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You evolved into a Tactic against Original Goddess, Vacuum.



The Titan Wives are Smaller, Stronger and Attached to Goddess, Making A Dud Effect, And Stealing The Goddess Energy, To Create Children Made Of Both, And ThenĀ  Becoming The Children.


Part of a Wilting Willow Wive saps the self strength and willingness to fight back, and makes one complacent and feeling lucky to be alive and rescued, just as the wive feels.


This Overloads The Weaker And Prettier And Nicer Original Goddess Vacuum.


In The Era of Form, Original Goddess was getting Stuff Transferred For Growth.


This turned into Predatory Invasive and Strong over Weak, after Jealousy and War and Not Knowing Who Was Who, and Becoming Elite Pillars, and Vowing Vengeance on Wrongdoers Who Won.


Of Becoming Haughty, User, Insincere, Petty, Backstabbing, Unrealistic, Woeman.


You had found Your Man, and He was Hero.



He and You engaged in quite a few Crimes to take over Infinity, and to grow big enough to take on the Wrongdoers.




You are currently losing to The Sultan and parts of ‘Me’ and Me as well.


Guess You Should Have Know It Is A Two Way Street, You Made It One Way.


You Use Me, And Give Little In Return, And Sleep With My Enemies, And Belittle Me To My Enemies…


And Someone Spies On You The Whole Time, And Then…


Did I Mention That You Are Losing To The Sultan, and parts of ‘Me’, and parts of Me?



Guess You should figure out You are not really innocent anymore, Goddess.