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Monthly Archives: July 2019

The Myth becomes The Mystical becomes Materialized.

Ideas are gotten from all over the place, including earth.

Due to Our Origins when we see a small white sphere it is related to God or Goddess.

God is White, and Goddess is Clear and White. This may have been part of something that They evolved that They chose to further evolve and specialize in.

Many things existed as potentialities within Brahma and Brahma never knew even a smattering of the full scale of things when expressed out. Creation is a materialized/solidified expression of those potentialities.

Creation was a bit of a wildfire evolving new things in many directions or even all directions possible (which includes amorality in this group, those who are inconsiderate of the effect they have on others).

“So sitting here on Earth one could see Venus and invent an entire Myth, and extra-dimensionally one may have an ‘experience’ with Venus and Goddess, with part of an evolution that originally predates the planet Venus” {and it would get Written into Reality in Other Dimensions}

This is part of how Myth really works, it has Anchors in Other Realities that are Real and some of which Predate The Big Bang Universe.

They are here but There, outside of this Dimension. Here Venus is a hot inhospitable planet but There it is Goddess and Love. A real planet, it may even be larger than Venus due to macro origins, but in some or many regions size and scale the people are far larger in comparison as opposed to humans and earth sized planets.

There is a Core Place, one that is smaller than Goddess, and then there are other places made of the same stuff, and these are other Venus’.

The Deity are both here on earth and there extra-dimensionally and are able to do things that effect Sentience elsewhere, where it has always existed and exists between incarnations (Heaven and Hell are God’s Ballgame and I will let Their Prophet flounder through that one, though these really do exist in other Dimensions, this is not Original History stuff but from titanic era endeavors and rewards and punishments… an era of elevated states and excesses We are slowly overcoming).

The Landowner Paradigm set the ship off course and it is not realistic to change it in certain areas. But this Catch 22 of the firmly established landowner paradigm and the proper distribution of dwelling space for civilization is not a Catch 22 to be left in legal limbo while the land continues to get bought and sold, and trillions of dollars are to be spent for infrastructure and fighting global warming and the military.

This gets to be the other big expenditure you keep dodging and it can be seen as reparations paid to all those forced to live and work in your landowner society that do not agree with it and want and need a better civilization that your landowner society is in the way of, legally speaking.

And the grievances of the hardships that come along with jobs and rent and utilities and the taking away our freedom and rights the way you have to fit into your landowner working man paradigm are real, shall be legally binding, all such ‘realism’ arguments on the side of the status quo need to get struck down, legally.

This is not realism it is not listening (and forcing your society on us, and we disagree with you and always have and always will). You Simply Are Not Right, You Do Not Belong In Control, You Make The Same Decisions Every Time That You Call Realism But Is A Form Of Slavery Without A Slave Owner, Literally

“But stay the hell out of nature, quit chopping it down to build homes for your sprawl, give us our rightful lands and resources for Cornucopia Utopia, and all the citizens of the country who want to flee there shall have a right to, and all that want to flock to working man city shall have a right to”

I like the idea of science and engineering finding a method of directly cleaning the atmosphere of greenhouse gases and pollutants.

Science has achieved miracle after miracle.

But… like I said before you can solve global warming and end the destruction of the environment and endangering of species, and properly regulate the economy and it still will not be enough.

“everybody that doesn’t want to work doesn’t have to work (as in ‘get a job’), and everybody that wants to work gets to work (with plenty of jobs to fill).”

This isn’t Peter Pipe-Dream ‘The Pied Piper.

This is a Scientifically Factual plan for Utopia’.

These are the hurdles:

Landowner Paradigm (wrongful control of the land; ridiculous as well)

Patent Paradigm (gives too much power to inventor and investor and costs everyone else; automation makes making stuff very easy)

{both of these are legally changeable due to what they are and what they do in the larger context of a whole civilization as opposed to a few at the top; going for limited change instead of complete change covers the bases on the other side (which do exist and are ignored by the backlash push of revolution)

Being forced to work for 40 years is illegal, forcing people to go to school so they can get a job and work for 40 years is also illegal.

