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Monthly Archives: May 2020

The core issues are not really being dealt with anymore, and the argument has been shunted aside into some other thing.

Disparity of Wealth argument is a sham that doesn’t fully pan out.

The illogical when used on the whole landowner paradigm does pan out.

The Butterfly Effect doesn’t pan out.

The lack of logic behind the patent having this much of a stymie on this many people’s lives does, and the economic system is part of this.

Freedom is in a large part Free Time, but you have taken this in all of these other directions and Free Time went missing.

Environmental Destruction is bad and illegal but you took this down the Global Warming Path and lost the whole shebang.

The people you are up against routinely lie and get away with it and you are too milquetoast to make the needed legal stench about it as a group (with the legal facts and a lot of back-up) and oust the liars from their positions of power.

You are still too adherent towards electing leaders to take care of our problems and I don’t make that mistake. I judge things by the track record! I basically know what to do to fix the problems. It is logical and inventive.

You have lost all of these other arguments, having chosen the status quo working man tax-gathering solutions.

And now you are getting the rest of the truth rammed down your throats.

Do I need to reiterate that?!?

I goddamn guarantee I do!

Oh, it’s just an Inter-Asian business arrangement, with the emerging largest economy, but nothing to be alarmed about, America.

“it’s just business, guys, you should know that, and if you die by the sword you lived by you should be man enough to shut up about it for a change”

Some past civilizations that believed in reincarnation began to plan ahead for their future births. They realized the condition of what they were born into would be effected by the type of civilization they left in place.

This type of thinking ensures a better future if done right. As far as I can tell some macro part of us really does reincarnate, but it has gone on for so long and seems like a form of eternal normal to us so it gets missed.

Many things in religion and scriptures lead us down the wrong path, and this lead to a mass rejection of the whole thing done from a scientific viewpoint.

But Science as well is limited to what they can measure with their instruments and spirituality has basically proven it does exist, though the scriptures do not pan out.

Some part of you that is alive now will be alive again in the future. Any success or failure you have with global warming and pollution and freedom from being enslaved to an economic system will be re-experienced.

The decisions of a certain type of person keep railroading us down the wrong course and it is time to finally shut you down so our future, one we will live on earth again, is not locked into what it is now. You people are not actually qualified to be our leaders, though it is as much an transposed problem from the past with an interlocking power structure as opposed to whether you are or not qualified to be out leaders. The system you work within is not qualified to be our leader.

The planet is not in as good of shape as is let on, and on our side we prefer to be a bit conservative about the amount that has been damaged or destroyed.

This issue is not negotiable and it is definitely a crime in progress.

The condition of some species is worsening through global warming and man made impact.

The man made impact is being wrongfully downplayed.

The economic system is not as important as the old natural world it has taken a part in destroying.

“see, I can never vote for someone as president who is not environmentally friendly, or a staunch environmentalist (though I do not agree with every staunch environmentalist and I think we need to intervene directly to save the species from man made impacts and global warming as opposed to leaving them alone until they die unassisted)”

This is not and never was a fringe argument it is an act of war! What has been done to this planet in the name of economics and the expanding out of an over-population of humans is coming down to an act of war.

You do not need to destroy the planet anymore you need to repair the damage you have done and let nature reclaim some.

We as a species need to start regulating our birth rate, all around the globe, and socializing people away from the family as the mainstay paradigm. It doesn’t need to be weird but it still needs to get done.

You keep not taking care of the problems, and America is by far not the worst of them in some things, and go on day after day as a people that simply wont, as a group, shut the whole thing down and get it right from the ground up. And because of this many problems are never really resolved.

There are hoards of business owners that don’t fit this paradigm that have their windows smashed out, but by default that is the underlying truth on a basic level.

Businesses built on Stolen Lands and The People refusing to do the fully lawful thing, decade after decade, generation after generation, century after century.

It is part of a criminal tactic and that is why it is breaking the law.

The things I am pointing out are not fringe arguments they are The Law and if you ever want an actual legal system we can all live in happily these are things that must be confronted and overcome as opposed to business as usual (which equates to crime in progress).

You are breaking the law by saying these things due to the effect it has on the learning mind and a failure to see the actual facts in the end as they get bullied and belittled into a fringe argument and there you are wrongfully entrenched in authority spots lying to the public and leading us astray and you are breaking the law.

“That thing you are calling ‘realism’ that you have founded your entire philosophy on is not realism at all it is forced realism and is therefor a crime in progress not a viable legal normality”