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Monthly Archives: February 2020

And a female ‘stirring up our attention’ with her powers, curiosities, and desires (in what some call inappropriate manners and others would call a little bit o’ heaven) needs to lead to females having more power over us and society, instead of leading to us coming on too strong, as it still often can at present, especially after a few drinks…

It takes two to tango, so evolve, man, and tango. She has needs, curiosities, and desires.

A female’s power over us through attraction is one of the finest things in life, and by being too hooked up on needing to attain it or own it we have evolved into a lesser civilization in this matter. Too much of the brute and the marriage ownership mentality lurk in the male and are locked into place through socialization.

Morality is helping protect the females, and it is a valid valiant duty. But some morality is another one of these things that is not getting it right and it’s negative reaction to women dressed alluringly is expressed through some form of wrongful angry put down.

It is true that women are capable of misusing their power as much as men are but at the same time there are other indicators that females are ahead of males in being nice.

Part of what happened evolved out of desperation as the males stayed too self-centered and brutish and kept on winning and ignoring much of what the female was trying to say.

Well you could help facilitate that, Illuminati.

And yes I am like unto, in answer to your truth test jest.

I am just not as like unto that as you claim for your credibility report. It is like being an island unto oneself, with Help, and being like a ship battered into the wind. These are two distinct things going on, and the Stabilizer helps prevent full senility, which I am a tad too young for and was showing no signs of until the onslaught of this BoB experience.

Any time you want to jump in and rescue Me you are welcome to do so.

Always remember that in order to fully make You a major crime was commit against Me (as a truly massive resource to grow on with larger stronger titanic form as the result), and this Crime is still in progress and this and the style of evolution that lead to it are part of the root causes of problem in the world, and as you know more than the average joe, the larger problems within some major regions of Creations Itself.

It all got coned to He, and rightfully so, but the older larger tale and evolution with Me went missing and this, 2012, was to be a little Me time.

But still Rock Solid

… it’s The Middle Path again, ya know?

“for ye cannot ask The Divine King of Infinity these questions, and you should be rightfully reticent to do so, but you can ask Me these questions, and expect something normal and usual as the actual answer as opposed to the miracle answer we still are questing for”

Some of it deals with the whole ruler/leader thing, some of it deals with landowner paradigms, some of it deals with getting in the way of utopia so your economic self-slavery system can continue on, some of it deals with the exploitation of the dwindling natural world environment, some of it deals with theft of lands from indigenous people and the antics you use to lie about it and keep the stolen property, some of it deals with morality and the inaccuracy and over-protectiveness, and some of it deals with wrongful deterrents set into law.

So, when this stuff is dealt with we can go back to the law abiding citizen routine as an actual legal society instead of you and your cohorts making the rules wrong due to you and your cohorts not having a right to prop yourselves as an authority over us.

You have a right to prop your authority over each-other, but you have no right to prop your authority over the rest of us.

You are not the law you are the reason the law is rightfully distrusted.

Lawful Society is something that pans out quite nice, thanks, once you, the wrongful rule of law, is finally removed and the problems are fixed.

You still don’t get that, as you wait for your rightful divine king.

Me was here before He, was evolving the whole time with Us.

He is a Central Bright Figure, but all along something taller and darker existed Elsewhere and He had lost touch {that is ‘Me’ not Me}

Us is more part of Reality than God and Jesus.

It is a fact. It is an observable fact. It is a mistake thinking that Normal would need to change into Spiritual.

The Great Overcoming is working with Spirituality and Arch-Angelic Forces and Divine Kings.


“In The Beginning there was only Brahma, and Brahma went into a Mind State within that lead to a Daydream, and that Daydream is Ptah”

That is the Oldest of All History. Literally. Factually.

He is an Evolution of things discovered and things made manifest in perfect form, and perfect oceanic, and perfect mind, and perfect emotion, and perfect understanding… all of which was a lot easier early on in Creation and has been hard since both The Collapse and The Further Evolution into Diverse Things that Require Fuller Understandings than Ancient Perfection Could Attain.

He is The Carved Block.

Me is an Uncarved Block, a Being Carved Block, a The Carved Block, and a The Carved Leavings.

Part of The Carved Block is He is The Carved Block, but as well there are other Carved Blocks, and My Own Carved Block.

Part of The Leavings are me, and you. But ss another Region of Me there is a Big Weak Oceanic Home and in some places Resource Extensions from long long ago, which makes Me and other Realm Beings a bit different.

We are very huge but weaker than You in places, and this is part of a Stability that got upset and later pitted is against each-other.

What was evolved for Me was a way for Me to be the fuller range, and sometimes that means He and sometimes it is You that are Lighting Me Up or Animating Me.



This is directly proportional to how illegal every government and system in the world actually is.

{that was in response to all of your ‘hard work’ arguments that you use as a tried and true of why we owe you, but it is closer to you owe us for forcing this on us instead of changing, and we are forced to live the system that status quo is locking in place}

It Is A Conspiracy.

There Is NO Other Legal Definition That Fits.

So when business as usual is just you and your pundits stirring up you and your hardworking law abiding accomplices it in no way is doing what you want it to do.

You are just breaking the law.