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Well you obviously want to focus on all three but in reality you need to focus on cornucopia utopia and the re-engineering of civilization into a more functional fighter of global warming and environmental destruction and extinctions of some of the original diversity within the species.

The immigration thing is not a full discussion unless you have some place that you can ‘send them back!’ to, one that isn’t a crime in progress (due mostly to a government or society).

‘Give them a civilization style that is so good they don’t want to leave home’. Let them legalize weed to help insure this.

The basics of life are very easy and not everyone needs to be a rich man, nor does everyone need to be a rich man to have abundance.

Abundance can be produced relatively easily if we re-invent the thinking process into full utilization and integration of what has been invented.

“the automated factory that was invented for business is one of the backbones of cornucopia utopia”

In a capitalist, socialist, communist society, that automated factory is put in competition with their working man wages, and is looked down on.

In a utopian civilization that automated factory is looked at as your liberator not your competition. You keep putting yourselves back to work and get in the way of the future.