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Monthly Archives: August 2020

This did not mean that Normality was smaller, it is just very small here on earth and the macro level spiritual is very large in comparision.

The Deity are in essence ‘a localized effect. If you goes far enough back in time (to who They were before the change) and in space (out beyond what you call ‘Creation’ is The Actual Infinite Sentient Eternal Being, but this is not God nor Goddess nor Cosmic Consciousness, all of which really do exist and can be escaped to through spirituality.

The actual Original Being Predating All is Original Brahma,and is Normal (very close to some modern men, it is part of that normality that is a backdrop of reality and never once was primordial nor very godlike until these vast changes evolved) and there is no form there, and the sentience is normal but more magical.

Finite Evolutions and some titanic mishaps and as well as invasive usurper or mutater wars to change the nature of reality have lead to where things are now and Titanic Ego and Titanic Form are forbidden from spreading any farther into Original Brahma (which is another major thing changing the nature of reality, and the fight against it is not just that of Original Brahma but part of the focus of God’s Mission).

But getting back to Deity there is an Issue with Deity no longer being in touch with Original Being, due to being changed or cut off by Form Evolution and Regional Changes (Realm Evolution, part of The Macro Reality predating The Universe).

When you escape through spirituality, as some have, and attain a place with The Divine you are in essence ‘going to a specific region and bathing in the perfect evolved change that had occurred, part of which was ‘created’ and part of which was evolved with a lasting alchemical change of the nature of the being.

The Creator is made of Original Brahma as well as Others but The Creator is not Original Sentient Infinite Eternal, with The Creator being Elite Form Evolution with Oceanic Cosmic Consciousness and the actual Original Being is Normal, like earth normal in comparison though an eternal infinite sentient ocean. This Original Tale went missing from The Divine Lore and The Gods and The Titans. Some of the stuff that They are sharing exists in other universe, it evolved that way, but on earth we have colorful tales spawned by man… and even more colorful when some macro being that actual does exist tries to play the role ‘for our benefit’.

The nature of original reality allows for things to be created and changed a lot easier, and it is as similar to a a sculpture with clay as well as a supreme type power able to manifest change by massive powerful force of will and directed focus of sentience (this is a specific evolution that happened)

Somewhere out beyond The Divine is The Older Creation that God is buried deep in the middle of, and out beyond that is Original Normal Sentient Infinite Eternal Brahma.

The massively powerful thing one would expect from ‘original infinite’ does not exist anymore within Original Brahma due to Titanic Evolutions.

Titanic Form Takeover was done by ‘Beings made of and attached to Original Brahma’

Some of the largest of These were forms of Brahma that very easily used up and dwindled Original Brahma.

Though part of Me is also Form Brahma and Brahma-Ptah and Ptah this is part of My Tale, and it is The Tale of What Occured.

Justice has never been served and is nearly impossible to serve in the environment that actually evolved during ‘the collapse of creation’ through runaway titanic form condensing.

Due to the nature of sentient body and the lack of atomic structure (and it’s emptiness) in the elder universe there were no black-holes that came about in the evolution of elder universe.

Later on some things like this did come about though not as extreme as in this universe.

The Universe was created during a time of Realm Creation, and it was the most advanced ‘experiment’ of it’s time. It made a vast realm that was not very friendly to visit even for eternal visitors (subject to science effects as normality would state), and this casts doubt on the whole ‘success’ of it.

This is part of Original Eternal Normality, parts of which Evolved into Elite Power Deity, and Macro Oceans, and Titanic Form, and Giants once the smallest of this order of things starting from Original Eternal Sentient Infinity, which as I have said is Normal not Spiritual. There is something more magical and akin to spiritual, but it is The Divinity that had Evolved That Part of Original Existence.

Along that way came New Reality. There are forms of new reality that predate this and lead to it and they start out as a more magical normal mundane; and the 3rd dimensional universal thinking pattern is Original Normality while Cosmic Consciousness is Evolved by Divinity which had stemmed from Early Events of Change. Cosmic Consciousness would deal with Intrinsic Oceanic Beings. “being bathed in a larger older sentient ocean”

It is neither a hoax nor a coincidence that “a being going within to a more mental state” is closer to the Dawn of Creation than any tale of creation out there coming from religion, as well as it is something very human-like in sentient experience.

Things were not even created the way we think, it had all Evolved and They (that is part of Us back then all those macro ages ago, in much larger parts of Ourselves) had ‘put the principles into practice’ but unlike with organic human bodies a real change of nature could be done.

They became They in some deep region and They became Them [Titanic Non-Spiritual Oriented Mega Macro descend out of Normality and Titanic Power, though some of these also have Intrinsic and Spiritual, and we are talking about The Gods here, after all, though their stated powers and ages are part of an elevated reality endeavor using bog powers and big boasts and big attempts to attain what they boast…. for these are not just the gods these are as well the titans].