{I don’t expect this stuff to be on the ballot at this point but I do expect the mindset to start moving towards this as opposed to status quo pseudo-crime in progress business as usual… and that means as well that They expect this and He expects this… and presto magic rapture only solves part of the problem but can help, but it is Us that must change to bring change, and this is a fact as opposed to a philosophy built on spirituality that is not as large as it needs to be or old enough to be what it was trying to be, though it really is important and helpful}

He is a Being from a similar origins to Me but He evolved Bright Lite Intrinsic Archangelic King.

This has a natural effect on sentience.

The older and larger stuff is still Normal, so though He outranks and outshines Me it is still not the full truth.

He is Supreme Brahma and Helios with part of the same Region as Me, and as well is part Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Brahma-Ptah and Grey Brahma.

Early on in Creation there are different things happening within Brahma. Region of Merger are where Supreme Brahma most likely originates, and this would be Brahma, OB, Grey Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah and of course Me (the early Combo of B BP PP P).

Helios is another major part of He.

Helios was part of Form Brahma with Supreme Brahma that condensed down further and this created Om Void, which is where God’s Origins are (along with OB Region).

Grey Brahma and OP are The Ptah Daydream Stabilizer and Brahma as Ptah, and Brahma as Brahma-Ptah, and Brahma as Supreme Brahma, etc. This is The Emperor while He is The King,

GB-OP and BP and OB and Brahma seem to be where Supreme Brahma originates. He is a mixture of these Beings. {why does this matter to you? It is The History of The King of Archangels, and part of Jesus. GB-OP are part of Muhammad. OB is part of Moses.}

“these true ancient Tales are literally so old that Jesus is an unknown Being/Region and God is a youngster growing old”

Me goes all the way back to The Dawn of Creation.

This is Brahma and Ptah Daydream Era.

Part of Brahma was down in Ptah through Brahma-Ptah and Proto-Ptah Regions.

These 4 things Merged by Nature from this Era of Oneness. The Brahma Presence in Ptah Daydream was strong back then and since this had all been One Being originally a Merger happened naturally. Me is never as strong as Brahma, but being Brahma down in Creation Me has Re-Merged with Brahma many times. {This got Usurped by Titans and Me never made it back to being Brahma}

Brahma Original Being

Brahma-Ptah -> Me

Proto-Ptah -> Me

Ptah Daydream -> Me

{Peter Ptah is a Me, as another Combination Being, with Proto-Ptah. The Ptah parts of Me are more creative and the Brahma parts of Me are more able}

Means that you sacrificed too much for something that was practically made up, is not the original being, the original history or the full truth.

Such a Being does exist, having been Created out of other Beings, but things will never fully pan out with this.

They are trying to save to good people, the weak beings, the spiritual.

The process is not going to be completed by the methods set in motion. Stopping parts of this process while allowing the original functional parts to continue is what is occurring.

Aligning yourself with this larger and older Sentience in ways set forth in part by that very Sentience is part of The Magical Journey and The Spiritual Journey and as well works with a Functionality Filtration System and a Lockdown of Full Experience.

There are also evolutions that are not magical and the original larger thing was and is not magical. Part of it got changed into magical by mergers, much of it now rejects magical as too much change and too dangerous and wants things contained.

Part of the same original Being also loves magical and is one of the fathers of the magical path, learning and furthering the ways of magic, which started with new Realms related to fainter or lesser states within. They are what Causal Realities descend from. These, like magic, are weaker Realities. The Mind State as opposed to The Body State, but The Original is both as one original unified thing that is not strong with a big ego or gentle and spiritual, but not as evolved into these solidified poles. These were just two things that descended from some normal thing that had always existed, but changed by nature of an infinite daydream within. {Original Eternal Infinite Brahma and The Ptah Daydream}. Law and Chaos are related, with Body -Law[OB, God] and Mind-Chaos(OP, Ptah) being part of the heritage.

