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Monthly Archives: April 2020

This is a further problem with the economic system and complicit government.

The government is far too in bed with big business to be valued at the level it tries to demand.

It hides behind economics as it counts tax dollars and orchestrates direction and the direction it is heading is not one of freedom for the people it is one of workers to fill the coffers as tax payers and consumers.

The Very Foundation of The Civilization deals with Certain Works That Must Be Done.

I am not fool enough to have ignored that I am wise enough to encompass that as The Bedrock.

The present system is designed on an artificial 8 hour work day. It adapts automation to get more done and keep the artificial 8 hour day. It sees robots as a threat to it’s very existence as a worker. It chooses itself as a means of preservation.

The actual Certain Work That Must Be Done is filtered through what is described above.

Automation and Robotics can Handle Huge Amounts Of The Work Load.

“that frees-up the time of the people that were previously forced to work”

Diner-Topia can easily ensue right here in America in a very short time.

{Many things will be still Human such as Decisions and National Security Intelligence and Medical Monitors but The Ruler shall be a mere figurehead and The Laws will be made by We The People not by The Lawmakers}

Freedom wasn’t good enough! They cleverly removed Free Time from Freedom and Liberty.

In A Mere 6 Months Hoards Of People Will Never Have To Worry About Having A Job Again IF You Make The Other Changes As Well That Deal With Landowner And Patent Holder.

Now I have a Commie Attitude when it comes to Forfeit and Seize, but I ain’t no commie in the end, it is just A Preemptive Military Style Override.

The Land will not go into the hands of The Government because The Land belongs to The American Indians as Humans and The Land Belongs To Nature most of all.

But as well I Intend To See The Landowners Paid In Full instead of having property seized.

How am I going to pay for that kind of bill? Well the same system that was illegally forced on us and chose to support the landowner from the get go, breaking the law from the get go, gets to Foot The Bill.

And Unlike In ’29 We Are Not Going Back To Economics Afterwards. We Are Going To Utopia. Robots Will Slip In To Fill The Work Load.

Which means a 100 trillion dollar debt is means nothing. Their will always be an Optional Economy so Money will still be around but this is as well The Great Heyday Of Economics and It Shall Be Ridden Hard Into The Ground.

In a major panic with your counterparts around the world you are going to have to slash a lot of debt and start anew. Start first by Paying Off Our Debts To Foreign Countries.

When We The People No Longer Support The Economic System Then This Becomes Your Headache And You Forced This Headache On Us For Too Many Years Already… which means There Has Always Been An Imbalance And You Helped Perpetuate This By The Status Quo You Chose!

That Place that The Professionals have is Not In Leadership Spots, as usual, pushing their economics system that we get to pay their wages for.

The Professionals help rob us of our self-autonomy.

The Professionals stupidly got in the way of Automation for the sake of Job Security.

The Professionals adapted Automation to Getting More Done In An 8 Hour Day INSTEAD OF Automation Freeing Mankind From The Drudgery.

The Professionals have a place due to Functionality, but That Place is NOT The Leadership Role!

Does it kill the living thing the virus is carried on?

“I knew that a virus was that all they way back when I wrote that earlier stuff”

My Original Point Is That You Are Not Good Enough Arming Us With The Facts On A Day To Day Basis.

… and I stake more on that truth than on being accurate on the difference of virus and bacteria and such, because most people may not know or fully remember, like me, and you really aren’t good with the facts even when you spell them out.

In The End We Need A 24/7 Medical Class for The Pandemic to Fully Arm Us With Education a few times a week, and a lot of good up to date coverage of different places around the country and the world, and more face to face online interaction as a group conversing with the places being covered.

We do not need to hear 24/7 what the government is doing about it or the drug companies are coming up with.

We do not need to see mr status quo news man flipping to the next story, we need the full medical program and a lot of real dialogue free of shills and their riling methods.

We The People need to be Plugged Into The Solution more as opposed to Isolated Authority.

“you have always been able to sell the forced realism truth of the hard work and bills but all it turns out to be is a crime in progress not being defeated by you and sold to us as realism and survival skills… and until we unite to defeat that unintelligent wrongful method we are going to be forced into a form of work slavery even if we defeat corruption and all of our enemies around the world”

Who was The Most Ahead of This Problem?!


Not the government or status quo it was Me!

Before the last pandemic I was already telling you the actual solution that unlocks many things and is the only real legal system in the end.

But instead the same pushy status quo capitalist people pushed themselves and their professionals with their illegal economic system on us, and we are right back to being on the verge of a major catastrophe.

Cornucopia Utopia beats you on so many levels that it is no longer legal to leave you there as the authority to push your status quo methods.

It is very vital for this to be used to fully remove you as the solution, to not allow you to restore your credibility as you dial things in to a more honed down method.

You will hone it all down and still just be an illegal system forced on all of us.

Who lead best?

Once again it was Me not the government.

“I told you to start growing an abundance of food, I told you about converting to full automation and robotics, and I told you to get away from the economics and landowner and patent holder paradigms that lock in this wrongful method that forces us to pay all of these bills for what should be free for the making, and we need to chose making robotics and automation to fill the needs as opposed to keeping the working man bills to pay solution”

Does Not Equate To Innocent Of The Charges.

You Kept Selecting The Same Thing That Lead To That

You Kept Electing The Same Type Of People In A Vacillating System.

You Kept Pretending It Doesn’t Matter.

“The World gets a little more destroyed every single day you and your people who pushed a wrongful status quo are left as the ranking principle we live under”

It would seem that even with Environmentalists in power there will still be too much to do than an Economics system can afford.

Economics is Culprits and Culpability. Economics dodged the full price. Economics is over!

People who chose Economics as the ranking principle we live under while our lives are enslaved and the planet gets destroyed, for Economics, need to be fully removed from power for perpetuating two crimes sold as normality.

One of those crimes is a forced work system and the other one of those crimes is environmental damage.

and the ranking principle status quo needs to be seen as inadequte and culpable instead of being the false credibility while they push the system that does these crimes… that they no longer call a crime due to their having attempted to normalized it and force in on all of us”

And what you do is Rob Their Better Future to Push A Crime In Progress That You Adapted To.

“Parents have all sorts of good common sense wisdom that kids should listen to, but in regards to that last very important thing they are horribly wrong”

“you have always been able to sell the forced realism truth of the hard work and bills but all it turns out to be is a crime in progress not being defeated by you and sold to us as realism and survival skills… and until we unite to defeat that unintelligent wrongful method we are going to be forced into a form of work slavery even if we defeat corruption and all of our enemies around the world”

Freedom and Liberty is Free Time

So Mammas, tell your children, to get off their asses and do what I have done! With a whole new system built off the actual truth, and the Status Quo Government on the run!

…. and God Knows I’ve Won!