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This is simply collecting the water from the river and piping it up 10 or 20 miles and putting it back in to the river.

You will want to purify it along the way as well.

There are a lot of people swimming up and down this river. Like I said it’s recreation.

If you collect enough water from elsewhere you can make many rivers. The river does not flow out into the sea or ocean it gets captured and recycled.

Water is stored for when things are too dry and fed into the river to keep it going through the summer. Stuff is allowed to grow naturally along it’s banks.

The water is purified from human contaminants from swimming in the water as well as the man made pollutants.

“part of the river can be piped up farther along its banks to specific spots that trees and flowers are gown at”

Humans can actually confront part of the effects of global warming by stepping up to the plate and desalinating and purifying hoards of water to create water rich plush environments with shade and frosty beverages, and a more pleasant place for a human to be.

(The Utopian Man is not inundated by work when confronted with global warming or just a really hot day. The Utopian Man is ‘growing flowers in the desert’, for real, by creating oasis)