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Monthly Archives: January 2020

How does this apply in a larger context, or even being in context?

Well, it certainly isn’t ‘nothing’, and it certainly isn’t ‘everything’, by what is left by adding these two together is ‘something’.

This is a Macro Issue that effects us all the way down on earth.

It is a very old issue, a very old argument, and people like Me lose it to people who just wont listen nor relinquish control.

They use their control to fulfill their larger paradigm that deals with Duty.

when left to their own devices they always opt for control and work, both of which are very important, very successful, but this has trodden all over an older normal, one in which intelligent methods and free time are of high value as well”

We are now stuck in a civilization being controlled by the hard working and dutiful that keep putting themselves into power and opting for work(the economy) and duty instead of most intelligent methods(full automation) and free time.

What needs to happen is that a whole new sub-civilization needs to emerge within the already exiting ones, and this will be self-sustaining in food production and water purification, and heavily into recycling everything they can.

That will take the place of the welfare state for the most part, but don’t be surprised if it wins by a landslide in the end due to the fact it is more intelligent and gives us free time, and is a lot better lifestyle than dealing with having to go to work and find jobs.

There are some basic things that people need or want.

The only avenue open in the status quo is jobs or crime or homelessness.

But all along those basic things and wants can be done far differently and more intelligently.

Things like landowner paradigm and patent laws need to be taken apart, legally. It does not need to be ‘no landowners’, just a division into 50%/50% or more. In reality we have to give a whole lot of Land back to Nature, and then we can split the rest between land holders and non-owned lands for dwelling rent-free and without taxation.

The idea that if you invented something only you gets to use the idea is another abstract. It prevents civilization from moving forward and all so you can make a lot of money.

The idea of owning land is an abstract. This includes resources lands we all need. We think of this abstract as ‘reality’ because it is an established norm that we grew up into. It was not properly examined and in part because it protects itself that way from the power position it put itself into. Socializing Norms.

But when one examines things in a fuller way some things unravel.

As they unravel we need to reinvent from the ground up instead of trying to fix an off-course status quo.

“some may be content in tee pees with peace pipes but others will want video games and computers in their tee pees as well… well, yurts at that point.”

And this is why ‘patents’ come up.

In an Extra-Dimensional Conversation there are all sorts of questions being asked that others have already asked, and the repetitive loop is related to this… the experience is always new at the onset due to it being a different region and it’s time at the stage/podium.

But on this end as well it will just end up being repetitive do to the fact that is was already asked/answered by other regions.

Things evolved this way and are basically stuck. You do all sorts of damage trying to fix the problems. We will just have to endure through it, and explain it well enough for ‘the credibility report’.


Armageddon deals with Overcoming Titanic Problems.

The Problems that could not be out-grown are being warred. The war is very costly in casualties due to the nature of the way things evolved with form power and weak oceanic regions/beings.

Things in these regions are closer to the animal kingdom and survival than to legal societies the original normal they are working off of.

The inertia is quite horrendous.

The timelines deal in ages.

But The People are Us, and have been the entire time. Eternal, mostly timeless but time is experienced.

So it comes down to seeing you there as ‘the ruler’ and That Ain’t Gonna Fly, buster.


The Natural World that is being displaced by The Productive Citizen and their need for Jobs and Land is directly related to The Option in question.

The Birds and The Bees do not pay rent, nor work jobs. They live The True Normality.

The Productive Citizen is in gross violation of The True Normality that it is displacing.

In the end The Productive Citizen is part of a Self-Slaver and System Slavery.

In The End We Will Be At War Over This.

“being compassionate with heroine addicts and meth-heads is not really dealing with the truth and enables a large problem”

Detox Detox Detox.

The decriminalization of very addictive drugs does not lead to a big success of a civilization but to a big failure.

This is the big sad truth.

But there is more:

One of the things that the right gets wrong is the ‘us vs them’ mentality, just like the left gets wrong with ‘we are all in this together’. These are both truths, but are not absolute. Do not take either approach when dealing with this problem, it will fail in the quicksand it is up against.

One of the reasons people take drugs is they enjoy the experience.

At a certain point and time it is those policing the situation that are committing the crime. Their utilitarian doctrine goes too far in it’s ‘drug free stance’ and commits crimes against pot-heads.

Lets takes pot and the more addictive alcohol out of the picture and just go for the hard drugs. Good first step, unless you want to go on breaking the law with your ‘tough-love’ stance.

But this ends here. When you get into meth or heroine or cocaine you are now over your head and are most certainly going to face addiction problems.

{Utopia will not turn a blind eye, it will mandatory detox you at a certain point, complete friends and community intervention, but only the serious repeat offenders will get jail time. Utopia has to do this because you will have plenty of time (to screw your life up with/to screw our lives up with), though hopefully you will have less of a reason to ‘excess’ as you are no longer forced into the system}

There is an ‘inner sureness’ that can be exploited.

There are all sorts of other things that lead to this as well.

One of the things going on here is not something easy to understand with linear space science, and this deals with the mergers of being in a way humans cannot do.

This changes the very nature of something, like water and dirt making mud, but you are the mud, made of two earlier things, and the sentience of the mud is different from that of the water and earth.

Overloads of Consciousness by Stronger Forces is part of the Manipulation of Sentience and Inner Sureness.

Part of that Inner Sureness comes from a Region of Direct Fact or Deep Necessity(which is a truth more important than being truthful) . The Direct Fact may not be universal and therefore is not the absolute truth we feel it to be. As well there came about the ‘threading of fates’ in which two different things were put into another thing or two different processes were done at the same time. This was a form or clever use of karma, and it was thought by some overloaded regions as a way of ‘canceling things out’ (titans are overpowered but not all that intelligent in some ways, though they can have a very strong focus that beats yours). Karma itself had actually been Engineered into Reality, though it as well is not a universal truth nor the original reality, and it is getting shut down as well, btw.”

This is stuff that is written all over the place in Spirituality as well as Old Warrior Codes.

“Part of what is ensuing is a Contest of Ways, and Me is not going to back down when it comes to Civilization Reinvention… it’s My Job(e)!”

Humans needs to slow down. Things need to be honed down.

I’m a confirmed Taurus and I like my feet on the ground not hovering in the air or dangling over waters.

I never left here. I’m as computer advanced as the next guy and hungering for the space age, but I never left here. These ancient times and peoples are too much of a stable place within. It keeps calling. They keep calling. It is a simpler earth and simpler time that They are calling us back to, that Us is calling us back to.

-7 Fat 7 Lean (-7F7L-)

Though the technical % is low in comparison to the amount of flights the actual human experience of focusing on something heartbreaking, bad, or shocking is different than being mellow about it with larger statistics, and it is just as accurate

That whole Feb thing just isn’t working, it’s too long of a wait, cuts into another man’s sports territory.