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Monthly Archives: June 2020

“First of all God and Jesus have been elevated by Religion into something they are not, and in fact it is Brahma that is the only Original Eternal Being, and They are riding out Power Thrones and such through The Titanic Era, but They do have special powers that effect sentience, but this does not at all extend into omnipotence, omnipresent, omniscient, that is a human fantasy tale not a factual statistic, but things are more complicated than just that because it is also and extra-dimensional tale and supported by a multitude and macro level Beings even larger and older”

Well, I ain’t an avatar or messiah but this Elder Information that is part of The Old Brahma Line does the same type of thing without all of that (overly) high spiritual stuff, and it has an Extra-Dimensional Platform that allows The Great Awakening and therefor can be similar to messiah and avatar without all of that better (and more duanting) spiritual stuff, which doesn’t have the fuller truth that this Older Platform does, anymore than the elite spiritual wise person has the larger truth of the rest of us. The Carved Block Lacks Something.

In fact one of the major things here is that wasn’t the full truth and the older thing is more normal.

So there is a whole lot of dispelling the jacked-up belief while verifying the true existence of, and a database of deity that have the actual statistics on the origins of that divinity stuff.

When dealing with the spiritual path one will go to spiritual planes and not even know something else exists beyond that and it ain’t a higher state it is an older normal that predates the elevated state (though there are some basic roots in that due to the nature of reality, but the inheritors were not The Original Being but smaller newer parts of The Original Being.

Normal is Very Stable and Eternal, and Spirituality is an Elevated State and not ‘universal’, which was part of a great overcoming that we are still coming out of and overstepped it’s jurisdiction during an advanced emergency.

“Due to The Other Half of Evolution that is not untouched by the ravages of what happened in Creation and The Titanic Era I have real problems like real people, and more problems than many, and these are caused by ancient assaults on parts of My Being, and it is a bit different when one considers Realm Being as opposed to human organic body inhabited by spirit, the assault is on the body and the mind and they are closer to the same thing”

“Can we start another chapter here, something a little more bland and stable and status quo…”

There is a whole other Story here, extra-dimensionally, and it doesn’t deal with Mysticism it deals with Reality Stabilizers and Containment, and this is of course Macro Level though it can be easily visible in the people on earth.

There is an Old War at Macro Levels that is very much related to Who We Are as Conservatives and Liberals. The Liberals came from the weaker Regions and were in need of and got Greater Assistance, but The Conservatives are more part of The Solution and must get Assistance as well (as opposed to transferring it all to the weaker Liberals (which ends up causing a collapse of reality in certain areas and is stuck having gone too far while the other side that was stronger is stuck being part of the problem that could not be overcome full, in Our Timeframe)

Part of what Government is has roots in this, and this Ancient Macro Evolution it is part of why many people respond positively to a government or rulers, or react so badly to it.

Though this is not visible to the human eye or scientific instruments it effects the very person one is. This is something closer to Material Plane than to Soul Plane, but this isn’t Linear Space it is Extra-Dimensional and is Descended from Original Reality (Predating Deity).

Original Reality Original Normal is Solidified In Form Evolution, while The Soul Plane and Spiritual/Mystical are from another Type of Evolution, which is Vacuums and Voids, and the earlier Ptah-like Evolutions (from Dawn of Creation of Original Being (Brahma) going within in Mind Zone (Ptah)).

Material Plane is like unto Original Normal in many ways, and Soul Plane is Advanced Evolved Elite Weaker Reality.

The Titan Realm is a major part of The Problem but is also an unavoidable intrinsic part of The Solution.

“The Balance of Reality shifted to The Strong from The Original during a Massive Crime that lead to The Collapse of Creation in places, and part of Stabilizers and Containment are stopping the rest of The Collapse from happening”.

God and Soul Plane are from that other Weaker Reality that is more Magical/Mystical. It is Experientially different, literally another Type of Reality.

Both of these Types, Material Plane and Spiritual Plane evolved from Dawn of Creation that The Beings and The Changes that happened.

Form is Stronger Reality but it is literally Denser and Less Aware. The Vacuum and Void are Naturally More Aware due to their nature and ability to detect things quicker in their weaker regions/selves.

Predators and Prey are also related to this evolution that started in ancient macro times and in part played out over the millions of earth years as what evolved here. The Universe is it’s own unique environment and things like genetic coding also played a major role of how things evolved here. But all along is an even larger and older evolution going through it own circumstances.

Part of the whole original point of giving you this information deals with Working Man Overcometh and The Problems With Being Liberals In A Rush To Utopia/Saving The Planet/Defeating Corruption/Etc. Always remember that The Titan Real as Usurper has destroyed planets (in Astral Plane, or Proto Universes, Etc), has corruption problems and is too obedient to the stronger/strongest members(s). Down here on earth is a direct correlation. “oh, there at it again, are they!”, and unfortunately you are…

But The Status Quo Maintains and is part of Stable Reality and The Solution.


“that’s right, I said Economics needs to go into the back seat instead of driving the car wrong, it needs to be mostly optional not forced on people, thus enslaving them to working 8 hours a day and 5 days a week for 40 years, all for food and shelter and medicine and entertainment that can be done far easier in a more self-autonomous way and still have abundance”

The present system allows the people that work all the time and get rich to buy and up and destroy the old natural world, and without the evils of money through this forced realism many many many people would complain as opposed to needing the job, so there goes the environment.

Economics as it is turns out to be Illegal, it is forced on people, it is a Forced Realism.

Utopia is not a pipe dream it is The Normality of a Thinking Man’s Creative Solution to Sustenance, and without the imbalance of money makes it easier for all to have plenty, and is the closest thing to 100% guarantee that no one will ever go hungry, lack medicine, food, clothing shelter.

