecuted and ostracized yourselves? That you may finally understand what it meant to be half-right about something but ganged up on, the way the christians were? And what it means to be wrong about something and ganged up on because people are sick of you and your half-accurate overblown protective morality and attendant sexual repression and denial.

The argument is too steeped in the present methods we are forced to work with, but it is a ‘debunkable realism’, it is not the scientific factual bottom line but instead an abstract, a system designed by landowners and businessmen, with the actual scientific bottom line being far easier to accomplish than working jobs.

The whole concept of Poverty is trying to be solved with Money and this means Jobs, but in the end it is Food, Clothing, Clean Water, Safe Clean Pleasant Dwelling Space, Entertainment, Medicine, Heating/Cool, Cooking, Bathing, Toilet, Toiletries… and every one of these is not the Job that you are working in most cases and it is through Money that you are viewing these things instead of taking it down to a new basic that is scientific realism.

We Made This is the Real Work, and since plants basically grow themselves and can be done with gravity fed drip systems, and robotics make making items and commodities very easy to do, and everything from televisions to baking mixes can be reproduced (which will take defeating the patent, which you will have a better shot at if you negotiate and declare it a non-sold item for the uses of the people directly).

The kids should have a say in it too, don’t you think? It is their future being bartered for as well as their freedom.

While it isn’t taxation without representation it is a form of curtailing people’s rights and the choice you don’t want them to make because of your enforced artificially realism is a choice they have a right to make, it is a scientifically factual plan that is a better world, without all of that school and jobs hardships that is forced on people, and all that money buying up and destroying nature and countryside.

And it is a plan that has freedom and free time and self-autonomy and individuality, lots of me time and my pace and my right to say no to some artificial authority figure either giving me a job or paying my wages or owning the land and dwelling I reside in, which brings psychological discontent from a normal reaction.

Doing things from the ground up means you need to evolve your thinking pattern into something larger. Gathering of resources and taking them to an automated factory for processing. Taking the processed stuff to an automated factory for manufacturing. Taking the finished product home. We Built This. We don’t need money or jobs anymore to break out of poverty or survive and thrive.