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I personally don’t think of time as a dimension, and never really have.


‘time is the product of a fractured eternity’ is what Shiva in Spooks Speak would say, and this is partially right, but as well there was always some finite ground that was like a normal thing similar to time, a more linear experience and storage of memories and later changes(dangerously), as well as timelessness and infinite body(the very experience of has changed from form journey, combination evolution, usurpation, overriding and overwriting, theft, mutation, etc), and the spiritual Beings are working from a place that is in a state of ‘advanced and heightened understandings’ that are also dot connected with a fuller experience lighting up and as well The Collective light up by The Pillars lighting up as well The Oceanics, and this is part of what normal has become do to the length of time and info storage of our/Our/OUR/oUr/ouR Evolutionary Journey starting before The Modern Universe even existed.’



‘time is also the product of a form of wear and tear on forces that did not always exist, that were not originally in existence forever, and that there is a different rate of aging for different things’ Shiva would further say from Spooks Speak.


And this as well seems to be true.



Brahma set out to ‘save Creation from ending’ a long time ago, and it is The Titanic Two and The Third Titan who took up the torch, and got us all here, for better or worse. {They are ‘New Forms of Brahma that are Merged with New Beings}