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“When a high ranking military professional gives an impassioned speech that is military oriented at a democratic convention, and is met with a glass wall, and no more war chants, you are not doing this country any service, nor do you come across as people who even know what they are talking about. You have become so lopsided with the nagging and utopian that you no longer understand the basics of how to get to point be from point a, you just know how to bitch.”



There is a a whole Functionality that is missed by your approach, and one that deals with other types of people, and people you seem to have demonized.



And If You Check The Actual Record!


“We live in a dangerous world, one in which other countries really are out to get us, and not just for bad policies, that is how people lived for thousands of years and still do. And if we got rid of all our troops and nukes, we would get invaded.”


{To Say Otherwise Is Not Only Unrealistic, It Borders On Clever Conspiracy, Sold To Us Growing Up By People Who Sell Us Out To The Same People. Why? Just Because They Get Off On Ruining People’s Lives. Literally Enjoy It. Drag The Whole Things Down. Equalize It All. A Bunch Of Bird People, Incarnate In Human Bodies, With A Grudge That Goes Back Millions Of Years}



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