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Monthly Archives: October 2020

The type of people that are going to go on with the economy are working men. They are choosing this over the free time automation method.

They are good workers and will be able to earn enough money to support an old American Tradition, Republican Farming.

Inexpensive utopian organic farming food items and expensive pesticide-laden genetically modified republican farming food items. ‘You get to be the test subjects, and we will not pay you for it you will pay us for it’. Why? Because utopia is a democrat wet dream come true and that is a republican one.

The republican farmer can as well use the automation techniques being employed in utopia to eliminate the cost of farmhands as well as make it a bit easier.

They don’t get to move away from the potentially dangerous pesticides, chemicals, and genetic modification because, well, they promised!

And we don’t need to buy food in utopia, we are a cornucopia.

Let us take a few steps back.

“the reason why, kids, that we cannot just print up a bunch of money and give it to people is that someone has to do work, there is work that needs to be done to produce things and keep things running”

Lesson one learned.

Utopia is unlike almost any other project, when it is finished it covers the basic survival needs of the people in a way that does not take having a job, though you may need to do a little work. It is into automating everything as much as possible so you don’t have to do as much work as you expected, nor nearly as much as you do in a normal job schedule. Utopia is a self-sustaining civilization, it’s own self-sufficient colony producing it’s own food, producing it’s own clothing, purifying it’s own water, etc. Utopia when finished allows us to step right out of the working man economy into a simple dwelling with an abundance of food. We need to set out to insure water rights and we will purify and desalinate our own water as well”

Lesson two learned.

Due to automation the amount of work in producing utopia is less. But let us get back to the working man economy and profits.

There is a way to print up money to pay people for resources and production of all the items needed for building utopia. The money comes out of no one’s pockets. The market fluctuation theory and price devaluation and such really don’t apply when used here.

Not to mention you are going to save gobs on welfare costs over the years, your taxes can get lowered, working class people will be around working class people.

There is a bit of a legality issue and it is vital to not stay in the way of righting the old wrong of the landowner economic system used on the whole. It could lead to a real lawsuit that you lose and this is not false hardships it is everything that ever got bullied out of the discussion that isn’t disparity of wealth. It is a real crime in progress by a system against a people. It is a very old one, and sold as a normality we must endure under and make the best of. All along it needs to be debunked and replaced, it never actually told the truth it sold it’s economics propaganda shored up by the people that do well with it’s methods or are too psychologically stuck to change.

So, let us get back to you with some secure jobs for a while and those guys with some big profits.

The tax payer is not footing the bill. The money is a one shot use for land buying and items to kickstart a self-sustaining agrarian civilization that lives independent of the economy. The money goes to property sales and production wages and item profits. You will have a choice to live rent free and food costs free and/or look for another job after the project ends.

Vast happiness ensues.

Ski Lodges

Jet Travel

Travel to foreign countries

Freedom from being harassed over excessive hard drug or alcohol use.

And a few other things.

This is where ‘the utopian worker’ comes in. This is someone that lives in utopia but works a job in the economy. They like to ski and travel to foreign countries, so they work a job, though often times not all year around. Business is slow or starts to decline and the boss sends them home and both are happy. They have no rent, food/water, or utilities costs. Business picks up and the boss can call for the utopian worker base to quickly fill the role.

Utopian farmers may as well, having become so good at production, wish to do a little sales as well. They are encouraged to keep things cheap for the benefit of their fellow citizens within the working economy (and since they have no overhead costs and it’s almost all automated). “buy American food, it’s cheap as China”

Food, water, appropriate clothing, toiletries, shelter.

Ever build utopia?

Food, water, appropriate clothing, toiletries, shelter.

“it’s really close, bro, really close; though utopia is far more advanced and keeps the trail-mix flowing at no cost, but it is best to start with camping when you redesign civilization from the ground up and discover what you actually need for a good life (starting with basic survival, adding shower and toilet, and eventually on to community run and built low-maintenance free utilities and internet infrastructure, automated factory built free computers, nephilim robotic race miners and gatherers, complete automated production and distribution… and there you were in your camping tent having answered the ultimate pragmatic question of the age: ‘how to get by without needing to work a job’)”

There is a basic entitlement that needs to be law. A basic set of things that a human needs to be accorded the right to. Land to build a dwelling on, food and water, different weather clothing, medicine.

