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There are a lot of professional terms that will appear to be the correct answer.

Guess you are just gonna have to take my word for it, as in I/They are actually trying to describe the experience, the disability, and the origins.

You can ignore the ‘messiah’ thing if you want, You won’t be 100% accurate and all, it really is a part of Me, it just ain’t, well, Normal.

– Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah
– Reynolds Nicholas Peter

That is how Shiva thinks of Me, and part of Me is kept that way.

They tries to take it away, ya know, this Messiah thing, and it leads to a backlash. They giveth and They taketh away, but sometimes They forgeteth that They didn’t giveth in the first place, it was co-evolvethed with Me.

It was never fake, it was just buried in something different and larger and slightly predating it, and it was ‘optional’, not ‘destiny’.

It became a bit of ‘destiny’ when things came BoBbInG Up at Me, and Things Became To Click Into Place, with Them at The Helm and Manning The Stations of Them