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‘A Great Individualist Self-Rights’ Tied To Coned-Power And Initiating A War For Same Powerbase, And A Ripping Apart Of Those Attached To You.


The Absolute One Hovering Hood Of Absorber And Absorbed


Coned Power Towers Using Too Much Infinity/Power.



You are trying to gauge things legally while you run around with this stuff, a preemptive assault, and blame-game, and a big puppet-show.







You Will End Up Losing To One Thing Or Another.


Some Bigger Force Will Simply Come After You For Harassing Them, For Misjudging Them, For Threatening Them, FOR BEING PETTY AND HALF ASLEEP DURING THESE TIMES!






You Will Not Be Getting Your World Back Anytime Soon.


You Are Still Vying For Control Of All Earth.


Still Doing Illegal Things That Don’t Show Up On The Radar.


Still Ignoring Crimes.


Still Ganging Up On The Few Not Guilty, and the few Innocent.