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Monthly Archives: November 2019

In larger terms They would say “you’re sitting in My chair” but the real Me says you’re sitting in a chair that needs to be vacant, permanently!

Civilization shall be reinvented and you shall be removed from being rulers over us! It’s The Law.


“And what of Jesus in that chair? Well the story says you need to sit through the Antichrist first, so it is better to be realistic and remove the potentiality of problems that arise from coned power institutions of the few ruling over the many, and move fully into We The People and Transparency instead of Power Bases”

The feeling that the solar system is going to collapse in on us in a super-heated plasma gas contracting firewall.

Daddy’s Darling Daughter will be another popular model. Comes in a variety of styles and runs both naughty and nice routines. She talks a lot and is programmed to emulate normal father-daughter interaction, and she is programmed to repeatedly say ‘oh, daddy!’ when she artificially climaxes (artificial climax with fluids only available in advanced robotic sex doll models). All Sex Dolls are programmed to emulate passion with body movements and sounds which includes bedroom talk (body heat generation is only available in advanced models).

“hailed as one of the greatest miracles of science of all time!”

She got down, but she always stayed tight, and didn’t care if it lasted only as few seconds or was a rumble all through the night. She never fooled around and didn’t care if I did “

You weren’t expecting Me, for it is not Written!

Back before all of the rest of Them was Me!

And this ain’t My Game it is Someone Else’s, a very bad Someone Else’s.

I get really sick of your accusations from your limited perspective and that means They get really sick of your accusations from your limited perspective.

Original Normality has a full understanding of ‘your condition’ as not being a condition but a normality like unto equality at the same time a condition is going on from the old titanic powers era and unresolved/undefeated problems, but at the same time Pillar Powers and Authority have evolved within Creation and I am being Assisted by These and Under Assault by the Beings that you accuse Me of being.

So when your gang of know-it-all but didn’t know it all comes out at Me with your accusations from your limited perspective and prophecy warning you end up pissing off Them, and this is 2012, NOT The Bible!

You want to put a dab whip cream in the cup first, and then pour a third of the eggnog over it and sprinkle in some nutmeg and stir it together well to mix in the nutmeg and break down the whip cream. Then you pour in a dash of coconut rum and the rest of the eggnog along with more nutmeg and stir it again. Top this with a little whip cream and a little sprinkled nutmeg. It does even better blended due to the whip cream being broken down better and blended in. Home made whipping cream from the carton breaks down better than can or pre-made if I remember correctly.

Coconut Rum and Egg Nog are both sweet and the spicy Nutmeg helps overcome that problem. The whip cream makes it creamy in a whipped cream way which also goes well with the slight coconut taste of the rum, and normal rum can be added to it to further change the taste back towards a traditional egg nog.

…. and don’t drink too many of these no matter how good they taste or you could do yourself in real quick before you knew it. You can mix some coconut milk into the eggnog if you like the flavor match and need a non-alcoholic version, perhaps spice the coconut milk with vanilla extract and slightly sweeten it with sugar or honey.

There is probably a way to just add the some unsweetened and unwhipped whipping cream to the blender with the eggnog and the rum and whip it up real good.

Perspective Recipe (like totally untried, mind you, I just estimate and do to taste):

1 cup eggnog

1-2 tablespoon coconut rum

1 teaspoons of unwhipped whipping cream (1 tablespoon of whipped)

1/8th-1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, sprinkled in.

Through trial and error it is better to skip mixing the whip cream in and just putting it on top. It takes blending home-whipped whipping cream in a blender, blend it in before adding the coconut rum.

Until you do that this whole ‘Global Warming’ thing is still too abstract for many people.

If Global Warming is as dangerous as you say than this needs to be made into laws that cannot be voted out or changed by a president and administration.

The Voter Class People are very susceptible to being lead this way or that which could lead to a major catastrophe as ‘the adults in the room’ with science facts are belittled and stymied by the corrupt and their money making machine and saving face objective.

In order to do this you need to Own The Global Warming Argument far better than you have, though your choir is well preached to.

There is another old tactic that gets used and is ‘the boogeyman’ scare that gets people to move in the right direction. No more boogeyman or butterfly effect, these undermine our trust in you and therefore your cause.

“You have not won the crowd in this, it is still suspected of you.”

Cost-effective solutions need to be forefront and this needs to be done as an emergency instead of business as usual.

People are also from different origins with different original stuff as the make-up of who they are and this is ‘the reality filter’ that sets the stage for how they view the world or get by in it.

Evolved Philosophies are also part of a Normality that We Are Accustomed To, and this is ‘the reality philter’ potion we imbibe. This can lead us to thinking our view is the one totally right when all along there were other truths we could not fully encompass.

Exactly like conservatives and liberals, and this is literally related to the above stuff mentioned.

But at the same time Robotic Sex Dolls may make a lasting marriage more possible, with separate bedrooms and you with your beautiful young little white robot that never gets older… and her with her vibrating well-hung big black robot, or is that a cowboy robot, ya never know with her anymore.