“money is not at all evil on it’s own, in fact it’s way cool, but this economic system needs to be an optional thing and the power of buying up and chopping down needs to be curtailed, as well as polluting and stymieing the legal logical backlash, and illegally done from authority positions”

I don’t agree with taking down Confederate Statues, that is part of Our History.

I also don’t agree with a lot of stuff that is Rap Music, by the way.

The way to solve the problems won’t come as easy as knocking down statues and getting nazi on history, it will come from better socialization away from racism and colonial left-over new world government.

And the only direction we really need to take it is along the same lines that the American Forefathers, trying to escape The Monarchy Colonial Powers, were trying to head. We The People must stride forward where they floundered.

There is a limited amount of stuff one can do in the end as far as where to go.

We don’t need a new country we just need to step in where the forefathers failed as landowners, slave owners, and a republic and electorate democracy.

In fact once the Basic Laws of We The People are written and agreed on by We The People (as opposed to lawmakers) are finally set down there is not much of a place for rulers and lawmakers.

Once economics is defeated and put in the back seat instead of the driver seat we can have abundance and free time in a much easier way.

And if some people want to keep ‘racial segregated communities’ of any race that should be their right as long as it is not spilling over or trying to wrongfully rule over. The racism issue needs to be tackled but the ways of pushing us all together are just gonna backlash, just gonna be the next injustice.

When you continue to vote for the status quo economic system and then you complain about how tax dollars are used you had never gotten that having bullied the actual legal truth out of the discussion you were neither legal nor using the rest of the facts needed for making such decisions.

As long as you keep forcing the economic system with the landowner and patent holder paradigm on us you are continually breaking the law.

As you preach to the choir and groupthink your way through the information you are no longer dealing with the legal truth.

As you select what is and is not of value to these discussions as an illegal ruler lawmaker group you are no longer getting that you do not have the right nor credibility for the role you have continually pushed yourselves into.

“you people have stolen our freedom and prevented the type of civilization that we need to live in, and then you complain about welfare costs and people not working but all along you are a big hardworking group making an illegal decision that forced us all to do things your (wrongful) way; and you in no way represent the rest of us you represent your own kind of people”

You want to run around here with the tax dollar solution making determinations from authority spots so it is time that the actual truth gets put back on the page instead of the red herring that the democrats use and lose arguments with.

It’s called The Truth and all of your status quo propaganda and status quo political correctness never get here.

All you people end up doing is keeping the same illegal system going that squashes the illegal rebellion.

You never get you have no legal rights to that government built on stolen lands, those business built on stolen lands, that authority position propped over all over, that economic’s system propped over all of us.

You never get that until things are changed food stamps and welfare are every goddamn bit as important as the military spending.

You see things through your own eyes, the self-sufficient working man, that doesn’t see we are far from all the same and you live something that is a cumbersome forced realism and it doesn’t work for the rest of us.

In fact you get so far gone with your balance the budget routine you have basically dehumanized the process of government and only your type of people are given credibility.

All we ever hear is how we are suppose to be like you and many of us can’t and most of us are not interested in being self-enslaved for 40 years, nor are we stuck on the stock market and economics.

You are your system have stolen our freedom and then angrily demanded that we be like you and fit in your stupid box.

the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from the shutting down of the economy from covid-19 pandemic caused the globe to cool slightly thus causing the condensing of diffuse water vapors in the atmosphere which lead to elevated levels of precipitation”

There ain’t enough options in these capitalist, communist, socialists systems that allow for not having to work a job and pay rent; not enough options that allow living actual freedom aka free time aka at my own pace aka the truth of what got stolen.

Distracting Things away somehow actually works to a large degree.

The Solution is coming from the other end but it ain’t all tidy whitey like archangels it is a big old titanic tyrant mess.


Rock N Roll

Video Games

The Problem is that early on after I wake up comes Loudy Duty Time and this will prevent Me from doing the video game thing. “there is certainly a lot more important things to do than video games (and there is, and it tends to disaster out on some days, and can’t go back, nor is there any interest in doing so, like normal, ya know)”

Who’d uh thunk it!?

But you refuse to listen to how the economy needs to go into stasis and robotic farming and processing need to be relied on as we ride it out…

You really need to get your ass handed to you and be seen as: no longer viable, don’t belong on the radio, f**kin wack ass, abnormal sold as what we are suppose to be, slaves of mammon, boring jackass, and an illegal civilization style.

Hey listen, you have a right to work during a pandemic but you have no right to force this economic system on us, and that you are doing as a ‘mature’ group.

Your days of being the ranking principle with economics need to come to a rapid close.

Think of all those kids that were happy to not have to go to school, but you focused on those that get to miss graduation. The problem here once again is a forced system that they ‘fall behind’ in. A lot of jobs they end up in won’t have turned out to need the rest of that education.

And the competition is as well part of the Forced Realism, and this spells the rest of why this civilization need to be upended and the people freed from it’s stupid wrongful exploitative grasp.

Being forced to go to school makes one a less balanced person at the same time all that other education makes a more balanced person. Being able to just be ourselves as opposed to needing to fit is a better psychological state.

In the right type of civilization your kids could move out at 14 and give you some space as opposed to keeping them enslaved to school for it.

In the right type of civilization they would learn the basics of gardening as a major survival skill and survive off of it without money. It wouldn’t be old farmer fred’s and his long work hours it would pothead pete’s grow lights smoking that long hour routine.

Add the six other things we say publicly that we don’t privately agree with but are expected to say as mature adults… but it really is just academics propaganda as opposed to a larger truth.