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Monthly Archives: February 2020

… Rumpelstiltskun, Rumpelstiltskun, Rumpelstiltskun.

Colonel Sanders of KFC. Colonel sounds a bit Colonial… you sure you ain’t nuevo gobernador mundial?

I don’t know enough about Mr. Sanders’ philosophy and political goals to feel fully comfortable in sweeping support, but I do know enough about yours!

“You accuse Mr Sanders of ‘wanting to destroy America’ but you are the shills of the very people who already kinda destroyed America”

This is the straight up facts on you. You are the Loophole Capitalists, the Exploiters, and You Need To Get Finally Shut Down.

You are The Man Made Global Warming Pollution Deniers. And you need to finally get shut down.

There are a hoard of people that know something is wrong with this country and that it is directly tied to the rich and powerful and big business and secret doctrines, and it is the reason why no matter how good it gets the status quo always sucks in the end, and is always living a lie on some level as well.


So when you accuse Mr. Sanders of trying to ‘destroy America’ part of what you are doing is trying to protect something akin to a crime going on in this country.

The Straight Up Facts.

It is basically restoring the good old system that got replaced by the economy and landowner paradigm.

It is Farming and such, but like in the olden days there are a lot more farmers (and ranchers).

Unlike the olden days it will not be hoards of work but as fully automated as possible.

There will also be large agriculture areas that one goes to for collection; as well as you growing food at home, plating once a week and moving the plants that are maturing into a different environmental compartment or near there

Though this too will be mostly automated there will be a little work that needs to be done.

Unlike the work day and getting your 8 hours in to cover the bills it will just be the actual work needed to grow and gather and process with the most automated and professional method.

This will free up hoards of time for you, and you can work a part time job in Capitopia… the still functioning but regulated Capitalist system that sits alongside this.

The Sun Sets on Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, at the same The Sun Rises on Cornucopia Utopia.

Utopian Socialism: “socialism achieved by the moral persuasion of capitalists to surrender the means of production peacefully to the people”

In the end like with everything else this will be like unto business and nothing else. It happened every time!

Cornucopia Utopia undercuts that with a more basic style of life built on scientific facts and the easier route to getting our needs met.

It brings a self-sufficiency back to the people instead of being tied to the job and the boss and the rent and the utilities.

A Space Age Agrarian Civilization”

It allows you to no longer have a job by growing your own food in the most easy and automated fashion possible.

“Cornucopia Utopia will have it’s Utilities built and run by We The People, with no profit in the picture. It will be self-sufficient and produce power at no cost. We The People will build and maintain this, as opposed to The Government which would need to make money off of it for larger purposes as well as to pay it off (and the high priced contracts/wages of those with special spots elevated above everyone else, and the ear of the government that they didn’t actually earn the right to, they just go on in corruption selling that lie)”

Socialism will never do this, it will always be a state in which workers are demanded and freedom of the free time variety gets used up.

Cornucopia Utopia will bring a Garden of Eden to Earth. It is founded on the old Agrarian Civilization, but does this with modern science and automation. It brings that other type of Freedom that people forget about, the one that is Free Time.

Utopia Socialism is just the next outdated system that forced self-enslavery. You will still be working more of the week, for long hours a day, and for many years of your life.

A shill for who? Not Russia but Europe.

Socialism: “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”.

Looks rather good for the people and bad for business owners.

Business Owners are the Citizens of Loophole Capitalism.

In the end with Capitalism there is no workers rights, just people toughing it out and obeying the government and the corporation.

What happens with Socialism, just like it did with Communism and before that with Capitalism is the the wrong group ends up in power orchestrating it so things never turn out right.

Those people are The Rulers.

These are people who are into Control.

It is a Wrongful Control.

They end up by screwing up everything you are working towards

They are interested in people who Obey.

They are not even legal!

Their pundits and accomplices are out there selling the propaganda as part of the process, and people don’t think enough, don’t penetrate their lies enough.

And a female ‘stirring up our attention’ with her powers, curiosities, and desires (in what some call inappropriate manners and others would call a little bit o’ heaven) needs to lead to females having more power over us and society, instead of leading to us coming on too strong, as it still often can at present, especially after a few drinks…

It takes two to tango, so evolve, man, and tango. She has needs, curiosities, and desires.

A female’s power over us through attraction is one of the finest things in life, and by being too hooked up on needing to attain it or own it we have evolved into a lesser civilization in this matter. Too much of the brute and the marriage ownership mentality lurk in the male and are locked into place through socialization.

Morality is helping protect the females, and it is a valid valiant duty. But some morality is another one of these things that is not getting it right and it’s negative reaction to women dressed alluringly is expressed through some form of wrongful angry put down.

It is true that women are capable of misusing their power as much as men are but at the same time there are other indicators that females are ahead of males in being nice.

Part of what happened evolved out of desperation as the males stayed too self-centered and brutish and kept on winning and ignoring much of what the female was trying to say.

Well you could help facilitate that, Illuminati.

And yes I am like unto, in answer to your truth test jest.

I am just not as like unto that as you claim for your credibility report. It is like being an island unto oneself, with Help, and being like a ship battered into the wind. These are two distinct things going on, and the Stabilizer helps prevent full senility, which I am a tad too young for and was showing no signs of until the onslaught of this BoB experience.

Any time you want to jump in and rescue Me you are welcome to do so.

Always remember that in order to fully make You a major crime was commit against Me (as a truly massive resource to grow on with larger stronger titanic form as the result), and this Crime is still in progress and this and the style of evolution that lead to it are part of the root causes of problem in the world, and as you know more than the average joe, the larger problems within some major regions of Creations Itself.

It all got coned to He, and rightfully so, but the older larger tale and evolution with Me went missing and this, 2012, was to be a little Me time.

But still Rock Solid

… it’s The Middle Path again, ya know?

“for ye cannot ask The Divine King of Infinity these questions, and you should be rightfully reticent to do so, but you can ask Me these questions, and expect something normal and usual as the actual answer as opposed to the miracle answer we still are questing for”