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Pretty much dialing into this final sequence: What the hell happened, who the hell are these people, and why “evil” wins. Titanic Lockdown on Weak. 




Original Being
Original Ptah
Original Brahma
Original Being
Original Ptah
Original Brahma
– New Ptah
-Original Goddess
-Original Om
– New Brahma
Original Being
Birth of The Titanic (Original Infinity Being Influx and Creations)
Supreme Brahma Size Ptah-Brahma-Ptah OB
OBPtah YinYang Size Embodied
OB Goddess- Form: “Great Goddess” Great Expanding Semi-Sentient Vacuum
-Combo CHRONUS Transference Strength
-Combo CHRONOUS GrayGodYinYang Primus
-Combo CHRONOS Transference Size
OB Om- Form: “Great God” The Great Expanding Sub-Sentient Void
OBBrahma Gray God Strength Embodied
Absolute Brahman Strength Brahma-Ptah-Brahma
Original Being Buffer Zone
Original Ptah “Central Ptah” “Grand Central Station”
Original Brahma
– New Ptah “Baby Ptah Sacred Geometry Universe
-Original Goddess “Primordial Mother Ocean”
-Original Om   “Primordial Ocean and Motes”
– New Brahma     “The Universe”
Ptah-Brahma OB Baby Ptah (OB Ptah Goddess Om Brahma) Big Weak Void Lord Super-sentient Sub-sentient Lift
Brahma-Ptah Ravana (OB Brahma Om Goddess Ptah) Big Weak Vacuum Lord Super-sentient Semi-sentient Lift




Early on in Creation came The Motes. Adorable little beings made of Semi-Void Om, in states of solidification(Om is not full void, full void is scary and boring, Om is adorable and aware). These gentle beings have no defenses against even normal “mortal” levels of Vibration. They are from very deep in Fabric of Space, almost Cartoon. Goddess have Titans Locked Down with Us Locked Down by Them. As Invasion of Being turned to Survival of The FIGHTtest; the Weak and Pretty Goddesses associated with Motes and such became targets for engineering into a psycho-mother horror story. We got used to undo the Lockdown in part in order to out-think Trap (NEVER SHOULD HAVE TRAPPED US AND PLAYED BIG INFINITE RULER! No One Can Stop You… YOU STOPPED YOU!!), because it is a stupid way of dealing with it, Me Not Self-Autonomous, Us/us enslaved to US. The Titans didn’t back us up and Evil wins every time for millions of years.

 The Condensing and Solidification of Stuff in One Place(s)Sentience increased in Sub-Sentient Void Beings and Semi-Sentient Vacuum Beings (Goddesses and females); and Other Beings Evolved to Lift and Strengthen Them/them. Baby Ptah is a VAST being that evolved in weaker than Om as Om by Ptah-Brahma. Lots of Evolution, Decent Retention, Excellent at Eternal Now Enjoyment, Very Keen Intelligent and Awareness. Ravana is a Brahma-Ptah Man Version, better Retention, more Focused, less Aware, more driven. YinYang and Ravana together are The Serpent and Green Dragon. YinYang and Shiva is Black Dragon.
“Yours is the journey of Om and Goddesses, Mine is of The Ancient Oceans You/you spawned in and assisted Sentient Lift. Titans later Invaded from inside out, Engineered My Sneers and Deadliness. The Universe turned on You/you, and You/you blamed Me. It was They. ” Sayeth the Spooks Serpent-Speak to God’s People (some God, such as, well, God for example, speaking through others a dimension away, most of us hear all the time and never understand I’m slowly learning)
Original Brahma is original place Goddess and Om existed. That is still connect to this Universe somehow, most likely this Universe is:

Original Ptah Early Era 
–Central Ptah Platform
Original Brahma Early Era
-New Ptah
-Original Goddess Vacuum
-Original Om Void
-New Brahma
The Thing Itself:
Original Being
Ptah-Brahma OB Early Era
Brahma-Ptah OB Early Era 
Supreme Brahma P-B-P YY CHRU
Absolute Brahman B-P-B GG CHRO
Original Being Buffer Zone
OB Titanic
Shiva (YinYang Chronus Vacuum)
Great Goddess
Chronous  Combo YinYangGrayGod VacuumVoid
Great God
Helios (Gray God Chronos Void)
Gray God
Original Being Buffer Zone 
—Big Ptah (New Ptah)
—Big Goddess
—Big Om
—Big Brahma (New Brahma)
  “I’m Coming Up”
Original Ptah Early Era 
–Central Ptah Platform
Original Brahma Early Era
-New Ptah
-Original Goddess Vacuum
-Original Om Void
-New Brahma
Baby Ptah (New Ptah Goddess Om Brahma)
Ravana (New Brahma Om Goddess Ptah)
“The Other End of Scuttlebutt” relates to The Lamb. The small beings with little or no defenses must be cared for and not warred. Some evolutions of Beings such as Satanic, Demonic, Devilish, and some Cronus, God, Goddesses, Gray Yang, Shiva, Helios and Absolute Brahman took a Vampiric/Parasitic/Invader/Degrader/Killer Evolutionary Path at the Titanic Omega and evolved down into omicron. This hurt little beings. The Titanic Rulership didn’t kill off the culprits and it spread for a while and solidified at Titanic Level Strength, having invaded beings that need to be freed from it, so it is unstrikable because of the harm it causes to those held hostage;  and this is why evil is still around. It is our Duty to not Cause Harm to to finally dry up evil. We are getting help from Big Agencies in and above Titanic Problem. Even Satan and Devil play Their Roles, but must Cease and Desist at The End to not face Extinction.
Only Peace will unlock the future. The Titan and Omega Rulership have a Lockdown on our full potentiality, to maximize potentiality pf protecting these beings and making sure as many survive along the long haul of the ages. Evil was able to penetrate, overload with their sentience and animate Goddesses and Gods, endangering little beings further. Evolution split up.
Depending on ONE’S/One’s/one’s Relative Perspective, things look different.Part of how Original Infinity Being Evolved into a Few, Many/many and a FEW is interlocking No-Kill Zone for Beings of  HUGE Reach into Infinity Being. The Lockdown.