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“can’t live with ’em, can keep my eyes off of ’em”

(never before has there been someone more important to me, that I feel closest to and trust most… that I end up just hating and trust the least and want to get away from)

{There is an Entire History that deals with Women, and Too Many Men and Changed Nature from Titanic Bonding and Overloading Nature… but, there was this One Being where Love First Started, and boy did that One Being get His Heart Broken by… Goddess. This too is the Tale of Brahma, a place you ‘stepped into’ in an old Merger Zone (theft oriented; “are We ‘Becoming One'”… get the f**k away from Me!) to get the same girl, Goddess. And there is going to be a lot more bawdy jokes than You had ever expected, Goddess, Here at The End}