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Monthly Archives: September 2020

{panic as well being the right emotion that brings the strong enough reaction to shut the thing down}

So despite the other stuff that works in the opposite direction this is a very big piece of info you should not try to downplay.

The big political game is a ‘keep them off balance long enough to garner the votes’ that does not need full facts and uses people’s opinions instead of facts; and people’s opinions are not always well-thought through things but instead are a jump-to-conclusion and vent our unhappiness about other things at the same time…

As far as shutting the economy down a democrat president would have had a lot less support and would have faced a tougher challenge in this important step.

The real leader should be more reliant on the truth though one can get by and win elections with that political game stuff. They should not blind themselves with staining the opponents record. They should not assume or pretend that all decisions the opponent made are bad ones.

it does seem like some of you were playing ‘complaint politics’ against the prudent action of shutting the country down for air travel… so let us not get too caught up in track records”

This is one of the big truths that goes missing, and something that I have had to learn and still am.

And for the record, mr president, in some ways or in some things I am even smarter than you are, though my academic grades do not show it.

Being creative and intuitive and understanding the problem from a different angle and seeing a groupthink mistake and being maverick where they fear to tread is a very good tool for a leader, the signs of a historical leader.

I accord you this because it is part of who you are, and what you tried to achieve.

I as well am this thing and would have done similar things, I would have seen the issue from a different angle and spotted the thing that people were not seeing, and set out to fix it.

Though I don’t think the tariffs worked out well I understand the impulse behind ‘America first’, and I understand how the liberals have been a little too hostile to economic forces while stupidly relying on tax gathering at a bigger rate than republicans. Working people foot the bill.

The ultimate bottom lines you have not reached as an intelligent intuitive fixer of problems deal with landowners, and patent holders, and economics forced on the whole, and these are not the actual scientific bottom line.

They as well deal with the ancient nature that is being destroyed or intruded on too far by a now vast population with very advanced means at their disposal that are too money oriented and not caring of the destruction to a priceless old natural world, an old natural world that is our heritage and a place that allows us to feel peace again (unlike suburbia and the city).

There was an older normal here that got usurped by a system that forced land owning and patent holding and other such things on a basic human lifestyle that predate it and are in the end superior to it.

But along the way to getting us back to normal there is a huge system in place that must be worked from within. The unfortunate part is that it mistakes itself for being the most important thing and it is not and can never be.

It, with it’s economic solution, is one part of a larger whole yet it keeps making the wrong choice for the whole, while there is another side that is doing the same with it’s own choice, but all along is a larger whole that both of these are a part of and this is what must be the final solution maker, the thing that does both, yet is separate.

Part of the secret to that final thing these others fit within is that it is normal, and it is into self-sufficiency as opposed to welfare state, and it is into full automation as opposed to jobs.

Being intelligent you should begin to realize what scientists and utopia have been saying all along and it is about us not living in the most intelligent way nor off the bottom line of science but are stuck within the hard working constructs of man that are now outdated, reinforced by a religion that is not but as well does not have all the facts when it makes a determination against building free time freedom utopia and supports an economic system to insure the hard working traditions continue.

New Eden Now, Please!

I thought all three held their own.

Biden did far better than I expected. Just be that man, earphone or not, and you are definitely qualified to be president.

Trump came from down and out to throw a few punches with something like facts of accomplishment.

“I already knew who I was going to vote for before the debate”

or the status quo shrug it off as you slowly silently lose to a bigger ploy than you realized; but you had actually put it out of your mind and sort of knew that it may be or even was there (sometimes done as a psychological reaction for your own safety from what you detected and the most prudent course of action).

The word ‘overthrown’ is not too strong, and the upset over racial injustice needs to rev up even higher with an even bigger cause.

An angry determination without riot but with a firm resolve and deep knowing of being right in our knowing that it is as well We The People being robbed of freedom and heritage of America by entrenched powerbases and a wielded government… and we must act like a juggernaut to become a juggernaut.

This is America and it is about We The People and it is not about you the government, and you the government have become a bunch of scheming semi-monarchy that needs to be gotten rid of, it needs to be finally overthrown. It does not need to be violent, there does not need to be hangings and such. But it does need to be an angry determination or it will just continually flounder.

we can’t keep falling for the big scheme hiding behind plausible deniability, we are losing to it and it’s long-range cheated chess match, and it is time we stand up and fight it and put it down forever!”

There is a really big difference for We The People when it comes to liberals and conservatives, though the democrats are off in the wrong direction a little too hard sometimes and need to shape up and get rid of their own corruption and scheming (partly born of being stuck in a larger corruption and scheming that they could not overcome and have adapted to it using it’s ways).