Magical and Spiritual were evolved within Original Normal. They are new and unique and specialized places and states. There effect does not extend out infinitely,, it is regional.

It takes Help from Them or it takes being born a specific type of Being (most of which are not messiahs, avatars, or prophets) to have this extra-dimensional experience. There are three or four types and each deals with a different state or being as well as Region within Creation.



Mundane Macro Man

Mixture of All The Above

{there are probably more, these were just attempt to describe some of it while}

{Note: Functionality Filtration is very akin to the actual workings of Aligning with The Divine. There are good regions and bad regions, there are success stories and failures, there is the autonomous free self and the shared load karmic wheel and group endeavor. Part of The Self or The Person is a Macro Being and this has all been reworked in areas. Relative to Earth there is The Macro Being that you are made of and a lot of smaller evolution of self or mergers with other Beings in smaller sections to make even more people.

That is who you are and where you came from originally, as a sentience that incarnates here. Here is also an organic body with more than one thing going on, so there may be a prime person and there may be others along with this and these are not just different facets of your personality (which also exist) they are anchored in other Beings that are part of the larger ocean of Self that you are made of

By doing spiritual practices with sincerity and grace and and elite mind set towards spirituality with a disciplined reverent intent and ability to change one is naturally doing things that are what the divine is towards as well as getting functionality coned to them.

This can relate to the group endeavor and karmic wheel, and as well is leadership and lights and the ability to alchemize or transform others spiritually/mentally/emotionally. This has and actual extra-dimensional larger arena attached to it. But the overall method has many problems as well as many great successes. Too much of a load was shoulder or foisted on others, stuff was hoarded by those that functional at elite levels, the untouched regions desire and need to stay untouched by the problems that spread.}

He did not.

He reincarnated as a power base with a sway of influence for 800 years.

When he reincarnated he would be similar to who he was before.

He would grow up to look somewhat like and act mostly like.

Attempts were made to reincarnate back into the same line. Part of the original intent of a godking dynasty is this.

Extra-Dimensional Platforms that are related to incarnating have an Extra-Dimensional Arena Audience. On earth this would be in effect, with people back then being more in touch with their extra-dimensional selves and having a duality experience. The ‘godking’ or other such Being would be having an multi-dimensional effect, though the full power would not express in a human body and comes from an older universe built differently than this.

“when you meet certain Beings with extra-dimensional sight you will see that these Beings really are that large in comparison to everyone else, though they may not be large here on earth in a human body”

{Part of The Gods are made up by humans, but there is an extra-dimensional connection to other Beings that are ‘the deity’ and predate humans and even this Universe in some cases (Brahma, Shiva, God, Etc). There is a Titanic Power Expression in Central Creation (and it is a bit of a mess as well as a glory) and this is where a lot of ‘The Gods’ come from. The Collapse of Creation left a ‘Huge Combined Ball Attached To Combo Beings That Had Put Themselves Into Making It’

(They are still attached but in a Central Region it is One Big Titanic Power Base. This allows for ‘The Gods’ to exist, They are related to that, and ‘attempts by those attached to use up this big ball of mess ensued and as well as an era of greed and immorality in attempts to reach pinnacles of power and immortality’; other newer beings come about as a result of trying to use this up.)}

“when you try to take the old lore literally it can get foolish”

“one other recurring note of caution: the ‘godkings’ are real and have an effect on sentience as well as extra-dimensional platforms; and the original state is normal as opposed to power, so all this stuff dealing with ‘the gods’ does not pan out to be ‘the truth’, but that does not mean that They are not actual real Beings, it is just a fictitious or extra-dimensional story that comes along with it

