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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Jack o’ Lantern face of Halloween

I always like the story of the team that never won it winning it, so congrats!

I always like teams that beat Texas, so once again, congrats!

It’s that time of year again when we go through PBS, or Post Baseball Syndrome.

“some people have moved on to football already, like drug addicts, but there are a few that just don’t feel the same about baseball and football, and the old PBS starts to set in… what a real downer, man.”


The one Dude in the entire world going through an actual Experience, though partly bad, that has actual Answers. Until you have an extra-dimensional experience it is pointless try to prove it. The wise man simply conveys the experience knowing it to be a real one.

Now due to the nature of what has been occurring for many ages there are all sorts of other things that do not pan out to ‘right about everything all the time’. One of the things is ‘new reality’ which relies on things not being the original truth. Another is a form of lesser or even unintentional mass charlatanism but supported by some extra-dimensional effects. And of course one of the keys to doing a new reality is ‘collective belief’ and ‘confined to a group’ as well as ‘a larger cause’. And due to the Origins of being Original Being there is an old process where They put Me though all sorts of Hogwash, some of it by intent to deceive and in others They deceived Themselves and Me.

This ‘being right about everything all the time’ was never going to be My Gift, but a Gift to Me is where all of this Other Information is coming from that deals with Actual Origins, some of which Predates Big Bang Universe… or Big Band Universe if you prefer.

For 2012 ‘one Voice was clear above the din’.

“You end up practically going at Destiny when you come at Me, and this is because within Original Normality is where Destiny Evolved from Elite Beings, and there are Regions within Me that They have extended into, and part of The Original Truth cannot be full without The Original Tale, and this is The Tale of Brahma The Original Being, and The Ptah Daydream, and The Awakening, and it is a Tale that Predates God and The Universe.

For your own protection there is not a tug or yank on your sentience from coming at Me, unlike you would get from Deity, but as well this ability to influence you was Their way of Waking You Up, which means to a multidimensional experience right here from a more limited linear space earth organic life

One of The Major Endeavors is To Not Have A Bad Impact On Smaller Beings, and The Realms Beings (of which Me is one of from ancient times) and the Hierarchical Rulers (The Divine Hierarchy) and The Titanic (which does not have the real morality needed to be the leader it has pushed itself into being, and attempts to overachieve at righteous behavior also ran afoul of larger truths, so this is a bit of a mess) are in varying states of learning and achieving this. This pans out all the way to ‘We The People’ for it is Us as well that is down here on earth and is us. We are an extra-dimensional experience that does not see the other dimension, but we are directly extrapolated off of older stuff that is of that region and realm.

What is left is Me, a Being that was evolving the whole time and got a bit of a boost from Them, and is not achieving the grand things but is a major conduit and old tale to tell, and a very good mind and heart the whole time, both elite and aloof above the problems in some regions and drowning in them in other regions, but flowing into or connected to larger older stuff left out of the whole affair by intent.”

God, first of all, is a Real Being.

There is God the Form and God the Ocean.

There is a Divine Mission that God is part of but is a Collective that includes Larger Beings.

This Great Mystery Ocean is the other ‘God’ that is spoken of that is all and everything. Goddess is even part of this ‘God’ but Goddess as well is from the same Region as God, though it is actually the reverse, for God is within Goddess Region, but extends up into OB-Form, and this would be indirectly related to Heaven, God’s Abode.

Heaven as well extends into another Region and that is Supreme Brahma or SB. This is the actual King of Archangels, and it is through a Merger that Jesus is this. Jesus is partly an old OP Line that Merged with SB. These are all ‘Infinity Size Beings that hail from Dawn of Creation’.

But as things evolved there was the great Form Power that became The Truth. Form Power could Override Original Reality. Along with this were Mergers and Remakes so Change was a large process. This lead to Alternate Realities and Attempts To Change The Nature of Reality Itself.

Some of the ‘ridiculous’ Scriptural and Mythic and Magical stuff is of this variety. It will have a Form Power Sucker Punch and some Foundational Functionality, so be wary of trying to debunk it with normality and science.

The Great Mystery Ocean is a Combination of Beings and a Combo Oceanic Being, and as well there is a Central Form Being, and this is The Creator, and as well GOD is a smaller one of these Central Beings to Great Mystery Ocean. (Buddha is Another).

A certain Style of Evolution is what GOD is, and this deals with Void and Form and White and Light and Wisdom and Intrinsic Nature within Great Mystery Ocean. God is part of The Mission and The Protectorate. Both GOD and The Creator are larger than God, but are Evolving Similarly to God.

Part of The Secret to The Great Mystery Ocean is a Very Big Very Weak Region that All Things Within Resonate Into. This allows for a Collective to light up an Oceanic.

Not all people are merely ‘reflected light’, this is another metaphysical ‘truth’ that applies to some not all.

