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Lets move beyond the story of Goddess and Eos, Former Rightful Rulers of These Proceedings.



You Want To Chose Helios And God, That Is Your Choice.

You Want To Be A Muddlehead Wielding Powers Not Within You Rights, And Get Little Beings Killed ‘Because They Aren’t Pretty’, This Is Also What Is Going On Because Of Your Choices And Evolution.


‘Recreates Them After Being Destroyed’

‘They Were Impure’

‘They Were Not Original Motes’




‘He’s So Gross!’  {and The Jailer, and I will NEVER have My fate with your/Yours again! Good Riddance Pretentious Pretty Twit!}



You are going to lose to a bunch of Rapists, but see, You are a bunch of Brainwashers, so it isn’t Good Losing To Evil, it is Two Styles Of Criminal.



And Highness/Holyness, is partly a Scam, mostly a Hostage Situation and Used As A Judge.


These are little beings that would prefer to stay hidden.


They get targeted and killed when found.



They get targeted and killed by Helios as well.



So, like They said, Goddess and Eos, You have made a Choice to be with Helios.



You Are A Disgrace.

You Are A Veiled Threat.


You Are Going To Lose.

You May Be Going To Jail, For Treason!