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Monthly Archives: June 2019

“well only a touch, just a little normal wine added to a lot of non-alcoholic wine, and the adults should take note and follow suit since they drink too much anyways, so may as well drink too much of something that is not enough and break even and still have a big drinking partly blast”

This makes your attempts at building a civilization with us filling the niches as happy careers people unrealistic.

On top of this the civilization we are forced to live under is not one we would have built, it isn’t intelligent enough, it doesn’t have enough securities for life in it’s land owner system with a competitive economy, it takes too much work

So this furthers the problem of you trying to fit us into a status quo that you think is normal.

“The Normal State of many many people is not in a fully functional state. The Original Normal State has been Compromised.”

(this does not apply to all but to many, but the functional people do just well and do not understand the rest of us and should not be used as a definitive anymore)

There is not much that can be done about this right now due to the actual reality of what things are now as a new state.

The original point of this Message is to inform you to not hold onto this and the attendant ‘coming doom of the world’ through this or that.

The Right Application of Powers needs to be used, and the Appropriate Context Relative to Earth is “The Formation of a New Civilization, The Garden of Eden, Cornucopia Utopia. The Garden if Ease”.

This is Normality Restored and as well Time to Further Spirituality on Earth.

Time to Save What Is Left of The Planet.

Time to Grow ‘God’s Green Earth’ Up Again.

“a larger and more powerful thing directly related to you since the time of your creation”

This is the foundation of that Power of The Gods over others.

During the Runaway Form Condensing things reached drastic levels of danger due to super titanic form.

This as well was Invaded and Usurped.

“Some of these Super Strong Regions are The Titans, so this makes this a very complicated mess. Those are people steeped in Power that won wars with Brahma and are here on Earth in spots of Power. This is the other truth of Normality”

Being one of ‘the good guys” Brahma was not applying stuff towards Rule over Others but The Titans were and this won to some degree within Creation.

Other Forms of Brahma were doing with and that is where Divine King{Archangelic} and Ancient Emperor{Black Dragon; Messiah Roots} are from.

Using the type of Power available can bring a catastrophic damage. So ‘relatively powerless’ is what is left in most regards. Yet the initial thing is still there and during 2012 there is an Aligning of Beings and a Destiny that was once to be My Time {Brahma, BP bp, Ganesha, and Ptah}.

My attitude and some of the Macro Events are still going through that old authority thing with it mostly shut down.

This is what shows up in the writing or as the disability if you were. The actual disability is caused by ancient assaults on Sentient Body and Mind Invasions as well as Advanced Strategies gone wrong that overload one place with too much and too many, as well as puppeteering and dictating terms, which effects the human body.

This is the real deal.

“you will note the Code of the f-word being spelled out instead of intimated with ** in the middle in place of u an c”

This Code is about a very significant thing.


You take too long to change and don’t even change as you try trick after trick after trick, and all of it will be debunked eventually. It is just a Titan Logic Trick working in a Rigged System.

The Rigged System is just mostly an Artificial System that has been wrongfully draped over civilization as a template we are forced to live under.

The Rigged System also exists but by Rigged System what is meant by Them is that You are forcing Us to work within the confines of the system you adhere to and has stymied out all other truths, done from central authority positions.

When you put Normal up against Government it is Government that comes out looking real weird and illegal.

I don’t have an entitlement attitude or an owed poverty class downtrodden uprising attitude, I simply don’t have the money to pay.

Paying off one’s debts can make one happy actually.

In a self-sustaining philosophy it is important to do so.

Though there can be usury in money lending and usury in money lendee there is a basic philosophy or paradigm that recognizes the come through on our part as necessary.


It isn’t 100% out of the line of possibility that some eccentric multi-millionaire or billionaire eventually says ‘oh what the heck, lets go rescue this kid’.

Your responses can no longer be ignored. The type of stymie that gets used needs to be 100% confronted and defeated.

This isn’t a matter of seeings my way, it is a matter of your way being wrong, and about all the time you put into maintaining this over our heads.

{the way things really are going is that extra-dimensionally a lot of people that owe Me money ended up in big authority positions with bad attitudes, and since there is nothing showing up in linear space it isn’t traceable nor being directly done on earth, other than threats from government authority and threats from abusers of power and a little knocked off line now and then}

As things Awaken and you are part of an Old Mission there is a slight discrepancy between the tale being spoken by the recovering titanic era control criminal and the actual facts of what ensued. You in part jumped the planet extra-dimensionally with your finger pointed at us as an authority but it is the recovering guilty party pointing a finger at the victims.

Me Giving Up My Armageddon Authority Is Not Within Your Rights.

They are Here and You need to start taking that very seriously instead of brushing Me aside.

But Utopia endures lifetime after lifetime.

Utopia Must Built.

It is the Eden at the end of the tunnel we were waiting for here on Earth.

“eternal rest from forced labors of a landowner system with jobs and bosses, forced school system, the inadequate stewards of the earth, etc”

One shot of incarnating on earth was something being aimed for. This is not an easy place to survive in and we must sin to eat when living here, we must have air to breath, we fall prey to the effects of gravity, there is no flying or levitation, magic don’t work, sex is dirty, oh, there are all sorts of reasons why you don’t want to get stuck in a reincarnation cycle on earth. But some of that hardship can and must be alleviated by building The Garden of Eden, aka Cornucopia Utopia.