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It’s About This: Proxy. Puppeteer. Pillar Power.

I Am The Fourth One Of These Beings, But Actually The Original “The Older Less Old Looking Eternal Being”. The Other Three Are Stronger In A Point(and through Them so are You, and it ain’t working out, You being aimed at Me, stronger in a point).

{Brother WallAce The BraVe: Brahma-Val{SB} They Made A 5th, BV Who Is All Four Combo New Brahma, And A 6th, From Naughty Nine, Brahma-Gray Yang{OP}.

Original Eternal Being {Brahma}
– SB -> Jesus ‘king’
– OP -> Muhammad ‘senior’
– OB -> Moses ‘alpha’

Three Newer Brahma are The Root of Your Messiahs. There is a ‘Strong Bright Deep Dark Power Expression, From Titanic Sentient Form Condensation’. This ‘exists within Brahma, but it produced by Them. This means it takes Them to make 4 Headed Brahma, or Original Brahma Put Back Together, of Whose Power Went Into The Three Titans, and Others, as well as Form Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, aka Me. A bit of Milarepa(with OP Enthroned) and a bit of Chaitanya(with SB Enthroned) – Shiva

This is also part of Creation Rulership.

They Have ‘Original Brahma Form Brahma Four-Headed Brahma Merger Combo’ Step In To Stabilize, But There Are Titan Lines Even Stronger In A Point, And We Are Most Displeased!!!!}

This may strain your brain, the ‘uck all tay shun’ strikes again, but there is another and another of these as well, and one is none other than Allah, a Massive Single Being All Combo Being. This is a T2 5AT Usurper Unsurper Stable Region/Being.

“When They set things in Scripture, it didn’t need to be accurate, it was Written With Power, and this means Realms, and Filtration, and Connectivity.

They were setting Power Down In Stone. Real Powers experienced by real people who follow The Spiritual Path and Ancient Methods that were bestowed upon us by Them

Special Evolution with Intrinsic Nature allows for the Spiritual Effect.

Ali, an Alpha, is part Allah and is T2 OB, along with part of Ptah BP Brahma ‘Peter’ Line, who is related to Heimdall(OB SB) and Pan(OP PP). Ali is also part Moses, from OB Territory with God. Sheep

Muhammad, a Senior, is part of The Messiah Being and a Saul(OP PP P GY), is T2 OP GY, and part Sultanic, which is a Contemporary of Allah, but is Secular. Holy Allah(OB Alpha) and Secular Sultan(OP Senior). Muhammad is also part Aaron, from OB Territory with God. Goat

Seen as Infinity, there is an Outer Infinity and a Mid Infinity. Mid is where Allah and The Titanic Two and The Three Titans are. This effectively cuts off Brahma.

Original Brahma
-Titanic Beings Region
-Form Brahma

We Are Brahma-Class Beings. The Biggest Of The Oldest Beings

I Am The One Who Is Least Titanic

“not the King or the Merlin or the Lancelot, but the Percival”

I Am The One Who Is Most Original Still, Which Means Biggest And Oldest, But Not Strongest Or Most Elite

Creation Is Gonna Get Ruled From The Medical Bay If You Keep This Up. And that is where things are at just about now


What You Were Waiting For Was Prophecy

While You Were Waiting Many Conspiracies Unfolded Against Me

“these Conspiracies are directly related to God’s Enemies and Why Prophecy Has Not Come To Fruition… go figure!”

All Along There Was This Bigger More Normal Thing Going On, And Part Of It Deals With A Cessation Of Hostilities Against Brahma, As Well Ending All Usurpation Attempts.

“Their/Your End Gambit: ‘take out the biggest one and become it, then come down with the extra-stuff to fight them others’.”

They are Policing The Situation.

The Only Thing Strong Enough And Evolved Enough In The Right Zones to Take On The Problem


“When They set things in Scripture, it didn’t need to be accurate, it was Written With Power, and this means Realms, and Filtration, and Connectivity.

They were setting Power Down In Stone, very similar to creating a computer, but we are the components, and there are pathways”