The Golden Halo comes from Helios. Helios hails from a Region that is near God, and They have been on a common mission. Helios is The King and The Knight that is Intrinsic to Christianity. God’s People were The Weak and The Good, and this comes from Void Evolution into Form.

Helios is Gold.

God is White.

These are from The Old Tales and are part of Original History. The real Helios is not Greek, He is White, and Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Norse as they come, as a Chosen Form, though the original far predates humanoid forms. The real Jesus is not a Jew, and the real Brahma is not an Indian.

These tales go all the way back into Atlantis, ‘an extra-dimensional civilization we keep trying to create on earth, though it just may not work here, for all it’s worth’

Reality Remake with The Titans and The Church tried to make a New Reality, and it was not originally dedicated to God or Jesus, just to warn you, this had gotten claused in later.

God and Jesus do not start out in the same Region but Jesus is a very very very large Being that has both Weak and Strong going on in it, and is one of the Intrinsic Beings. Jesus became part of God’s Mission early on.

Part of The Divine Mission is making sure that God’s People finally make it to safety, which now has more Lockdown of Problem than Rescued From Region or Divine Overcoming Of Bad Nature.

“In order for a Fullness of The Power to be used you need to stay in The Fictitious Story of The Scripture, for it has Real Power that effects Sentience in a way and region that Original History does not, but all along Original History is there and tired of being Usurped by U and Your Scripture Tale that is doing more than just Spinning A New Tale it is Reinventing Reality by use of Titanic Reality over Original Reality”

Ptah is another Being that was working with Light and may have been the creator of the original Archangelic Being Form, though far far smaller, in somewhat likeness of Helios-Supreme Brahma.

“The Tale of God and Jesus really does come later, and God did not Create Everything, and neither did Jesus, And neither God not Jesus are the only Light Beings or Good Guys or True Deity”

In The Beginning God did not even exist, and neither did Jesus.

God comes along early in Creation. In The Beginning was only Brahma, but it bears little resemblance to Hinduism. Like God and Jesus these other True Religions have Scriptures and Powers and True Deity, but none of it is Original, and some of it is just earth lore made up by mankind.

“Why is it ‘sacrilege’ to talk of things older and larger than God? It is due to the size and scale of the Regions in question, which can be a danger to smaller Regions as that Sentience is Awakened though being Focused On. The Truth can get very dangerous very quickly when one is dealing with this problem, so The Fib was deemed to be more functional and safe, and it is for the most part, until the rest of the Reality Remake continues to try to Reprogram Reality for GOD, and then, well, all Hell breaks loose”


Lessons on How To Adapt A Crime of Macro Proportions that has lasted Millions of Years *insert Confuse Them With Eternal Timeline here*.

“You railroaded things from this direction and that, and all with the same Titanic Overload Crime Pillarhead. Almost everything that gets done in certain regions is preemptively interrupted by this, and when disaster ensues it does it again, in some apparent attempt to stop the first one, sometimes it works, other times it just makes it worse”

I guess it is unrealistic to move a population the size of The Kurds, even if you could get them jobs in cottage cheese factories in Montana.

I was actually thinking Iraq or some other place.

But you should ‘harbor terrorists’, by all means, and I mean them special Kurdish ones the Turks have deem ‘terrorist’, which I’m guessing just wont pan out overall to much more than propaganda and national politics of keeping regions in a state of ownership by the Turkish government and nation.

So, well, those Kurds should definitely split for the American Protected Oil Fields aka ‘The Nearest Roman Empire Outpost’ to seek Refuge.

Of course Russia is the other Roman Empire out here in the modern world.

For the most part I am talking about an old natural world being badly impacted by humans, and an older civilization that modernization and media is rapidly changing.

The whole other ‘old world and new world’ is a great topic as well and deals with European colonies and the foundation of The Americas.

But this rapidly disappearing nature and older civilization is a more important and urgent topic right now.

This deals with ‘the old natural world’ as opposed to all the changes that have come about because of humans, from deforestation to introduction of invasive new species. The Old World in this context is what is left of the world that existed since the dawn of life on earth, the old world we have harshly impacted with modern methods and sprawling populations in the pursuit of ownership and economics. There can be, near human habitation, areas of maintained new species that do not encroach on the older species.

There is also an older civilization that existed for centuries, and was evolved from stuff even older. Modernization and homogenization take that away. Some of the old traditions are just wrong and need to be overcome. But there is a basic diversity of the region and culture that needs to survive even though it has problems to overcome.

The modernization works well with the liberal thing and indeed does encompass larger truths and swaths of people for the most part. This is not as universally important as one thinks, though it is important and fits a whole other group that does well with modernization.

The old world needs to be protected and it’s diversity preserved at the same time it is overcoming it’s problems. The modern world has all sorts of it’s own problems and is not as perfect as it needs to be. It has no right to intrude further onto the country folk. Keep it in the city, or swaths of towns that choose it.

of The Scotch-Irish kind coming out of America, mind you.

“th’ modern world is a fookin’ farce”