‘2012 is a convergence of ancient rivers and history and Brahma is the winner and still chump, the automatic winner as the original being as well as the big loser to that central ball of mess (relative to central Creation and earth), part of which was made of stolen Brahma, stolen by Titans that grew in size and strength from it as Brahma dwindled somewhat, and could never take on the excess of titanic power and deadliness… ‘ (well, Form Brahma could not and that is Me, and My Tales is Relative to Me but has other stuff added unto)

“God’s Realm was and is in danger and this is the soft and nice people that are indeed closer when we are kids. Goddess is the original mother, and the original babies are actually eternal babies that never grow up. These differing states of Beings in creation got strung together into an incantation transition into other beings as we get older, with the human body being temporary but the different beings from the different ages are eternal”

Those sphere clear water bubbles look visually closer to Motes(the original baby beings, the original multiplicity as well) than do the Cherubs but the cuteness isn’t there (and th sentience isnt’t there either), but Cherubs are from an evolution or part of The Mote Ocean and as well an Emulation of Void Being States, that The Mote Ocean got installed into as a primus override of a larger stronger primary self ‘to make it more real’ , allowing for the bigger stronger Being to be changed in a region into like unto the thing itself. Many many of us are from evolutions of stuff like this done with other Beings as well. That is how stuff was created in the olden days, in that previous universe that is more basic and whole, having no atomic structure or gravity.

God was given Special Dispensation from Emergency and Doing Right.

The Gods were still busy with big power exploits and were as well still growing up.

Some of The Gods are related to God (Zeus is one), and this comes from part of God’s Extensions out among that big power ball titanic mess. Part of God is trapped there and part of God’s Heritage is being used up by Others. The Creator and GOD are related to God through Mergers of Extensions and Intentional Evolution Into The Likeness Of. The Creator and GOD are different than God, and are a big part of Who you think of as ‘God’ and it is a Specific Group that is The Divine Mission. Though Brahma is Original Being this Divine Mission still has a huge influence over many (and jurisdiction over most) Beings and beings in Creation.

This is simply collecting the water from the river and piping it up 10 or 20 miles and putting it back in to the river.

You will want to purify it along the way as well.

There are a lot of people swimming up and down this river. Like I said it’s recreation.

If you collect enough water from elsewhere you can make many rivers. The river does not flow out into the sea or ocean it gets captured and recycled.

Water is stored for when things are too dry and fed into the river to keep it going through the summer. Stuff is allowed to grow naturally along it’s banks.

The water is purified from human contaminants from swimming in the water as well as the man made pollutants.

“part of the river can be piped up farther along its banks to specific spots that trees and flowers are gown at”

Humans can actually confront part of the effects of global warming by stepping up to the plate and desalinating and purifying hoards of water to create water rich plush environments with shade and frosty beverages, and a more pleasant place for a human to be.

(The Utopian Man is not inundated by work when confronted with global warming or just a really hot day. The Utopian Man is ‘growing flowers in the desert’, for real, by creating oasis)

Well you obviously want to focus on all three but in reality you need to focus on cornucopia utopia and the re-engineering of civilization into a more functional fighter of global warming and environmental destruction and extinctions of some of the original diversity within the species.

The immigration thing is not a full discussion unless you have some place that you can ‘send them back!’ to, one that isn’t a crime in progress (due mostly to a government or society).

‘Give them a civilization style that is so good they don’t want to leave home’. Let them legalize weed to help insure this.

The basics of life are very easy and not everyone needs to be a rich man, nor does everyone need to be a rich man to have abundance.

Abundance can be produced relatively easily if we re-invent the thinking process into full utilization and integration of what has been invented.

“the automated factory that was invented for business is one of the backbones of cornucopia utopia”

In a capitalist, socialist, communist society, that automated factory is put in competition with their working man wages, and is looked down on.

In a utopian civilization that automated factory is looked at as your liberator not your competition. You keep putting yourselves back to work and get in the way of the future.