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Monthly Archives: July 2020

And that every time we eat chili we may be spawning off little universes.

“and in the First Hour God ate chili, and in the 2nd Hour The Universe was born, and in the 6th Hour came the Urge, (and The Great Handwashing and Dawn of Purity happened in the 7th Hour)”

Science highly suspects that though the initial ingredients were mixed in God’s Kitchen the actual event happened later, though not too much longer afterwards though there was a God’s Dinning Room phase that came next, and most likely happened in God’s Living Room.

I don’t know climate science enough for this but is seems that as plant life the carbon is sequestered, and as bio-emissions it is in cycle.

“as the population of cows increases due to the population of humans and spreading there seems to be a point when the actual recycled carbon is at a higher rate than it would have been, and thus is a net imbalance”

You are increasing the amount of normally recycling carbon/methane/etc because the population has increased. The normal cow population is greater because of humans and domestication. The greater than normal population leads to a higher output. The normal cycle is impacted once again by humans and the changes they have brought.

If there is a 10 year cycle before this is sequestered back into plant life you end up with an increase perpetually in motion.

As well perhaps is the type of sequestering. If any cow poo is producing methane carbon than a cattle farm that has too many cows and is not properly cleaned up will have more methane carbon leaking into the atmosphere than would the original nature variety of this cycle that gets more quickly absorbed by plant life as fertilizer.

If you look at a farm there is often dirt and poo near big barn areas where livestock is. This is not the normal environment. However I do not know if the poor drying out sequesters carbon better than the poo decomposing in a moister environment, so it could be the opposite as well.

Science knows that answer I do not.

This is just an observation and would take science to measure whether or not there is any actual issue here. Science takes more than industry because industry will spell things out in their favor for economic reasons and the facts will get garbled. Cows on well-trampled farm are smelly mess. Cows in grassy field original setting are less so.

Methane and Poop: “The anaerobic decomposition of livestock and poultry manure, common to manure heaps and slurry tanks, leads to large amounts of methane production due to its large organic carbon content. Similarly, the processing of industrial and domestic waste water and sewage can also produce significant amounts of methane

As a mostly vegetarian I like hummus and beans but that stuff produces plenty methane as well, doesn’t it… so this is not just a meat and dairy industry thing, we need to examine the whole thing; as well I would like to see a decline or end to meat eating, but I have no wish to tie it to global warming if it is not actually tied to it, cases need to be scientifically separate if that is what they are and not butterfly-effect grouped into a universal solution relying on inconsequential effects and a lot of harassment.

I believe in re-engineering the whole thing for maximizing health benefits and minimizing the meat industry’s attempt to make sure our vegi burgers are not more healthy than their meat burgers.

But as well when one is re-designing the civilization one has to take into account what is actually there, scientifically, objectively, including that was actually us that farted in the room, though everyone denied it was them.

One has to account for five billion falafel-eating farters not just an end to the big cow gases from the meat an dairy industry. The human population is far higher than in previous warming cycles, and our diet may be more prone to methane than it was due to the foods we eat and the way they are processed. And we have allowed a big methane buddy, the cow, to exist in larger numbers at the same time.

The Normal Cycle is at an Elevated Value as more stuff is put into motion within the cycle that would normally remain sequestered as the carbon absorbent.

And economics is still far too much a part of the reasoning for some and this needs to be debunked as unprofessional behavior on the part of the medical profession. You are being mature and reasonable and dealing with economics as well but it is too much of a slippery slope and it is better that you stick to your guns for our safety, better that you be our spokesmen in the face of economics, and better that we go after the economics end that keeps it getting it wrong instead of letting them replace you at the cost of potentially catching a virus that has been understated in severity.


Do masks even work? (or are they like wearing a petri dish?)

If this stuff is passed by breath and water vapors then it is better than nothing, it is catching some of it, isn’t it?

The aerosol level of water vapor will pass more easily through this and not be filtered as well, so it won’t do a lot of good there, but still perhaps slightly better than nothing.

Does it help with inhaling as well as exhaling? I have heard that it only helps with preventing the spread of water droplets at exhaling. This is both logical and counter-intuitive. Anything that got caught at the mask and didn’t get breathed in is helping, isn’t it?

“I have not fully examined the masks that are common but they certainly don’t look adequate and with modern science and engineering we can certainly do better… oh and mamma didn’t raise no fool”

Does having virus caught in the mask and stuck near your face bring it’s own risk? That certainly seems logical. Is a virus like fumes that radiate out or like a bug that got stopped before you sucked it in? It would have stuck to your face most likely anyways, but it is still a noteworthy piece of information.

