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Monthly Archives: September 2020

There is no way that a president can be the one legally picking the person for the job. It is straight up illegal by the better standards of the government when it comes to checks and balances.

The supreme court has done a pretty good job at being ‘untied’ from the president and their own power base on par with. Things could have been worse.

But it needs to be taken a step further and enacted into law.

No position that is judiciary at the highest levels will be allowed to be chosen by the president and attendant political party, nor the opposing political part

The president is a powerful enough position already. But the choice of who gets to be a supreme court justices must be removed from those powers as being in conflict with checks and balances of powers, the executive branch, the judiciary branch, the legislative branch.

Hint: the electoral college is also something that is not legal and has been in error with the popular vote a few times too many, and though there is an actual function that needs to be filled to prevent the collapse of the economy and preservation of the present system (that is in need of change but not removal) it needs to be done differently than an electoral college that gets to be the final say… “for it is We The People that must be the final say and we need to set up a better set of guidelines that are built off of logic and not rulers and landowners”.

Up against the other side and their wrongs (they are not overcoming while they point their finger at the other side)

America has some problems to resolve but the vast majority of America is still a good nation, a good principle.

When you attack America to bring change it will attack you back for being wrong.

Not because it is a corrupt illegal nation but because you are wrong.

The way forward is to continue on what the forefathers presided over and fix the problems they could not, they overlooked, or have come about since then (and immigration has become one of these problems, and landowner has become one of these problems, and elections that are too far removed from the basic ‘we the people’ are one of these problems, and big authority leadership has become one of these problems).

But the extreme left is just another one of these problems. You are too much of an angry reactionary group that does too much damage and alienates too many people. You do not have a solid foundation. You do not have a foundation built on a premise that is realistic enough. It is too much of a venting of anger and frustration that becomes destined to lose because you never have enough support to bring a revolution. And it would most likely suck if you did.

Take your head out of your ass, shove your anger up your ass instead, and set out with vote and laws to make a peaceful transition to a utopia sitting alongside status quo present system, non-owned lands and non-patent products sitting alongside the present economic system.

Then they will logically need to stop paying all federal taxes in order to make up the loss. All revenue that would have gone to the federal government from taxes must be kept for local use.

“I agree that the whole protest thing went too far, went too angry, went too lawless, but at the same time you are not the big law and order group you claim and in all these years you never really fix the goon squad problem and now people are absolutely pissed off at your big fake law and order brigade”

You want people to obey law and help bring order but you sit there lying about the stolen nature of these lands America is built on.

You are a farce. You are an illegal institution. You are the theft by masses that makes a civilization a lie.

These lands that you do not have legal entailment to are not being dealt with in a legal fashion. You are the perpetuation of the theft from the past.

You are fake law and order people trying to push a goon squad down our throats while you keep stolen property.

You do not like that people do not obey you the way you need them to in part because you are too close to being criminal on some things.

You have orchestrated a mass conspiracy done from government jobs to keep stolen lands.

There is no other legal argument, you illegally made up the rest.

“I do agree that kindergarten is too young to teach people about this stuff, but high school is not, and it needs to be done the right way as opposed to the goon squad government dictating what can and cannot be taught in schools while they break the law en masse”

Well, Jair Hair Removal comes to mind…

But the problem is a bit larger than this at present.

Economics should be partially outlawed in Brazil and places that are near the Amazon and Wetlands.

Human expansion into these areas ‘to make them more utilizable’ need to be seen as crimes in progress. Strict laws enforced by the world and a UN occupation force if necessary need to ensue in that region.

Allowing the old natural world to grow back up is important. Obviously the end to all deforestation and burning to get the lands needs to take place.

But are there other things?

In an economic system there are more limitations to what can be done to help beleaguered ecosystems.

In Cornucopia Utopia you can put part of ‘the dream’ into a process that puts it into reality. Humans using technology and resources to help alleviate the problems (both man made and natural ones).

In this case ‘the dream’ is for millions of people (no longer needing to work to live in abundance, and with plenty of free time on their hands) and tens of thousands of special water sprayer drones (that are electric and restored by renewable energy) cover thousands of miles of territory with a bit of moisture in the evening to help it saturate and at noon to help alleviate the loss. This would be done a few times a week during the driest time of year to help dry from becoming super dry.

The water can be gotten from excess rain water that is captured and stored during the rainiest times of the year..

The water can also be gotten and desalinated and purified from the ocean and it’s rising sea level.

(and this can also be used with pipelines and irrigation of nature and filling of water tables in multiple areas with a temporary and moveable pipeline and multiple heads coming off the end to maximize coverage of area).

Such a huge project is not very feasible in an economic system with a working man, be it a capitalist, socialist, or communist one, but it is possible in a utopian one, a utopian one that is doable at present technological advancement.

As long as there are enough resources to build things, but the drones can be made of recycled plastic as an outer body if needed, or even fast growing bamboo.

“global warming is also part of a normal cycle and there are indicators that it swings hotter than it is at present”

Balloon deflated.

So you need to examine with an objective eye what a more rapid onset is doing and what probability of a higher than normal upper end to temperature actually is.

You are allowed to use prudence due to the fact science can get it wrong both ways, by overstating or understating. The potential is there for a risk and this needs to be dealt with as a risk due to what the risk is to, how it effects us, how catastrophic it really could become eventually if we do not cut our emissions and it somehow builds up in the atmosphere over time.

We need a set basic principle that we all follow, from president to civilian.

We do not need a vacillating set of rules. We do not need a bunch of someone’s alleged ‘vision’ leading the way to their statue being built.

All along what we needed was We The People coming together and setting out a basic set of principles that cannot be tampered with by political swings.

Though environment is one of these so is immigration reform. Though indigenous people’s rights to these lands is one of them so is the realism of present private property, and do not try to be the final conclusion, these are two truths that must be furthered and kept separate until you have a fully agreeable solution. The white people and the immigrants are not going to simply pick up and go back to europe or where they came from, and hey, plenty of americans would love to live in europe.

But as I was saying it doesn’t end with the somewhat truthful diagnosis of Biden being slightly too old to run for president.

All Biden needs to do is preside over that basic set of principles we agree on and stay away from grand visions and it will be doing the job right at this stage. It is something that can be done by a group not just the president. In some ways it already is.

The Progressive Blue Dog is still the biggest chance of gaining the most support among all voters. This is a person that is getting it done for the environment and for the working people.

When we go out on a limb with Global Warming but the basic things we think are tinged by jump to statistics without enough fuller explanation we go off course, and therefor is an inherent inaccuracy that is reprehensible.

If you change your view on a political stage you will be eaten alive by the brigade of ‘always righters’. These are people that think a person must be perfect, must be always right. Since we are not and need to change sometimes it ends up with people being wrong but lying to the public as the politician and getting away with it. There are enough like-minded people to cover for them.

Always remember that these people are wrong and this is not a viable thing for leaders to engage in though it is socialized into acceptable.

You can change your views on things with an explanation and a saving face routine, but the same always righters will jump you on this as well.

Always remember that these people are wrong and this is not a viable thing for leaders to engage in though it is socialized into acceptable.

It is important to get back to the full facts of global warming to be a better spokesmen for global warming.

This is a path laid out for how you become President Inslee, governor.