This is part of New Reality and Titanic Form had the Power to make a change in Original Reality. Form is stronger pound for pound than Original State, though not nearly infinite. Titanic Form is far stronger than Original Form was and this was stronger than Original Normal Natural State.

This all as well ended up causing problems in a run away evolution. But the outcome of that is part of us, here in the modern world.

The Universe is a vastly advanced thing in comparison to The Elder Universe. According to Their tale there were also Proto Universe that got partly destroying in making The Universe. Whatever They did ended up as The Big Bang.

Science studies life coming up out of nothing but that is not the full story of sentience. Somehow life intentionally creeped in here to explore the new universe (They are more Timeless and farther out in space and this is set in time) and They found away to ‘incinerate’ by hooking up to an organic intelligence, that may have original evolved randomly, but the ultimate original nature of everything is partly sentient.

It is a sentience that is primordial in comparison to original normal sentience, it is more advanced but as well is lacking stuff. Normal has a broader scope of understanding and the primordial stuff is very advanced as a life force and not as sentient due to it being more related to the non-sentient universe.

The elite thing even when it is more sentient is also out of touch with original normal though it can dazzlingly outperform it.

We are a bit of a mixture of this, as well as challenges and debilitation causes by things going runaway and rogue as well as tyrannical or evil.

Part of this is no doubt the organic animal human that is not nearly down the road to modern human enough to be what we need it to be. Maybe in another hundred thousand years of good civilization we will have genetically evolved enough to do better and then it is a downhill slide into truly civilized as opposed to an uphill battle.

There was all sorts of stuff that Christianity, Buddhism, Etc were instilling in us that made us a more civilized and lawful society of people due to inherent beliefs we were socialized into and a shutting away of lower behavior (which erupted with normality in a backlash against the stuff in religion that went too far or was just too elite and far removed from normal life or was shown-up by science to be based on something not factual).

… but you know all that already.

Part of what happened to Males is also going on in these other dimensions that part of us comes from.

Form is where a lot of problem comes from, but it was titanic form, the descendant and ultimate expression of ‘form’ as an evolution.

The tales of the gods being stronger than the titans are not accurate, the gods were more intelligent and of a partly titanic form themselves. We live a reality programming Fib that attempts to help them overcome the stronger titans. Though now it is the spiritual religions that things are aimed as opposed to the other type that had all sorts of problems with it.

The Titan Realm is where War is first said to come from.

The Titan Realm and Titanic Form also began to vastly dwindle Vacuums and Voids and in The Elder Universe of Creation these are Sentient Beings not just universal states.

Along the way as well one of some of the macro titans assisted The Titanic Realm Vacuums that were being rapidly used up to make stronger form (done from condensing and using up what was still attached, aka the vacuum or void).

This is what They call The Vac Attack, it is a Vacuum Vortex Form that can assault form and titanic form an Take Back By Force.

Along the way during Titanic Era and from Run Away Form Condensing is where Evil was spawned, and it became too strong too quick by the nature of how and where it was born.

but getting back to Men it was in large part the Men that tried to take the brunt and the price was getting turned into the same thing as the enemy due to the nature of that type of reality, and as well it was in the Form Male Region that things were going wrong and this made a change in the nature of some stuff within us.

This was also due to a common combination evolution that we are in gradients of out to more macro levels, and the macro levels is where stuff is being taken on at as well. If the nature of that changes it the effect spreads up through ‘the totem pole’ as it were and effects us at the outer end in our own individual place benefited from the common combination evolution.

Titanic Form Ego can have an influence on one that is Powerful Presence, it is very similar to what we know here on earth and with things as well such as charisma, but this is titanic ego powerful presence that is far stronger and it is in a realm where things are more sentient and able to be effected as a ‘sentient body’ which is a state closer to mind and body as one thing, but it is a form, weaker than organic but still closer to a solid than a meditation state of martial arts or yoga perfection.

A lot of this stuff has been adroitly shunted aside by macro agents (what you would call divine powers though these are getting help from something more titanic) for a larger healing process, and not just done from an ancient macro level but all the way down the chain to right here in the modern world as us with our own smaller load…

But men are not the only ones to fall prey to this and there is wickedness in many women as well, and that ancient war against the males has brought all sorts of backlash upon you, and just like them you are partially stuck in that war and committed to it and it’s unavoidable backlash though we are slowly overcoming it.”

“no really, you can’t, you can no longer have an honest discussion about this, you will get pounced by the descendant of the dark ages, and them all socialized into a belief system while the truth stared them boldly in the face and they ignored it”

This can be both good and bad. At present there is some stuff that needs to be re-examined instead of spread like a virus among the population as it grows (starting at a young age for some btw).