The system has chosen to fulfill these needs in an artificial way we don’t agree with, one that exploits us, charges us, forces us to work and spend.

It is entrenched in authority spots as well as in the doctrine of the pillars of the community. It is not dealing with the scientific bottom line it is turning a deaf ear to the truth to perpetuate it’s economic system.

A special printing up of money will go into buying the land and all the stuff needed to start a self-sustaining civilization. It will restore what was stolen by the landowner economic system method forced on the whole.

‘there is no free lunch’ it is said in rote motion economic wisdom.

“but there is a free lunch, and it’s made by Johnny Robot, and the food was farmed, gathered, processed, and baked/chilled by Johnny Robot, and it was done on non-owned lands for dwelling, agriculture, and resources”

We, those beings and Beings ‘Out There’ that really do exist are also in part somehow inhabiting human bodies here on earth.

We, those People ‘Out There’ are looking to build a better home right here on earth, in this dimension.

A lot of Prophecy and The Strong and Elite of The Titanic and The Deity got heavily involved with this thing we think of as ‘Armageddon’. They are the big strong and elite and just like with government They evolved into that role because no one else was or could do this role.

All along was an original evolution we were trying to get back to.

They the elite that came to the big rescue were not of the same type of beinghood as many of the rest of us. They were Elite.

By nature of not seeing beyond Oneself there came about a problem as The Ruling Elite designed a scenario and even realities for us to live through that were dedicated to advancement, toughing up and something almost as bad as survival of the fittest in some regions, education, spirituality, etc.

This became something beyond a voluntary process.

Though we sometimes very much liked what we were learning and trying to accomplish something went missing in the way things were going with The Elite dictating our reality. Freedom had come calling again, we were rebelling against the big elite push to perfect ourselves.

The scenario on earth is very very similar to the one in some of these nearer regions of extra-dimensional stuff. Far far out is where Freedom no doubt still reigns.

It is not rebellious freedom it is normal freedom that is akin to lawful but not actually lawful. Right conduct is somehow a part of normal. It isn’t done in some elite warrior code it is just some older bigger deeper basic logic that got evolved into the elite honor code (and honor code is assisted by kindred elite things such as arch angels and black dragons).

But back to here on earth we need to have our own civilization alongside the present economic one. This is utopia, the real thing.

Or New Nephilim Utopia if you wish. “robot farm hands and archaic agrarian civilization era inundation, abundance of food and water with no economics involved, automated robotic factories and human handmade crafts, free time to slack or free time to practice karate, etc”

My People? Well, it just so happens that their is something like that, I don’t have a people but I am an ancient spokesmen for a group of people.

These people do not have a spokesperson fully enough in religion. Religion is dedication and work.

These people do not have a spokesperson fully enough in civilization, it is economics driven and work.

So the group of people that are being ignored and need a Spokesperson happen to be a bunch of slackers, bums, tree-huggers, woodsy types, lathargists, potheads, losers, artsy fartsy types, and dudes that like to hang out at renaissance fairs.

These are surely the frowned upon within our civilization of economics.

They are more happy with a beer than going to church every sunday, so though they have a spokesperson in the church as well their ultimate goal is not in dedicating themselves to God, they just want a bit of spirituality now and then to freshen-up.

They’re actually normal, see.

They are not all hooked up in the economic system when the amount of dedicating oneself to one’s job is taken to the level that the working man keeps it at as a status quo. They think this is a stupid method and steals our time, steals our life, can be done in a better way, needs to be defeated to finally free us.

They are normal, see.

And religion(deity) and work[titans] are both being pushed by elite.

We as well have some of this more elite work and divine types of evolution but we are hardwired differently, we are made of a different region, we are weaker or/and in debilitated states. (in the spirit body which relates to the stamina of life or ability to keep a sustained blast going).

We do not see things the same way as the other style does, we do not wish to dedicated that much of ourselves or lose that much of ourselves.

We love and need our freedom. We do better developing ourselves. We do not even need to be dedicated to developing ourselves (another elite paradigm).