There is an underlying big control corrupt powerbase within the government that is primarily republican and it has an aspiration to control and engage in economic monarchy and worse, and if it is not defeated it will have advanced access to means of controlling the population through scientific advancements.

they will need to be held to a higher accountability and fully explain their reasoning, and then a legal confrontation between we the people and people wrongfully selected for life in a spot of too high of elevated value must occur.

And if we the people feel you are playing political shenanigans’ we need to charge you with conspiracy, as the supreme court and along the line of who voted what, due to what it means not because of a leftist conspiracy to not listen to (illegal) lawful authority.

While I do not agree with all the things democrats do this is going to be too much of a problem I think. Too many conservative judges selected for life in their positions. It is the wrong kind of America, the kind that needs to be Amended.

So I suggest, since I do not agree with all the things that the democrats do and especially now with a a bit too extreme of a leftist edge going on, that the democrats hone their party down, come back to center without losing the core values they have selected due to the actual importance of these things (the stuff you got right and the stuff that they got wrong). And lose the lgbt brigade and the drag it produces on your credibility. A right to not be persecuted is not the same thing as a right to run the show or be shoved on people as the way to go for a society.

You need to move the party to a better fully American position and viewpoint and objective and out of Marxist land and protest verging on riots.

You need to do this so you can confront and overcome that outdated ‘for life position’ in the supreme court. It is an un-American thing that needs to be amended.

“I have no problem with people being catholic and I am not stuck on rowing or wading, but I have a big problem with people who cannot separate church from state and end up as top ranking judges, and don’t pretend your religion doesn’t spill over into politics, and don’t pretend there isn’t some form of corruption or pseudo-conspiracy to control going on in the republican party and not being confronted and overcome by conservative supreme court members, and when you have a rightwing conspiracy then religious rule is usually a step behind, so you would not see things as clearly as you would need to due to having beliefs that are too similar”

The Big Path can get quite experiential in some regions and They like to do things with ‘re-visioning history’. They go through the logic of things and the feel of the people and the triumph and the mistakes of things historical or as they have evolved.

The Big Path is, as I have said, a Macro Mundane, it is Normal though it is Extra-Dimensional. And it is massive as well (due to the nature of Normal being Original Nature of Existence and Divine being A Specialized Evolution Made Manifest).

But let us get back to The Great White Corridor.

When it comes back to ‘how things evolved’ there is a bit of Info here and there that I get to get fed through Me, and Me was one of the original thinkers along the way early on, though not the prime thing from a long time ago.

The Great White Corridor is about How America Should Have Evolved.

“The Great White Corridor assists The Indigenous People with technological advancements, products, medicine. It earns it’s keep. It helps the condition of The Indigenous People out to a point of there being a debt payed in allowing to stay on the lands as opposed to a theft of lands at gunpoint if necessary”.

This allows for us to come to these new lands but not trod too far on those that were here already, those that have a right to claim these lands as their own.

The Great White Corridor are cities, towns, and linking roads. These are The White Bones of America. Along with this is a functioning military, every bit as strong as the present one. And a national security institution that is as good as the present one.

The rest of the land is Indigenous People Owned by default, though there will be plenty of non-owned lands and a bunch landowners that must negotiate with the Indigenous People but shall be protected by The Great White Corridor from unreasonable demands or harassments.

Cornucopia Utopia will be the major thing of these lands, it will be the basic bottom line guarantee for all dwelling on these lands (though The Great White Corridor may opt for themselves to continue on with the competitive working man economy… because they really are those guys still, see).

Cornucopia Utopia will be superior to any form of system in history, it will be founded on the best of the best, the righting of mistakes, the empowerment of we the people, transparency of government, people-monitored vote counting, people participation law enacting, the preservation of the old natural world in thriving abundance, good medicine, free time freedom, a guarantee of a space for dwelling, an abundance of good food and clean water, clothing and toiletries, showers and bathing, tv and internet, etc.

These will be done, professionally, by We The People as a community with skills, instead of the payment system now in place.

It is very offensive to hear that rhetoric coming out of those all riled up and willing to keep the stolen lands with a gun and an endless socialization into a lie.

American Indians are the rightful owners of these lands. You the angry republicans are a crook getting away with it.

“don’t you just hate crooks that get away with, law and order republican?”

Apparently not when they are you.

You want people to buy your law and order routine but you have used this to keep the stolen lands. It is one of the functions being illegally done by the same nation that views American Indians as just fellow citizens (that are ‘going to have to learn to be realistic’ and cope with the crime in a way other than the law, a law occupied by lawbreakers making a criminal choice to keep the stolen lands with might makes right as part of their ultimate legal guideline)