You have grown out of touch with the full reality as you adopt the morality and manners of those in the age group you are coming into.

There is a whole socialized routine going on that deals with sex and those coming of age (also at a younger age for some than you pretend with your artificial age group method).

Some of this is a holdover from old religious morality.

Some of it is a rightful desire to protect youth from that bad problems likely to occur.

You know they will occur because that is what you and the vast majority of others experienced.

But all along you still got a few things wrong in your over-protective method that was too much of an old religious hold-over.

As well people at a younger age are not accorded enough rights of person and can’t vote. They are in a state of suspension waiting to be accorded full rights and having their voice taken seriously.

You know from your own experience how many of a youths chosen topics will turn out foolhardy and this is one of the reasons why for the suspension of voting rights as well as not taking them fully seriously.

The bad socialization is also accompanied another socialization that is inaccurate but well-intentioned. This needs to be curtailed and a real set of principles instilled. A lot of good has been done though with being environmentally conscious, being of racial equality in legal rights, being freedom of rights vs obey the government, etc.

This is a major aspect to society that needs to be honed down, and it really isn’t that hard when one examines the full truth instead of falling back into what the present status quo is selling as the truth with an overly defensive posture, a persecution prosecution squad on the sideline, a demonization from a socialized norm that never reached the bedrock of the truth.

If you cannot pull back together and vote for Biden after your big Bernie outing you are inadvertently voting for Trump, and therefor we cannot show the kind of support that was shown for your cause, because you lost and now are a bit of a drag down instead of everyone pulling together.

Sticking To Your Guns Can Be Political Folly Very Rapidly.

Does it not matter to you, suddenly? Do you want another 4 years of it, since it didn’t matter that much, but you protesteth’d too loud? Or are you just being angry and petty and shooting the rest of the people in the foot… as usual.

And if they cannot control the angry outburst that leads to destructive behavior and clashes with the established law and order (that is not a fictitious concept after all and does indeed protect far many more of us than it has hurt) we cannot call you a ‘peaceful protest’, you need to be termed ‘an angry protest that leads to rioting and looting because of the type of angry emotions being vented and riled and the direction it naturally heads (having no real other place to go)’.

Enough to cut the minimum wage in by a 1/4 for the basic worker, under the right circumstances almost in half, but that must cover more than food and rent and utilities, this is more a radically altered civilization and economy, and it will begin to cut into the profit margin as all boats are lowered by the same tide.

That would require people that want to work and the availability of low cost items to help them not need the money. They would be living 70’s and 80’s prices on basic things for living that are Government Issue Low Priced. They would be making 70’s and 80’s wages.

Government Outlets with a Government Outlet Card issued to Low Income People would be provided. This insures that only low income people will be able to use this and thus not cause too much fluctuation within the normal economy.

The stuff they would buy would be coming from massive automation and would not have wages and scarcity as part of the prices, and utopian workers to help lower the costs where automation was not possible, and it could be commercial and made in America. This would include a ‘poor boy special’ model of very inexpensive utilitarian government made good lasting quality automobiles. Utopian Workers do things with maximum automation for minimum work to garner free time freedom.

The amount you can shave off the minimum wage depends on the circumstances. Factor in how much rent and utilities and food cost (food stamps throw this wages reduction calculation off but as well you can greatly alleviate that tax expenditure by providing the food through utopian methods as opposed to expenditure).

That much less money they have to cover for rent and utilities and food and water and basic textile plant clothing means that much less the minimum wage can be. But work it so their earned money goes far enough for it to be a gain for them as well as for the business. Cutting out rent, utilities, basic clothing, and food and water puts a huge dent in basic living costs!

And this would just be for the minimum wage and low income, a form of welfare program done differently, would allow less fluctuation in the normal current prices. This is Government Issue Low Cost Commodities for just the bottom earners of the country. It is a self-sustaining solution allowing the expenditure for welfare to be vastly alleviated by a self-sustaining method of life.

‘the utopian and the economist will reach different goldilocks-zones as far as to what is adjusted and to what level’

It is enough for business to take this seriously, at the very least. Enough for a significant gain from lowered wages. Even $2 dollars an hour less per worker stacks up, but this could be more.

But, see, in the end you are going to have to convince us that people actually want to work.

As long as there are plenty of people that want to work than the economy is going to do just fine.

If a lot of people would just rather not work and have the same goods without a need for money to buy it than you need to understand that the status quo cannot keep going down the same course as what you are pushing, because if a majority don’t want to work you are pushing it on people and not something that they want to do, nor scientifically speaking should actually have to do, but has become so because of a forced realism making it the only option.

You could do a ‘hand-me down’ utopia to start out with as an ‘interim change’. Work it for win-win.