We are normal and within the context of this is it’s own form of perfection, perfect for itself, not needing to be the big achiever and top competitor, not needing to reach enlightenment in a single lifetimes. We are more normal and progress at our own pace.

Encouraging the development of skills, such as playing music, academic study, craftsman skills, etc, is a good thing. But when it becomes the routine we are forced into it is no longer normal. It has enslaved us too far.

The big elite competitive is stuck in that forcing things on us, and it is done through a landowner patent holder working man and rich economy.

We are off in their schools with disparity of wealth red herrings, no longer realizing something very vital really was stolen from us, really does need to be righted, and really ain’t that hard to do.

When I am speaking of these things extra-dimensional that deal with origins and normals and elite and deity I am not just talking about Me, this is also a common heritage.

This is part of Our Story as The People.

“The Elevated Elite are The Deity and The Titans, and it is Their Prophecy you seek, it is a Conception of Them one usually thinks of in terms of Other Worldly Macro, but all along as I have stated was an even older Evolution that is Normal that predates Them and lead to Their Birth but did not put it’s all into becoming elite like They are, and these two things have often been at odds since ancient times”

The Diversity of one thing combined with another, done in smaller and smaller regions, is part of a massive tales that deals with you more than me.

We as well have combos and smaller and smaller selves. There was something though of ‘a prime identity’ and ‘a new identity’. Somehow there was a Creation of Others going on not just The Original Eternal Sentient Being Self-Replicating.

The Original Stuff is as Normal. It is not primordial, it is not universal spawning. It is closer to human than to godlike. But a major difference is here. The size is originally infinite and the movement was down and within. There was no Form as we know it originally. There were a few Beings in the earliest of times of Creation. The Elder Universe is made of different stuff than the more advanced Atomic Universe.

The Elder Universe stems from Original Times and is a Sentient Universe. Original Sentient Eternal Infinity lead to Sentient Realms, that is Original Normal, and Non-Sentience was one of the things that Evolved and was later incorporated in the most advanced Universe ever created, Linear Space Atomic Universe (still being explored by Us, which means you)

{Big Hint: one would assume from science vs religion that science is the original normal and religion is the elite deity, and in some ways this is true, but in reality science is part elite titanic and part elite deity and is in a normality base evolution. Science will give up it’s normality in a second to become a god, just give it a way}

The half-sense they make is your half, not our half.

The solution provided by an economic system for a working man will only ever be half a solution.

You see things through the one sided view method. We see things though the one sided view method.

You put yourselves in charge and forced your method on the rest of us.

Your method is great for you and illogical for us.

But we need to get back to being open about economics in the future as opposed to pushing utopia on you the way you have been pushing economics on us.

A serious mucking up of reality and identity happened.

A copying of other things occurred.

Theft of name and identity occurred.

A smorgasbord attitude happened.

one of the things going on here was from a common combination evolution and ability to emulate another; another thing was a confusion within that identity if a piece of one being was part of a combination with another beings (and as well shored up by a bit of the original now and then to preserve integrity); yet another thing dealt with ‘anything new’ that we could find would be emulated without regards to who did what first and who was who”

Being confronted with Earth and History there comes about many questions.

How long have I been Ptah?

The Being is not The Thing Itself.

What has been named as Ptah is a Region that has been around since before The Universe.

This is what I speak of as Ptah.

This Ptah does not match Egyptian Ptah very well at all.

Did Shiva take the name Ptah in some past Aftertell Endeavor (The Aftertell is in part one of the largest and oldest thieving rings ever to have existed, though it is a multi story from many things going on and not just a thieving ring, the thieving ring happens in the Aftertell, sometimes We are stealing back what was originally stolen, other times we are stealing, a lot of times we are being stolen from, sometimes we are helping others that were stolen from… one of the things being ‘stolen’ is not an object it is your very beinghood)

Or did, as Shiva says in The Aftertell, part of Ptah got known through extra-dimensional contact and used on Earth as such.

There seems to be something to Me having been Ptah long before Egypt came about. But at The Dawn of Ptah that was not Ptah’s name. There were no names.

