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Monthly Archives: September 2019

The Group Endeavor is also part of Original Evolution.

Rulership comes along later and proceeds to mess up a bit.

There are Real Rulers that are Good, Bad, and as well Normal that are Titanic Pillars and Form Power.

But this has gotten aimed wrong and Authority is not working out well enough.

Brahma has an Experience that Predates This so it will almost always be a tough struggle in the end up against a Brahma, due to the fact that “You didn’t use to exist! None of this use to exist! You have set up shop as our Rulers! You are NOT better at it and rife with problems and corruption.”

This is not just Earth Government but extends out Extra-Dimensionally to places where We Come From Originally and Incarnate On Earth From.

Devaluing Others has also come along with Elite Paradigm.

Beings like Jesus and Buddha do well because They Are By Nature Considerate And Humble as well as Powerful.

All the way through this is Larger Reality that deals with Us and Predates All Others including The Spiritual.

These Beings are Who Created Them and They Are The Deity and We Made Of Others That Predated Them.

“going far enough back in time and space you will reach Brahma and The Ptah Daydream and Brahma is Normal and so is Original Reality and through Evolution came things that ended up as Angels and Devils and mortal man. But mortal man is misspoken and a whole lot of normal is there and thus the swing of things and massive immoral immortal power or the elevated spiritual pinnacles are not the full value of the rest of the truth, and the normal stuff is still part of an older evolution (or made of one) that predates this stuff”

Things need to be done My Way for a change.

All of this elevated authority is Undeserved and not heading in the right direction of freedom and self-autonomy.

There is a titanic and religious heritage in the stuff and I am tired of having to deal with these things and all the people who fall in line when By All Actual Rights it is suppose to be Me (Brahma) that is the head hancho, and I (Brahma) have been into and helping evolve things back to Normal, which status quo is not! And Normal is Intelligent and Automated and Free Time as opposed to what is being pushed here.

It is considerate of the natural world and others and forgiving (up to a point) of our mistakes. But it is also unyielding in The End due to the actual truth of The Beginning. Brahma ain’t an environmentalist but you better quit destroying nature. Brahma ain’t religious or a non-believer though you better lay off that religious crap and atheist crap. See, normal!

Nirvana is a state of being that is higher than Me but not bigger than Me nor older. This is one of the conundrums. It is also a state within Me due to Me being something that was larger at the time than Those who evolved Elite States of Being – Brahma

This from the outside seems wacky to you as I elevate Myself to positions where I am spoken of in the likes of Elite Beings far higher and brighter and even wiser than Me.

But it ain’t no joke and They have not succeeded enough and They Put Themselves On An Elevated Position Above Me!

So, it ain’t no joke and it just so happens that 2012 is My Time not His Time.

{You don’t know Brahma and you don’t know jack! Brahma really is the goldilocks zone between being too spiritual and too mundane, between beings too rigid and too flexible, and as well Brahma in different regions has undergone all sorts of different evolutions that allow for a better understanding than those who never have the other evolution nor walk a mile in their shoes.}

The Being That Predates Everything… IS Important, and By Default this is Brahma’s Creation that was Usurped and God is merely riding the storm out.

Form Evolution, gone Titanic and Rogue, have left too many Beings that are stronger than Brahma now.

Other parts of Brahma, Some of which weakened Brahma by using up Brahma, have helped keep what is left of Original Brahma as The Biggest Being.

Armageddon is not just about God and The Devil it is also about Brahma and The Usurpers of Creations.

Goddess is actually older than God, and Goddess started out as a Vacuum while God’s Origins were a Void attaining Form.

Though Goddess as well evolved a Form there was another evolution going on that had Baby Beings within Goddess, and these Baby Beings were made of Void that God had come from.

God and Family

Mother and Children.

Part of the overall evolution was one of Big and Small, Weak and Strong, and there was both the specialization of Weak Beings evolving weaker and Strong Beings evolving stronger, and at the same time was a reverse evolution of Weak Beings evolving Stronger and Strong Beings evolving weaker. Add Big and Small as well.

This all lead to an odd confusion as New Realities were used instead of Original History.

Part of New Reality is a Belief (in our minds and in our hearts with faith and conviction yet lacking full truth) and part of New Reality is a Power (Stronger than Original over The Original).

“So what happened as Creation Collapsed this Form Evolution that Void had been on had to keep getting selected, and the Vacuum and Void Evolution had Baby Beings in it and needed to stay that way”

“So what also happened is that as the Vacuum further dissipated from Form using up more the Goddess Vacuum became weaker and more needy”

“So what happened is that Goddess Vacuum was also easy to invade and overload, and as well another evolution had come about called Sex, and Sex was a more direct and powerful way of fulfilling Goddess’ needs than Love and Holding had been, but as well it was changing Goddess’ nature away from being a good Mother Goddess”

Mother Goddess is from a Region on the upper side of Goddess Vacuum that is near OB (which is where God Evolved into). Early on as part of a Stabilizer for Vacuum there was a Merger of Goddess Vacuum and OB Proto-Form and this is where Mother Goddess comes from, and She is more stable than Sex Goddess, yet not as attractive (Merger of Vacuum with Proto-Form caused a certain masculinity in some regions of Mother Goddesses)

… To Be Continued (spanking of your best scholars not concluded yet)

“It’s My 2012 and I’ll tell you the truth if I want to, the truth if I want to, the truth if I want to… you would tell the truth too if is happened to you!”