It seems having no mask at all may be more risky… unless it sits in your mask and spreads to other moistened areas heated by breath making it a wearing petri dish and more likely you will inhale it than without it, in which case masks seem a bit of a conundrum without advanced air circulation filters and systems.

You would not want to inhale whatever it would take to kill the virus so making mask out of naturally retardant or sanitizing stuff is tough. Still one may be able to change masks a lot and find a goldilocks zone of usage.

But most of all I do not think that science and engineering have been used enough in the making of the best masks possible that would better filter aerosol level water and virus. (which also means I can almost guarantee someone has done a lot of work making really good masks, it may even have been on one of them tv shows… but where was that technology when we needed it?!)

Economics should not get in the way of this kind of thing, should not determine if this type of thing is mass produced and handed out to the public. It should not be reliant on someone’s patent. Shame on you! It should not rely on someone’s business and profits. Shame on you!

In fact if you can make really good masks and people social distance and things are well-ventilated and everything is done by scientific standards and not token gestures you can keep a lot more of the civilization and economy going during a pandemic.

And masks should be done well, actually work as filtration, have great coverage, fit tightly but comfortably, and don’t look too stupid.

You want people to wear masks? Make them effective, comfortable, stylish, and easy to deal with.

I do not want to facilitate the anti-masks ‘risk it for economics’ brigade though I accidentally do, I want the straight scientific information on the stuff, and damn it all I want masks that work, I like masks, I think they are smart.

It is to be seen as Our Legal Right That Has Been Wrongfully Taken.

That whole ‘disparity of wealth’ thing was not the full story but this one is.

When it comes to this one it needs to be Returning What Was Stolen as well as Reparations Paid To All Who Have Been Forced To Work Your Economic System… but it must be done in a way that does not end up in our bank accounts.

This must be To Right The Wrong. The money you get would just get spent and the problem would not get solved. And this is not just reparations it is righting the wrong at the ground level. It is a solution that actually works. It undercuts economics and deals directly with product.

Part of The Wrong has been everything being forced into Economics and Money Solutions.

Non-Owned Lands is about Getting Us Back To Normal, not about paying us for exploiting us.

We need to fix the problem for ourselves in the present and the future.

“when it comes to Economic Debt you better gear up, because at this stage We The People have a right to use up the tax dollars to build utopia and dump the economy forever!”

“it is brilliant in it’s own way, it won’t let the government hide and get away with shoddy decisions, but it is also creepy and can be used for bad all too easily”

Your objectives of ‘no one should have to go through the justice system’ needs to be tempered by an alternative as opposed to decriminalized crime.

All the bullies that are out bullying people will not get punished, will not get properly shut down, and they will be left to bully people… I don’t find that a satisfactory conclusion. So make sure you state we need to completely overhaul the system including jails and prisons as opposed to the stupid unrealistic course you seem to be on.

-The Bullied

that is Herd Immunity, in French.

You do not fully understand things as well as you pretend to. You are just fine with the overprotective blanket no. You are out of touch with the fuller truth though you are very correct about somethings in your defensive posture.

Ultimately you are both correct and incorrect, the defensive posture covers the situation well and males are not nearly evolved enough as a group, not to mention accidental pregnancy as one thing slowly, naturally, and inevitably leads to another. (that is for the guy that got it right that is, and got it right means it was her fires lit choice not his pushing)

But you are wrong on some other level that is the larger truth so when you demonize with your morality but are not dealing with the full truth it just doesn’t work out with you running around with zero tolerance laws, credibility reports, half illegal economic systems pushed on the whole, religion as your ultimate guidepost of law, behind closed door decisions, and tyranny of the pta.

“I come form a more Diverse Heritage than that Guy you were waiting for in Prophecy, and We evolved with Goddess and Females as much as with God and Angels, perhaps even more so…”

This becomes somethings of a hostage love situation, and one in which you are not actually evolved enough to fulfill the female on some levels, you are too yang, too uncaring, too out of touch. Too creepy as well in many cases.

Just because females rightfully don’t want to be exploited doesn’t mean they don’t want to be able to use their powers on us. Many men do no have a good attitude about females, and are too aggressive, abusive, territorial, angry.

Politically Correct will not even win Me in the end, it as well has not been dealing with the fuller details and relies on an overprotective blanket shut down.

The democrats wrongfully don’t state the alternative we are suppose to be living other than the economic system. They are working within the system too much and not seeing the larger whole enough. They work with tax dollar solutions, same as the republicans, that would prefer a larger working economy that fuels the tax dollars.

“here ends government credibility at being the actual solution”