As well there is an Ability To Recreate Memory or Influence Mind, which gets us to forget the timeline. One part of evolution is very evolved and another part is more timeless (it didn’t do as much evolving so it does not have many ages of experience built up). There are regions of above average mind and below average mind. There are place with good retention and places with bad retention. Me has all sorts of regions and as well Ptah was only part of Who Me is.

{According to what They are showing Me, and part of Me is related to this Tale, it was a Merger Evolution with a Few that lead to Loki and Heimdal, and both of these ‘norse gods’ actually came from Ptah originally, one was with the Grey Brahma-Proto Ptah lines and was part Yama, and the other was of the Supreme Brahma Line and was part White Ptah, Cronus, and Helios. More of Ptah was in Loki for Heimdal kept getting shored up by Supreme Brahma, which means in essence that SB was adding more SB Essence to Heimdall thus changing Heimdal’s nature into being more like SB. And Grey Brahma-Proto Ptah was a very wise and advanced line that was both good and evil. That is The Black Dragon Line and would have basically been The Real Ra. In more Rogue Regions akin to Evil it had become The Serpent and such, and Loki was from Merger that had too much of that stuff going on, but was very very advanced intelligently and in wisdom, and incarnate on earth over a period of lifetimes would have been among the chief scientists and magicians, but wickedness would always eventually take over and disasters ensue}

Helios is another of these Beings like Ptah that is undergoing “Who the hell is that guy!?” in relation to the Greek God Helios. Our Helios is Golden and usually has blond hair. Our Helios is Early Arch Angelic. Our Helios is The King. Our Helios hails from a Region near God. God is akin to Zeus though not the same Being. Our Helios is the figure on The Magician Card in tarot. (but usually blond and not dark haired. Our Helios was Final Form Brahma, the first ever Being that was akin to a sun though not all hot and gaseous, it was a strong small condensed Form that had begun to radiate power due to the nature of what happens when form continues to condense on itself. This was a first time ever event, predating The Titanic Realm as well as leading to Divine Power as we know it).

So there is a Being that goes all the way back in time to before the Universe and was one of the original Prime Beings of Creation, and has been named Ptah (or Helios) for a long time in The Aftertell. This does not mean it is where the name originates.

Other Beings as well had come about that are part of a common combination evolution and some of these became The Gods. This is the stuff that is not merely the creation of man but is the product of creation from old macro level regions and Combinations of Ourselves.

Diversity was a very big thing in it’s day. Anything new was a big thing in it’s day. The Original Being was one thing alone, and then a few came about and then many and then many more as recombination happened or new things were discovered or invented.

This as well lead to a smorgasbord of choices, not being confined to one thing, not being confined to who one was (if big ancient macro) because, look, “I have one of those too!”, and it is a region of merger that is the same thing as a being that was different than one, but through merger in a region allows for a change to happen in nature.

“and hey, stealing from Upstarts, after all they have stolen from us!?”

Ptah predates Enki

Who the hell is Enki anyways? An upstart or a creation of man.

The attributes of deity and stories of pantheon got added by man, they borrow from one religion and make their own version.

In times of old though there was sometimes an extra-dimensional connection and a deal with macro sized Beings.

Not all of the deity in history are the creations of man.

God, Ptah, Brahma, Shiva, Goddess, Kali, Helios, Zeus, and on and on all have some form of Extra-Dimensional correlation to Real Regions and Real Beings. The all powerful thing does not apply, sometimes They are riding out a combined power to amplify the power, their alleged abilities are little more than concocted. The fire and lightening and water and air are all extra-dimensional things with some sort of similarity. One is not the intrinsic deity of the element.

But not all of the beings in myth and pantheons are real, those are the creation of man.

‘and the stories surrounding the gods’?

Obviously the creation of man (which means mostly the creation of man and we no doubt had a few of our own non-truthful tales going on that may have but leaked to mankind and Ourselves none the wise of what a bunch of scriptural bullshit we had created, though it does have elevated powers that come with the belief and a little prefab section to match (some of) the statistics. Working in Realms can do wonders when it comes to this stuff, but most of you already got fired from that job from stealing the very stuff the Realms are made of… there really is a lot of ‘boundary’ problems with that older form of universe and type of life and it’s abilities..