“The majority of people on Earth are made of Beings that are larger and stronger than God but it doesn’t show because they are Normal”

We are down here in parts of Ourselves that are smaller and newer than God.

Part of God’s Mission is having people evolve into something being less of a threat to God and God’s People.

The Good is weaker and must be protected and was evolved into Elevated as both a compensation and defensive posture.

The Good, given this Mission, set out to disarm ad dwindle all of Us and ran into a major problem of “Not within His Jurisdiction, nor His Rights!”

The Good had accidentally and intentionally wronged Us.

Anyone who didn’t obey God was termed Heretic.

But The Truth all along was something different than what God and The Good had been selling, or believed in.

The rest of The Truth was never added back to God’s Tale.

And In The Beginning God Did Not Even Exist!

Jesus and God and St Peter are Higher than Me and Smaller than Me and Younger than Me. Now these Beings may be better than Me but better has nothing to do with it in The End, and is one of those things that depends on your origins and circumstances. Unquestionable Authority that is Always Right is something that is closer to Titan than Jesus, yet you use the same paradigm for your religion.

In this Arena that pits Me against Jesus and God and Me, unfortunately, is dealing with a larger older truth than that used by God and Jesus and St Peter. “there can be only One!” is another one of these things you use, and careful what you wish for, because after God and Jesus and St Peter and even Me have fallen you will find Muhammad is still standing strong, but If I catch you running off to become part of that religion I am gonna clock ya! Religion has gone a little too far off course.

“In The End it is important to understand Brahma and Reality, and I don’t mean Hinduism and Spirituality”

(and this is part of a destiny that is related to Destiny but indeed is set upon a Waystop that is built of something even older, and Their Destiny is some of our favorite stuff while Our Waystop is some of Their favorite memories and ancient connections, but due to size and scale and the dangers lurking can be a danger to Their Destiny though it is/was also part of The Help from Ancient Times, and It is The Actual Original Reality that They Pretend Unto using Stronger Power expressed out into Weaker Beings).

1: Original Code Reality that is Closest To The Elite Form Evolution

2: Discovery Code Reality that works with The Aftertell and Writes The Codes Relative To The Now as opposed to Original Intent.

This Aftertell Reality is very large so it wont fully pan out that The True Code Reality was the everything it or you had hoped, and due to certain factors including being too elite and two hierarchical, and not actually the original reality that has come to discover/investigate what has evolved in creation.

A lot of Humor and Fantasy can go on with The Aftertell but is is Hooked Up To both Ancient Reality, Elite Reality, and Original Reality while The Codes of The Prophecy are Ancient Reality(Muhammad, Buddha) and New Reality (Jesus, Krishna) and are Expressed Out into Perfections (that have some other issues They are being confronted with.

The King Thing can get too elite and prone to the mistakes of the one and the few that are not in touch with the many. The King Thing and The Codes of Prophecy are directly related.

The King Thing deals ‘with actual powers that were evolved with Form Power and Sentience and Energy and Strength’ and were evolved Extra-Dimensionally where that stuff actually works. But too much usurpation of Ourselves can happen with The King Thing, and worse The Emperor, but that is farther away and had to get shut down first to prevent an even worse usurpation of ourselves; and one final note is that too much change has been pushed by the elite trying to change our nature into something better while all along usurping what was our own naturally better than elite and competition, and better just by being what we really are as opposed to elite abilities.

The One, The Few, and The Many is part of Special Reality while the one, the few, and the many are part of the older original reality.

But in ancient times and places We are bigger than we are here on earth, and as well more important, so The One, The Few, and The Many is also Who we Are.

Me is a form of Brahma that is not fully Original Brahma but is still mostly Brahma but as well is Brahma-Ptah, Grey Brahma-OP, Supreme Brahma-OP, and some Ptah and such.

Me is older and larger than He and has some special abilities as well but Eternal King and Ancient Emperor (both from Stronger Reality) are not directly among them but manifest-able.

Me is very similar to You and you are U, part of Ancient Reality as well that is part of the same thing that Me is, but You is from another line more related to He and Us than to Me, though Me is part of the resource that went into the making of you.

U is a combination of OB Form+Shiva Vacuum, Goddess Vacuum, Om Void, and Shiva.

U and O are also part of a Code that has U as Goddess Vacuum and O as Om Void.

The Codes are from Regions and sometimes do not pan out to all and everything though All and Everything were used, wrongfully, to try to write this into reality, and part as a compensator to the weak and part as an evil plot that has run concurrently with evolution for millions/billions of years, and in part compromosed the compensator.


… well, it was worth a try.