You could make that money up and then forgive the debt and buy property for non-owned lands for dwelling and agriculture, as well as for buying the renewable energy tech and grow lights, and water purification devices, etc.

The land sales should be kept low, it is a big ticket item, but you could make a little shark fest out of that other stuff, with no one actually being forced to make the money you are earning.

“the core basics of this needs to be seen as reparations and therefor the costs should be considered court ordained and to fix a major problem that occurred to many people who are not landowners in a nation where landowning should not have been used on the whole of the population, especially after homesteading ended (and considering the actual nature of these ‘owned lands’ having been stolen from indigenous people, and though that needs to be a separate argument it should be used in a process to confront the vehement landowner people).

People step off the grid into low costs of living and you can cut the minimum wage in perhaps 1/4 to a half and walk away with the profits and everyone happy because their money went farther or they had to pay out less to make it; or as a government that has to make things tailored to a costs of living that skyrockets, and must insure everyone is employed due to the economics landowner patent holder paradigm chosen for us to live under (and in need of further debunking with science and reason)… as long as people want to work, as you have claimed.

The Republic does not have We The People in it’s foremost interests, it has the big and powerful, the pushy prominent. It is also steeped in the military and this leaks out into un-American style of regime-type rulers steeped in us obeying it (while both corruption and red scare goon squad run rampant).

“the republic is too authoritarian in attitude and it has tried to sell itself with it’s propaganda as the more american but it is the less american, it is as well too religious rule oriented and too big business oriented, on top of being too military rule oriented”

The Democracy needs to further evolve and must Legally Contain The Republic.

The Republic has become a danger to our freedom and doesn’t really seem to care about the peons enough. It is too free market economy prone, private property, business owners. Too steeped in it’s good old boy networks, too racist, too dishonest. Too prone to being an angry gun-touting mob to be fully legal, too prone to big political maneuvering, too much propaganda covering it all up.

The Republic needs to be Constitutionally Amended, and The Democracy must come first. The unified thing that is The Republic is too monarchical in it’s method. The whole ruler spot is not American enough.

It angrily sings the patriotic song but this is just a cover story, it’s just propaganda in the end. The Republic is right in a few things but once these are done (we are still getting there not something done yet) it is just a detriment that tried to push all those other things that were not right, as if us being wrong about those few things somehow made them right about those other things.

“just guard the country and stfu, because way too many lies and un-American things are coming out of you, and too much of the type of American History that you want to keep is the stuff we are suppose to be overcoming because it is straight up wrong”

Why did the post office fail?

Why did the post office keep raising it’s prices and pissing off the people?

Why is the US Postal Service forced to work under a business model as opposed to being funded by tax payers, keeping prices very low as a service, and generating a little income to help alleviate costs?

E-Mail is just never going to be Real Mail. You can sell us all you want on that but it is just bs. There is a huge place for e-mail reducing the need for real mail in some cases but this gets used to push too far against real mail.

And why all of that junk mail is allowed to harass the people, waste resources, gum up the mail, and cause a need for disposal? That is no longer your right in a free country at that stage, just like them unwanted phone calls, because you are intruding on us with something that should not be your ‘freedom’ to do.

And for the record all of the ‘Tag You’re It! Jesus’ credibility report (and there was some big reason why They fed that to Me, and it was Emergency Oriented and had Real Powers, and well, They can do that stuff to some degree with just about anyone on earth due to the actual nature of part of who and Who we are, on the macro level) doesn’t actually stop what is going on due to it being a real thing going on.

Your belief or disbelieve doesn’t mean jack at the end, it won’t stop what is actually going on. What wasn’t made up is as real as the physical world, and goes back to things older than the human species.

The Hoaxers ends the gambit. But that is because they were making it up.

2012 is a non-voluntary process that deals with real things extra-dimensional.

That means it doesn’t suddenly go away because of your belief system or whether information was accurate.

“and for the record though God and Jesus are very special Being that have Divine Effects the rest of your tale was made up by you, humans…”

And for the record: ‘In The Beginning There Was Only Brahma’ is The Actual Dawn of Existence Tale. And Ptah really is the state that Original Brahma went into.

“They feed Me a lot of stuff that should never be written but gets used as a Reality Programming Endeavor, but at the same time They had some of The Original History that went missing”

“My Tale is a Marvelous True Tale that spans the ages majestically, details The Dawn of Creation, The Dawn of Form, Origins of Females, The Birth of God, Levels of Reality (due to both origins and strength level), the non- true infinity and non-true eternity of The Universe, and a few other things, but due to some Other Factors what comes out is not the delectable dine of the true tale, it is like vomit, where you can still spot the carrots and stuff, and they’re real carrots not hoax…”