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In An Early Time, The T3-T1 was able to Peirce through T2 and T2 on the way back to Infinity.


Supreme Brahma was able to Invade (and using T4) Gray God and Black Dragon, at the Spot between Gray Brahma and Gray God and between Black Brahma and Black Dragon.


This lead to The Titanic Two, as Gray God and Black Dragon Merged, and Outer Powers Merged, part of The Sultan or Gray Brahma Yang. Two as One.


This later lead to a Development of Powers.


T1 Helios worked worked with Gray God and He and HE are from this.


Part of Big Mike was either used or Merged with Original Black Brahma and this lead to Brian. A from of Brahma and Big Mike and Lord God (Lord God is made of Big Mike Line, and also has Helios.




This is all part of the A of Infinity.


The Inner Core is a Trunk, where Supreme Brahma Pierced through Gray Brahma and Black Brahma as a Smaller Stronger Force, on the way back to Infinity.


The T2 came in from behind and built a bigger one (also using T4, and as well T3). This is The A.



Helios in Gray God Region is The Golden Sphinx.  The Gray God Region is the Bottom Half of the A.


The Top of the A is Black Dragon. This is a Black Pyramid.



“The Black Pyramid and The Gold Sphinx of Vegas, Baby”